Blasted Lands

Several early quests for here start in Darkshire and lead through Swamp of Sorrows: Watchmaster Sorigal – Supplies for Nethergarde, Watcher Biggs – Deliver the Shipment, and The Lost Supplies from the crates in the west part of the swamp. The last one is a repeatable quest. These should be done in your 30s or low 40s, at which level taking a shortcut through the armory (to the east of the zone in) is probably safest.

Make sure that you find the gryphon master inside Nethergarde Keep; at the top of a tower behind the first buildings to the right as you enter; on the map, it is the furthest south part of the Keep.

Buff quests, all rated level 50:

Bloodmage Drazial – A Boar’s Vitality/Spirit of the Boar (sta)
Bloodmage Drazial – Snickerfang Jowls/Rage of Ages (str)
Bloodmage Drazial – The Decisive Striker/Salt of the Scorpok (agi)
Bloodmage Lynnore – The Basilisk’s Bite/Infallible Mind (int)
Bloodmage Lynnore – Vulture’s Vigor (spirit)

These all involve collecting more or less the same items, drops from the animals in the north. Boars and basilisks to the east, hyenas and scorpids to the west; vultures on both sides. Hyenas are 45/46, scorpids 50/51, and the rest inbetween.

Kum’isha the Collector – To Serve Kum’isha 55
Kum’isha the Collector – Everything Counts in Large Amounts 55
Kum’isha the Collector – One Draenei’s Junk 55
Kum’isha the Collector – Kum’isha’s Endeavours 55
Enohar Thunderbrew – Ragnar Thunderbrew 55

Ambassador Ardalan – Petty Squabbles (long series) 57

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