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Mesa – updating projects

I have spent the last day updating Mesa. No new features, just reconstructing the project. The last time it was rebuilt was in 2000/2001, I think; required upgrades in the interim were done automatically whenever Xcode offered.

But a lot has degraded in the project since automatic upgrades started. I lost the ability to debug at some point after MacOS X 10.4; with my normal development style, this isn’t a great loss, but when moving to Intel support it was trying, to say the least.

It’s going to take some time to complete the rebuild. As well as getting back debugging, which I need to complete Excel import/export support, I’ve taken the opportunity to add in gcc 4.0 updates, and to take action to remove some of the additional warning that this shows up. I will also be updating to include new recommendations for placement of support files, etc – back when we made the decisions we did, we were following the same general practices as everyone else, and there were no specific guidelines from Apple.

As has already been well documented elsewhere, Zero link (ZERO_LINK) makes many projects break, Mesa included. The project inspector in Xcode ignores your Zero link settings; the only way I have found to reliably remove it is to edit the project.pbxproj file inside your xcodeproj wrapper; there seem to be two occurences for each target.

One thing that has made rebuilding more of a trial than it need be was localisation. For non-localiased files, you can drag and drop from project to project, from Finder, or use the Project->Add to Project menu option; but localised files have to be manually reconstructed. There is no reason that they couldn’t be dragged between projects, at least.

I will take advantage of the rebuild to generate a final build for old OS releases, probably targetting 10.2; after this point we will start to consider taking advantage of 10.4 unique features. So there will be a 10.2/10.3 release, PPC only, and a forward going version that will initially be 10.3 PPC/Intel, eventually moving to 10.4 only.

If I notice any thing else, I’ll be sure to point it out.

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