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Including Twitter on a web page

This is easy.  I did some Googling, and found several Javascript solutions: (jquery)
JavaScript: Simple Twitter Feed
Add Twitter to your blog (step-by-step)
Adding Twitter to Your Web Site with JavaScript (this is a summary of several).

We went with Remy Sharp’s solution (number 3 in my list).

Example usage:

<!– PV Tweet Demo  –>

<link href=”/PressVaultDemo/pvtweet.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”></link>

<div id=”heading”>

<p><h4>Our four most recent tweets for the games industry<img src=”/PressVaultDemo/images/spacer.gif” /></h4></p>


<div id=”tweet”>

<p><h3>Loading now… </h3>






<script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″>

getTwitters(‘tweet’, {

id: ‘indigopearluk’,

count: 4,

enableLinks: true,

ignoreReplies: true,

clearContents: true,

template: ‘”%text%” <a href=””>%time%</a><p>



<!– End PV Tweet demo –>


You might also want to have a “Follow me” link.  First, I want an image, and there are a lot of free ones, including the official Twitter badges, and  Twitter goodies/buttons.

181 Free Twitter Buttons, Badges, Widget and Counters to Help You …
Free Twitter Buttons | Siah Design
35 Follow me on Twitter badges / logos / buttons
Free Twitter Graphics | Randa Clay Design
50 Free and Exclusive Twitter Icons

A lot of these are the same, and it’s not clear where they started from.

The Twitter link itself is almost trivial, see How to post a link to your Twitter account from your website.  Just use, where username is the id of the twit you want to follow.

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