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"Free" Fi

The last time I was here in the States, two years ago, I found free wireless networking everywhere – all the hotels and coffee shops had it, or maybe just all the ones that I went near to, which may be some sort of demographic indicator. This time, the hotel access is both flakey (poor signal strength or down) and chargeable. Only the cafe I’m at right now (Stell’s, Redlands environs) has free access, and it has the faux hippy ethos to go right along with that. Back in Vegas, one cafe and a hairdresser both had it – there’s some logic there, I think.

We’ve had some problems sending email via our home mail server, for a stupid reason (the local ISPs here put all of their IP adresses on the anti-spam filters on spamhaus, which we use to reject connections). I know that I can tidy that up by messing with our security settings for mail server access, but this is a new mail client/machine, and I may need server access to sort it out properly.

So free fi seems to have been lost in the wash; it was great while it lasted, and may it come back soon.

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