Desolace (Alliance)

Start with Roetten Stonehammer – Reclaimer’s Business in Desolace, in Ironforge, and buy an advanced target dummy in the Auction House. If you visit Stormwind, you should be able to pick up Brother Crowley – Brother Anton, but this may be level restricted. Entry to Desolace for the first time is via Stonetalon Mountains and the Charred Vale. The flight path and inn are in Nijel’s Point. The path up to Nijel’s point is a little east of Nijel’s Point itself.

There is also a decent guide on Allakhazam.

There is a 40 elite giant that wanders all over the map, and a 62 elite horde hunter that patrols the roads. Watch out for them, although the horde guy is non-aggro. You can start the lower level quests around level 30-32; there may be a gap before you can take the next set of quests, around level 36-38.

Nijel’s Point

Pick up: Corporal Melkins – Centaur Bounty, Vahlarriel Demonslayer – Vahlarriel’s Search, Kreldig Ungor – Reagents for Reclaimers Inc, and Kreldig Ungor – The Karnitol Shipwreck.

If you head east from Nijel’s Point, you come to Sargeron, where you will find the satyrs for Kreldig. Finish those, then go back to him for the next quest. Then go WSW to find a ruined caravan, which is some way due north of Thunder Axe Stronghold. At this point you have a choice. If you are lower level, go south of Sargeron to find the Kolkar centaurs. These are lower level (30-33, a few 34) than the Gelkis or Magram further to the south. On the way kill scorpids (30-31) for Kreldig. If you are a little higher level, you may want to wait to kill centaurs as part of the reputation quests.

If at any point you see a Dying Kodo followed by a train of three Aged Kodos, you can complete Kreldig’s second quest; if you don’t see them, don’t worry, as you will find more soon.

Find your way to the north end of the coastline, called Ethel Rethor, and find Azore Aldamort – Sceptre of Light. He is just north of the big tower. Directly west of the tower is a book (Rackmore’s Log) on a crate, which will give you: Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!. The chest for the first stage of Karnitol is right here.

Thunder Axe Stronghold

Now back to Thunder Axe Stronghold. You will find a flayed demon skin many times, but ignore it – it is for a Horde quest. Go in the main gates in the stockade, and clear to the top of the tower on your left, right next to the gates. There are 3 casters in the room at the top, 31-33. One drops the Sceptre of Light (but only if you remembered to pick up the quest). Then enter the building immediately in front of the gates, turn right, and to the centre room, where you will find Dalinda Malem – Search for Tyranis. Tyranis is in the building to the left of the one you are in, behind the tower you cleared for the Sceptre of Light, if you were starting from the gates. It has a similar layout to the previous building, with Tyranis in the centre. He is level 34-36, and you have to kill him.

Back to Dalinda, but first clear the mobs at the gates, and clear your way to her. Dalinda Malem – Return to Vahlarriel. This is an escort quest, which is why you needed to clear. Once she is clear of the gates, the escort is completed.

You need to return to Vahlarriel in Nijel’s Point, and to Azore in Ethel Rethor. It may be possible to complete the naga quests at this point, but it may be better to wait until level 38, and group them all together.

Centaur Reputation

There is now a gap in level to the next quests; these can be done from about 36 up. The centaur reputation quests may be best to do to fill this gap, as they are of an appropriate level.

The Magram centaurs are in the SE. Keeping non-aggro with them has two small advantages: they guard the approach to a valley in the far SE full of demons, level 38+, and the Valley of Bones is most safely approached from their village. The Gelkis guard the approach to Feralas to the south, but you only have to pass one or two of them to reach it.

It is in theory possible to stay non aggro to both side if you are careful. The way it works is that a kill gives you twice as much bad reputation as it does good; so, starting from neutral (4.00?), you will hit 3.0 with one, which is still just barely unfriendly, as you hit 5.0 (friendly) with the other. None of the other centaur tribes give reputation with either of these tribes, nor do the undead ravagers in the Valley of Bones – despite claims on other sites that they do.

Kolkar and Gelkis are in the SW, Magram in SE.

Magram reputation (killing Gelkis):

Captain Pentigast – Brutal Politics 35
Warug – Assault on the Kolkar 32
Warug – Broke Tears 33
Warug – Gizmo for Warug 35 advanced target dummy
Warug – Khan Shaka 37
Warug – Khan Hratha 42

OR Gelkis reputation (killing Magram):

Captain Pentigast – Strange Alliance. You probably have to kill around 60 Magram to hit friendly with Gelkis: then STOP killing.
Uthek the Wise – Raid on the Kolkar. This is fairly easy, but the charms are uncommon drops.
Uthek the Wise – Stealing Supplies. If you are still non-aggro, this is easy.
Uthek the Wise – Ongeku, Swamp of Sorrows.
Uthek the Wise – Khan Jehn 37
Uthek the Wise – Khan Hratha 42

Sar’theris Strand

Back to the coast; I will assume that you are 36 or higher. You will need:
Azore Aldamort – Book of the Ancients (after completing Sceptre of Light), Kreldig Ungor – The Karnitol Shipwreck, and Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!. There is a chest by Ethel Rethor where you found Rackmore’s Log; this is the first stage to Karnitol if you haven’t already done it. Kill naga by this spot until the first key drops (Rackmore’s Golden Key); levels 32-33 at the shore line. Then kill drysnaps immediately offshore from the boat wreck, around the sunken ship. There is a bubbly fissure at one end of the ship to make it easier. If you don’t get the key, there are also drysnaps at the far south end of the shore, avoiding the horde guards at Shadowprey Village. Kill drysnaps until the silver key drops; level range is 33-35.

Next, you need to swim out to the largest island, which is in the far NW of the map, and is on the very edge of the map. Watch out for the elite giant, who regularly crosses the island, on a fixed path (so you can avoid him easily). The treasure chest is on the middle east side of the island, and is hard to spot as it is in a dip between ruins. Kill the naga out here, sea witches and tidehunters especially, until you get Karnitol’s Satchel; level range is 35-37. While you are doing this, clear the north west corner of the island. There should be a Kali like posed naga statue. When clear, click this to spawn Lord Kragaru (level 38). He is an easy kill, and will drop the book of the ancients. Back to Ethel Rethor for Azore, and then Nijel’s Point for Kreldig, who will send you to Ironforge for the final reward; but don’t go just yet, the last quest from Kreldig also sends you to Ironforge at the end.

The Kodo Graveyard

South centre of the zone is the Kodo Graveyard. West of the graveyard is a small hut with Hornizz Brimbuzzle; to the east is another hut with Smeed Scrabblescrew. Collect: Bibbly F’utzbuckle – Bone Collector and Smeed Scrabblescrew – Kodo Roundup. Bibbly is at Kormek’s Hut, which is SE of Thunder Axe Fortress. Both of these require you to run around in the graveyard either avoiding or killing Carrion Horrors, which are level 35-37 nuisances. The round up is very easy: find a kodo, click to tame it, then run back to Smeed and click the kodo to release it, then get the next one. The Bone Collector is slightly harder; click the kodo skulls, of which two out of three will release a level 38 ghost; you can either kill it or run. My second time of trying I only got 3 apparitions out of ten skulls; your mileage may vary.

The Valley of Bones

Two quests for here: from Nijel’s Point, in the inn: Brother Anton – Down the Scarlet Path, and Hornizz Brimbuzzle – Ghost-o-plasm Round Up. Hornizz is west of the Kodo Graveyard.

The valley is just west of the Magram Village, and has two entrances: one right there where you can drop down (and climb up) from the centaurs, and another one to the SW of there. If a group is killing one entrance, the SW one is usually clear. Skeletons are 37-39, with a level 40 necromancer that wanders though the entire valley. When you have killed enough for Brother Anton, his quest sends you to Southshore, and is the entry point for the Scarlet Monastery quests.

Mannoroc Coven

There is a final quest for: Kreldig Ungor – Reagents for Reclaimers Inc. This sends you to the Mannoroc Coven, to the west of the Valley of Bones, and east of the Gelkis Village in the far south. There are a mix of felhounds, succubi, Burning Blade warlocks, infernals and Doomwarders (a type of demon); level 37-40. The felhound models always drop brains; the succubi (Nether Maiden, etc) usually drop the wings, but not always. The Doomwarder Captains always drop blood, never plain Doomwarders, but captains are only deeper in, and usually right next to one of the higher succubi. The Captains are all on the land south of the lake; the lake itself forms a safe passageway to reach them easily. Watch out for the patrolling Burning Blade Summoners with their imp minions. When you are finished, Kreldig will send you back to Ironforge for the final reward; you may want to combine this with the Karnitol shipwreck quest.


These were either skipped or couldn’t be obtained for one reason or another. There are also a string of higher level quests in the area.

Cork Gizelton – Bodyguard for Hire: this can be obtained when the caravan stops on the path east of Kormek’s Hut. The task is to escort them past the Kolkar village.

Rigger Gizelton – Gizelton Caravan: for this, meet the caravan on the road to the west of the Mannoroc Coven. This is another escort task, this time past the coven.

Brother Crowley (SW) – Brother Anton 39

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