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Objective C Unit Tests

A few notes here: I don’t use Unit Tests as much as I should (probably true of most of us, I guess).  I had built a good, functioning example for a Cocoa class a year or two back, and wanted to make use of that in a new project.

There’s a reasonable guide on the ADC site, at ADC—Automated Unit Testing with Xcode 3 and Objective-C.  There’s also a lot of out dated guides, which sort of get in the way.

I hit a problem with my build: "<SenTestingKit/SenTestingKit.h> no such file".  After a certain amount of thrashing around, finding several mailing list posts from people with the same problem, and no help from careful reading of the ADC guide, I found the solution: make sure that your test classes are in the Unit Tests target, and not the main project target (look at the check boxes under each target).

Another useful link is: Chris Hanson’s Xcode unit testing articles updated.

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