WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Human, Elwynn Forest


Immediately in front of you when you start is Deputy Willem – A Threat Within, who sends you inside the Abbey to Marshall McBride – Kobold Camp Cleanup. Collect these two quests, then go back outside the Abbey to the West side, Eagan Peltskinner – Wolves Across the Border. Go north of the abbey to complete these two; there’s a kobold camp north of the Abbey, and wolves around the area.

Return to collect, then Marshall McBride – Investigate Echo Ridge; he should also have the level 2 class quest. Back north to complete; Echo Ridge is marked as a cave on the map, north and slightly west of the kobold camp. For investigate, you only need to go just inside the mine; don’t bother to go any further in, as there is still one more quest for the mine. Marshall McBride – Skirmish at Echo Ridge. The Echo Ridge mobs are non-aggro, and there is a treasure chest in the deepest room. Complete and return. Then back to Deputy Willem – Brotherhood of Thieves. Head east to the vineyards. The Defias are aggro, and wander around in interesting patterns; you can single pull them if you are careful and watch the pattern.

Back and: Deputy Willem – Bounty on Garrick Padfoot; then Milly’s Harvest; these are all in the vineyard area. Garrick is a level 5, but will always come with one add, usually a level 4. Milly sends you to Brother Neale; the bell tower stair is to the left of the warrior/paladin trainers room. Then back, to Marshall McBride, who sends you to Goldshire. Also visit Falkharn Isenstrider on the way out.


Inn is on the left. In the square is Marshall Dughan – The Fargodeep Mine (to the south). Remy – Gold Dust Exchange, William Pestle – Kobold Candles. The mine is due south of town.

First head to Stonefield Farm to the west of the mine. “Aunty” Bernice Stonefield – The Lost Necklace. Then to Maclure Vineyards, east of the mine. Billy – Pie for Billy (kill boars). The quest with Gerard Tiller, standing next to Billy, isn’t worth doing. Maybell Maclure – Young Lovers. The back past Stonefield Farm to Tommy Joe, who is on the east bank of the stream, just north of the lake to the west. Concentrate on the running around part, but kill a kobold or two every time you pass the mine; the exploration quest can be completed by going about one room deep into the mine. You should easily be level 6 in 2 hours played.

Ma Stonefield – Princess Must Die (collect the quest, but leave it to later), requires level 6. Billy – Goldtooth. The mine really wants you to be level 8 to solo it. Finish off the gold dust and candle quests if you haven’t already.

William Pestle – Collecting Kelp. Lake east of town. Maybell – The Escape (pre-req is Collecting Kelp). Level 8 and 3 hours played. Time for Goldtooth if you haven’t killed him already; level 8. Taskmaster Nurg is at the other end of the mine, and is level 10.

Marshall Dughan – The Jasperlode Mine. Due north of the Tower of Azora; kobolds at the entrance are level 6/7; beasts outside, and bandits nearby, are higher. Go to the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch, far east of Maclure, and SE of the Tower of Azora, for Princess, if you can get a group for her. Princess has two guards who will aggro when you attack her, level 7 and she is level 9.

Eastvale Logging Camp

First, get Remy – A Fishy Peril; Marshall Dughan – Further Concerns. Head now to Eastvale Logging Camp, further east. Before the bridge, Guard Thomas – Further Concerns; Find the Lost Guards. The first is on the west bank of river close to Stonecairn Lake, and the next is close to the northernmost hut away from the shore in the first murloc camp on the east side of the lake. Guard Thomas – Bounty on Murlocs; Protect the Frontier. Supervisor Raelen – A Bundle of Trouble. Sara Timberlain – Red Linen Goods. Defias camps all over, including south at Jarod’s Landing, east of the Maclure Vineyards. The Defias are mostly 8-10, bears 7/8, prowlers 9-10. A rare drop from the bandits is a “Westfall Deed”, which begins a delivery quest to Westfall – Furlbrow’s Deed. For the murlocs, the lakeside villages can be a little risky; the camp at the southern end of the river is mostly single pullable, and along the bank to the west, south of the pumpkin patch, there are several murlocs very well spaced out.

I had a problem here with the murloc camps – I couldn’t get to the guard corpse, as it was both late at night (poor visibility), and I was the only person around. Normally you rely on other players to be fighting in an area so that you can sneak it, but it wasn’t happening for me. Murlocs are 9-10, bears that will add if you aren’t careful are 8-9, possibly some 10s.

Return to Goldshire, then back to Eastvale Logging Camp.

Stormwind City

By now you should be level 10, and ready for your next class quest, which is probably with a trainer in Stormwind; although some classes (paladin) won’t get their until level 12. The general pattern is for your local trainer(s) to send you to Stormwind to meet with a trainer there to get the real quest. William Pestle – Shipment to Stormwind; deliver candles to Morgan Pestle. Smith Argus has a quest from level 9 (I think) to delivery to Stormwind. Renato Gallina – Wine Shop Advert (he stands outside Pestle’s Apothecary). There’s another delivery quest here, too; between two shops in the Trade Quarter, starting with one on the Canals to the NW. Train, tradeskills – ask guards for directions.

Westbrook Garrison

Close to Westfall border. Deputy Rainer – Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty. Wanted poster – Wanted: Hogger. The gnolls are south of the road, level 9-10. Hogger himself is a level 11 elite, and spawns at the centre camp rarely; return back to Marshall Dughan in Goldshire. This section is pretty much even in level and difficulty with the section in Eastvale Logging Camp; the difference is that this is closer to Stormwind, and you will want a group to handle Hogger.

You should be level 12, or very close to it, by this point. Try to stay in Elwynn Forest so that it is easier to return to your trainer in Goldshire for your class quest, if you get the quest at 12.

The Collector; this comes from The Gold Pickup Schedule, which can drop from any gnoll. Go to Marshall Dughan, then Brackwell Pumpkin Patch for Morgan the Collector (in the south building). Morgan has two named friends, level 8 and 9, and one outside guard that is likely to add. Morgan himself is 10.

Typically I will skip Princess, Hogger and the Collector, unless groups are easy to come by.

Next area is Westfall. You should have a quest from the Westbrook Garrison to report to Sentinel Hill, and possibly still have Furlbrow’s Deed, which is handed in to one of the first people you meet in Westfall. You can do that, or do the first couple of quests on your way; remember to check in with the gryphon master for the flight paths.


Cookery, First Aid: in Goldshire, in the inn.
Fishing: at the jetty on the lake east of Goldshire (Crystal Lake).
Herbalism, Alchemy: building in hills north of road to Stormwind.
Enchanting: Northshire, and Tower of Azora.
Tailoring: Eastvale Logging Camp.
Skinning, Leatherwork: in building by lake north east of Goldshire.
Mining, Blacksmithing: west of the inn, Goldshire.
Engineering: none

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