Feralas (Alliance)

There aren’t really any quests leading in to Feralas, so you can come here more or less whenever you are ready; 42/43 would be about the earliest that would be worthwhile. However, try to get: Yeh’kinya – Screecher Spirits, from Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris before arriving if you can. If not, there are several points at which you will want to visit Gadgetzan while questing in Feralas, so collect it then.

Feathermoon Stronghold

The first quests are on the same island as Feathermoon Stronghold, and the island to the south (the Isle of Dread). Collect: Shandris Feathermoon – The Ruins of Solarsal and Latronicus Moonspear – The Missing Courier. The second stage for the courier is also in the Stronghold: Ginro Hearthkindle – The Missing Courier. Head more or less due south from the stronghold; the first checkpoint is the Solarsal Gazebo, a dark building on the north side of the ruins at 26,52. Then back to Feathermoon for: Shandris Feathermoon – Against the Hatecrest. The naga you need are all along the south coast of the island, and are 40 to 45. When you have completed this, you will get: Latronicus Moonspear – Against Lord Shalzaru. He is on the NW corner of the Isle of Dread, in a cave. The respawn here is a lot faster than usual. Shalzaru is level 47, with two guards level 45. I just fought my way to the pond where he is on a small island, and cleared the two or three naga in the water. If you are careful, it is possible to single pull the two guards, but odds are good that you will get Shalzaru with one guard. Next is: Latronicus Moonspear – Delivering the Relic; save it for when you have a couple more quests running to Darnassus.

Next, cross over to the main land for Screecher Spirits. On the first section of land south of the dock, there are several rogue vale screechers; kill and use the rod until the quest is done.

For the missing courier, you may be able to do this at a low level, especially if you can sneak effectively. You are looking for a wrecked row boat, which is hidden in the water some way south of the landing, at 45,64. This is just by a small notch on the coastline, south of the river. On the shore is a small green shard, and a broken crate; you can’t see these if you hug the mountain line, you have to come closer. The coastline is populated with level 47-49 elementals, and in the water roam 48-49 elite giants. It is possible to find the boat without aggroing, if you are very careful. The next quests in the sequence are: Wrecked Row Boat – Boat Wreckage, then Ginro Hearthkindle – The Knife Revealed, and Quintis Jonespyre – Psychometric Reading, back in Feathermoon. This gives you Ginro Hearthkindle – The Woodpaw Gnolls. See further down for details.


I have put this separately, as most of the quests here take a very long time and need a lot of inventory space to complete; as well as requiring the leatherworking profession!

Pratt McGrubben – Wild Leather Armor. Pratt is north west of the inn, in a small gazebo near the flight master. He is hard to find if you don’t already know where he is. Pratt will give you several Wild Leather quests, in two main stages. For the first stage, you will need a total of 88 thick leather, 40 turtle scales and three wildvine. For the second stage, you need 104 thick leather, 72 turtle scales, and 4 wildvine. This is hard work, but is required to get the wild leather patterns that you would need if you were to take up tribal leatherworking.

Thick leather is easy to find, and there are a number of camps in Feralas and elsewhere that will give them. You can get most of the leather required, however, while farming the turtle scales. There are three main places that will give turtle scales: Dustwallow Marsh, close to Theramore, both on the islands to the south, and along the shore to the north; turtles here are high 30s. Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris, low 40s turtles – the drop rate here is much higher than in Dustwallow, and has vendors in the port, so is probably the preferred spot. The last place is the coast in Hinterlands, where turtles are 48-50. Wildvine is a drop from trolls; two good camps are the higher trolls in Stranglethorn Vale, near the Arena and on the coast near there; and the several camps in the Hinterlands.

The Wilderness

You should still have Ginro Hearthkindle – The Woodpaw Gnolls. Take Angelas Moonbreeze – The High Wilderness, and Pratt McGrubben – The Mark of Quality, if you haven’t already done it. Pratt is hard to find, at the back of the inn.

Back to the mainland, take the road heading south then east. The first point at which the road drops back down to the grassland is just north of Feral Scar Vale. These yetis drop the hides for The Mark of Quality, and are level 41-44.

Continuing east, the next camp are the ogres, south of the road, just by the Verdandis River. Levels are 43-46. The brutes are mainly at the north end, then warlocks further south, and shamans mixed in with mage-lords and battlemasters just north of the large building. Shamans are relatively rare, and will take the longest to complete, so head directly to them, and catch the brutes and warlocks while waiting for the next spawn.

Still going east, a short distance past the river to the north are the Grimtotem taurens. Just to the west and north of their first village is a lake. You can reach this without having to fight in the village. On the path to the west of the lake is: Kindal Moonweaver – Freedom for all Creatures. This is a timed quest, with a 6 minute timer, so don’t pick it up immediately. The drakes are in a cage at the south west of the village, and when released will take the path east through the village. They will help you fight, so this is perfectly possible solo; the Grimtotems are 41-44. First kill the several taurens around the cage, and the one to the SW, and then start the quest; you can kill a few to the east if you are quick, but take too long and you may have a problem with respawns. Help them kill along the path to the east as they escape. Kindal won’t respawn back on the ledge until about 30 seconds after the timer has run down.

Jer’kai Moonweaver – Doling Justice. Kill lots of Grimtotems. When this is completed, you get a quest to run to Darnassus, which gives a large reputation boost. You should complete this with Latronicus Moonspear – Delivering the Relic, and Troyas Moonbreeze – In Search of Knowledge. This last quest runs you around in Darnassus for a couple of stops, then sends you to Gadgetzan for Curgle Cranklehop – The Super Snapper FX. The next step is in the Hinterlands, so try to combine this with the leatherworking quest if you are doing it. Gammerita is a level 48 elite turtle, who wanders the beach in the Hinterlands. These turtles are aggressive, by the way. Taking the turtles photograph will aggro the turtle, so deal with that somehow – dying and buying the resurrection at the spirit healer can save a lot of travel time. Back in Rut’theran Village, you will finally get: Daryn Lightwind – Return to Troyas.

Back in Feralas, keep going further east. To the south of the path, east of the Grimtotems, there are some gnolls. Roughly at 73,56 there is a raised camp of gnolls directly south of the small lake, with a large tree. Barely visible on the tree trunk, tucked away between some campsite furniture, there is a clickable spot on the tree trunk, at gnoll chest height. Large Leather Backpacks – The Writhing Deep. You also get the quest: Undelivered Parcel – Thalanaar Delivery, from the backpacks contents.

There is one final quest in the wilds, which can be repeated as many times as you wish. In the south, between the ogres and the yetis, there are many hippogriffs. On the south and west walls of this area are some nests, usually hidden at the back of the hills; I am aware of one nest on the west wall, one by the lake, and at least ten at various places on the south wall. These nests can all contain a large egg that you can click open. Take these (one at a time, unfortunately) to Curgle Cranklehop in Gadgetzan. The quest she has for turning in these eggs has some very nice rewards, and the drops from the griffs are also quite valuable (to sell to vendors, mostly). Turn around time, to hearthstone to Gadgetzan, sell, turn in an egg, fly back to Feathermoon Sanctuary and run back to pick up an egg is roughly 25 minutes.

The Writhing Deep quest is bugged. You can reach the nest, which has two main chambers, and kill insects to reach it, but the pod (in the east chamber, I think?) isn’t clickable. It may be possible to do this after a server restart, like several other bugged quests.

Sprite Darter

Once you have completed Jer’kai Moonweaver – Doling Justice, in Darnassus, a new quest opens up: Jer’kai Moonweaver – An Orphan Looking for a Home. You need 2 elixirs of fortitude for the next stage of this quest, so go collect them from the Auction House at a convenient time. You need to go to Quentin, in the Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles; he is the night elf by the stands at the racetrack. Quentin – The Newest member of the Family, this send you to Agnar Beastamer in Arathi Highlands, and is a timed quest (one hour). If you have the flight paths already, you can get there in 20 minutes. Agnar Beastamer – Food for Baby. Silvermane stalkers are found close to the coast in the Hinterlands, level 47/48. After that, you have your sprite darter pet.

North Feralas

At the mainland dock is a goblin, Zorbin Fandazzle, with two quests. Take both: Zorbin Fandazzle – Fuel for the Zapping, and Zorbin Fandazzle – Zapped Giants. Kill elementals, roughly 46-48, until you have enough drops; this quest is repeatable for more faction. As you are running around, use the zapper to click the giants. This reduces their hit points (and possibly does more) so that they aren’t really elite, although the gold border remains; a zapped giant is no harder than anything else level 47ish. This quest is also repeatable. When you have completed both parts, you will be able to access Zorbin as a vendor.

You now need to make sure that you have: Troyas Moonbreeze – The Stave of Equinex and Pratt McGrubben – Improved Quality. Mobs for this section are 46-48 at the yeti cave, and 48-50 harpies. The Rage Scar yeti cave is east of the path, half way to Desolace; you need to pass level 48-50 beasts to reach it. While killing here, a Pristine Yeti Hide should eventually drop, which is another quest with Pratt.

Further north, to the west of the path, is the Ruins of Ravenwind. At the four corners of the ruins are clickable flames; the one to the northeast has to be reached by some easy jumps between platforms. Once you have the four flames (Flame of Lahassa 37,12, Flame of Imbel 39,9, Flame of Byltan 38,15, Flame of Samha 40,12), in the middle of the ruins in the lower area is a stepped pyramid, which is the Equinex Monolith. Go to this and first click Troyas’ Staff, then click the monolith. Make sure you have clicked and completed all the quest dialogs that come up, then return to Troyas for completion.

OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon – Find OOX-22/FE! 45 (53,56)
Homing Robot OOX-22/FE – Rescue OOX-22/FE! 45 (escort)
Shandris Feathermoon – Rise of the Silithid 46
Zukk’ash Pod – Escaping the Hive 46
Ginro Hearthkindle – A Hero’s Welcome 46
Rockbiter – The Giant Guardian 49
Shay Leafrunner – Wandering Shay 49
Quintis Jonespyre – The Mystery of Morrowgrain 50

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