WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Dwarf/Gnome, Dun Morogh


The only quest available at the starting area initially is Sten Stoutarm – Dwarven Outfitters. Complete that by killing wolves to the immediate south. Return, and pick up the first class quest; this is usually a scroll or similar, sending you to your trainer once you are level 2. Also collect Balir Frosthammer – A New Threat, and head inside to your trainer (inside means up the hill to the NW). Then it’s back outside to the same general area to kill Troggs.

Next run inside and pick up: Felix Whindlebolt – A Refugee’s Quandary (box in snow south of Anvilmar). You probably need to be level 3 to collect this. Back outside, pick up Sten Stoutarm – Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery. That results in Talin Keeneye – The Boar Hunter, Grelin Whitebeard – The Troll Cave, then Grelin Whitebeard – The Stolen Journal. Way down by Grelin is Nori Pridedrift – Scalding Mornbrew Delivery. This is a timed delivery, and you should complete it, take the opportunity to sell, and accept the return quest; all before tacking the trolls. Go inside the cave to kill Grik’nir the Cold (level 5); you can reach him by taking the left fork all the way in, he is in the large area at the back of the cave. The three items for Felix are outside the troll cave directly south of Anvilmar, and in the two camps west of there; you can start with the west camp and work your way back to the cave – the west camp is almost due west from Grelin. Only the trolls are aggressive, so this should be easy enough before the cave; all the trolls are levels 3 and 4, apart from the named in the cave. The highest level of the trolls are in the cave, and in thee easternmost camp, all the rest are level 3. You end up with Grelin Whitebeard – Senir’s Observations, saved for later.

Back to Anvilmar for Felix, then take the east road to Coldridge Pass, with a final mail delivery, then pick up: Hands Springsprocket – Supplies to Tannock. Troggs in the tunnel are few, and are level 3-4. You should be level 5 or possibly 6 by this point.


Check in at the inn. Ragnar Thunderbrew – Beer Basted Boar Ribs. Tharek Blackstone – Tools for Steelgrill. Head NE to Steelgrill’s Depot and collect Pilot Bellowfiz – Stocking Jetstream; kill boars and bears until you have completed the stocking; the rest for the ribs you can get later if necessary. Remember not to sell the boar ribs or meat; although they are quest items, they are also vendor buyable. It’s best to roam up and down the road rather than stick to just the Steelgrill area.

Collect Pilot Bellowfiz – Evershine. Pilot Stonegear – The Grizzled Den, Loslor Rudge – Ammo for Rumbleshot (requires level 6 to collect), in the Grizzled Den area. Outside wendigos are 5-6, inside they are 5-7. Rudge is with the mortar team you passed on the way from Anvilmar. Complete these stages, then return, sell and train. Now head to Brewnall Village. Ideally you will be level 6 or 7; it doesn’t really matter, as the first few quests can be completed just by running back and forth between Brewnall and Kharanos.

Brewnall Village

West of Iceflow Lake. You can reach there by taking the road south, then heading west to reach the road to Brewnall Village, or by going straight west from the north end of Kharanos (watch out for multiple wolves if you do). Rejold Barleybrew – A Favor for Evershine. Marleth Barleybrew – Bitter Rivals. You can deliver the ammo to Hegnar Rumbleshot on the way, if you go by road, he’s with the mortar team. Beasts in this area are levels 7 and 8; boars, leopards and bears can all be found in the valley southwest of Brenall, south of Frostmane Hold. The fishing trainer is in the middle of Iceflow Lake, due east of the jetty, and the fish here rarely fail to bite, it seems.

Come back to Kharanos (you have to go back and forth a couple of times to complete the quests). Train/sell.

Now go into the wendigo cave at Grizzled Den if you need more experience, it is a good source of leather/cloth and metal; mobs are 5-7. West, then north of the Grizzled Den are two more caves. The middle of the three wendigo caves has just Old Icebeard (elite, level 11). To reach the westernmost of the three caves, you can only approach from the SE/E, meaning right in front of the middle den, by climbing over the ridge; this cave only has Tundra MacGrann – Stolen Stash. Go back down and either kill Old Icebeard, in which case you’ll want to wait for later, or watch his pathing to open the chest (McGrann’s Meat Locker); he wanders out of the cave for about 20-30 seconds every 5-10 minutes. Anyone can do this safely, not just a rogue, although the last time I tried it (with a gnome warlock, level 7), he did aggro on me and run back. Old Icebeard doesn’t seem to drop much if you do choose to kill him. You want to get to at least level 9 before starting on the next set of quests – this may mean that you will have to grind for 2 levels, or the quests will be tougher than is ideal.

While in Kharanos at some point, pick up: Senir Whitebeard – Frostmane Hold. From the gnomes in the building off the road in north Kharanos – Operation Recombobulation (this was bugged and the gnomes didn’t offer the quest at least one time when I tried to do it). If you can pick these up earlier, do so; but they won’t be available until you are at a certain level, and as you will be running back and forth a lot, it doesn’t really matter when you collect them.

Back to Brewnall, and keep going west. Gnomeregan is NW from Brewnall, and the leper gnomes seem to be 8-10. South of Gnomeregan and SW of Brewnall, the cave on the west wall is Frostmane Hold. You will also want Rejold Barleybrew – The Perfect Stout. Shimmerweed is both a drop from the trolls, more in the camps possibly, and ground spawn in the camps. It will be found in Shimmer Ridge, which runs from east of the lake eastwards to just before the road to Ironforge. You need to climb up to reach the troll camps; there are two paths up; one east of Icewell Lake, the other NE. The northern troll camp is best suited for a group; the camp on the southern ridge has outlying trolls that can be killed as singles, and often baskets of shimmerweed are close by their feet, openable without aggroing the central camp.

For Frostmane Hold, the outside trolls are 7-9, the inside ones 8-10; headhunters for the quest spawn outside, but more inside; headhunters are also uncommon on Shimmer Ridge. Remember that the quest includes an exploration task, which, unlike most similar quests, requires you to get quite deep into the cave, at least to somewhere in the lower level. Taking the left fork close to the entrance may get this completed the fastest, after you drop down off the ledge and start to move deeper in. You can also do this at a lower level by carefully dying at the right spot, and choosing to revive deeper in, and hoping to survive long enough to get the quest flag.

Make sure that you collect Rejold Barleybrew – Shimmer Stout. Save this one until you are ready to leave for Loch Modan.

You should be level 10 by now; time to get your class quest (for most classes). You can combine this with a quest into Ironforge, as most class quests will send you there. See below.


Now back to Kharanos, and you should be given: Senir Whitebeard – the Reports; deliver in the High Seat, which is SW of the Great Forge. The road to Ironforge from Kharanos is north, then turn east past the bridge.

Time now to investigate the eastern half of Dun Morogh. Take the east road past Steelgrill’s Depot once you leave Ironforge. North of the quarry, up the path behind the front house, is Rudra Amberstill – Protecting The Herd. Vagash (level 11 elite) is north of the ranch, reached from a path off the main road west of the ranch. If you don’t have a group save it for a while. The child running around at high speed followed by a rabbit is a vendor; he sells pet rabbits for 18 silver (most pets cost 50 silver).

South and west of the ranch is Gol’Bolar Quarry. Senator Mehr Stonehallow – The Public Servant and Foreman Stonebrow – Those Blasted Troggs! this area is good for mining/herbalism/cloth drops. Troggs in the open are 8-9; ambushers to the east of the quarry 9-10, and inside the cave is 8-10. The bonesnappers are mostly inside the cave; you may find one or two just outside the entrance.

You’ll notice that the level of mobs for the Brewnall Village and Gol’Bolar Quarry quests are all basically the same, a couple of levels higher than the Grizzled Den set, which should be done first. There is really nothing to choose between these later quests, except to reduce overall travel time when you need to go to Ironforge, and then to Loch Modan.

There’s nothing else to do in Dun Morogh now, so you might as well finish up: run to the far north east exit to Loch Modan, and at the North Gate Outpost find Pilot Hammerfoot – The Lost Pilot. Go up the road north a little ways, to where a small branch goes west. Follow that to the end, where a small smudge in the snow is the lost pilot. In sight, a little further west and slightly south, is Mangeclaw (level 11). Go back to the South Gate Outpost to meet Mountaineer Barleybrew for the delivery quest (from the Shimmer Stout quest); he will give you Stout to Kadrell, who can be found in Thelsamar, the next inn and gryphon stop.

Next is Loch Modan.


Cookery, First Aid: in Kharanos, in the inn (Brewery), and Gol’Bolar Quarry.
Fishing: in the middle of Iceflow Lake.
Herbalism: Ironforge, SW of Great Forge.
Alchemy: Ironforge, Tinkertown.
Tailoring: Ironforge, NW of Great Forge.
Skinning: Ironforge, NW of Great Forge.
Leatherwork: Ironforge, NW of Great Forge.
Mining: Bol’Gor Quarry, and Steelgrill’s Depot. Also Ironforge, N of Great Forge.
Blacksmithing: Ironforge, middle of Great Forge. Also west side of Kharanos.
Engineering: Steelgrill’s Depot and Ironforge, Tinkertown.
Enchanting: Ironforge, east of the Great Forge.

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