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Content Management – WebObjects

I have created two new articles in the static part of my site, one for general content management, and one specifically on adding RSS support to an existing WebObjects project.

There’s no rocket science; what matters the most is selection of database attributes for content; created/updated/published dates, creating/modifying user, and keywords. This is all exactly what we were doing 8 or so years ago in our first content management project, and it works. The blogging world like to call the keywords concept tags, and pretend that it’s new and dazzling.

The first article is relatively recently written, based on some code I wrote probably 5 years ago. It took me two days for the initial version, but I have invested quite a bit more in fiddling around with it since, all very unproductively – the initial version already had all it needed.

Adding RSS support in WebObjects is remarkably trivial, for normal applications (creating an RSS feed). It took me around an hour.

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