WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Orc/Troll, Durotar

The Valley of Trials

You start in front of: Kaltunk – Your Place in the World. Go to see Gornek in the Den, to the west.

Gornak – Cutting Teeth. Back out and a little north from where you started, kill boars, then return to Gornak, who will give you your first class quest (Glyphic Tablet).

Gornak – Sting of the Scorpid and Galgar – Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise. Pick cactus apples to and from the scorpids. The scorpids are further north and also west from the boars; if you go too far north, you’ll run into the aggressive vile familiars, which are needed later.

In the middle of the scorpids, to the west, you’ll find: Hana’zua – Sarkoth. Sarkoth is directly south of him, up a narrow path; he is level 4 and aggressive. He then sends you back to the Den to see Gornek.

Zureetha Fargaze – Vile Familiars. Foreman Thazz’ril – Lazy Peons. Just find the peons as you go to the cave in the NE for Vile Familiars, which are level 3 and 4.

Back to Thrazz’ril and you’ll be given: Foreman Thazz’ril – Thazz’ril’s Pick. Zureetha Fargaze – Burning Blade Medallion. In the cave, the medallion drops from Yarog Baneshadow (level 5), on a platform reached through the right hand passage. The pick is reached through the middle passage.

Zureetha Fargaze – Report to Sen’jin Village. Leave the Den on the road, and meet: Ukor – A Peon’s Burden; he’s there to make sure you don’t miss the turning to Sen’jin, which is a very faint trail, but also to send you to Razor Hill; go north. Report to the innkeeper in Razor Hill. While you are there, pick up: Torka – Break a Few Eggs, and possibly Furl Scornbrow – Carry Your Weight, if you need a bag; this quest is described in detail below. Then head straight back to where you met Ukor, and take the side track to Sen’jin. Turn ins got me to level 6, 1 hour 40 minutes.

Sen’jin Village

Master Vornal – A Solvent Spirit. Head SE to beach; far south end of the beach is the fishing trainer; you can buy a pole somewhere in the village. The crawlers are 5 and 6, the makrua 6 and 7; the best way to find the makrua is to swim just offshore; the crawlers often come up on the beach. Back to turn in.

Master Gadrin – Mishina’s Skull (on Echo Isles); Zalazane; Report to Orgnil. Vel’rin Fang – Practical Prey. Swim out to Echo Isles; to the second biggest island, which is the most northern one. Taillashers are 6-8, tigers 7 and 8, with a very long aggro range. The eggs are blue eggs at the base of trees; most taillashers are guarding egg spots, although there may or may not be eggs there when you visit.

Move to big island. Mishina’s Skull is in a circle of stones/skulls, in the SE corner of the island, outside the troll camp. The skull is on top of a separate small hill at the SE edge of the camp; it is possible to kill one troll and sneak up there. Avoid Zalazane (level 10), as well as level 8-9 trolls; if you get aggro, just swim out to sea and you won’t be followed far. Back to Sen’jin and Razor Hill for turn ins.

Lar Prowltusk – Kolkar Aggresssion. To Kolkar Crag, west of the village, there are three tents/huts, and one set of plans per hut. The first tent is on the left. Right click plans on floor, which look like a scroll of paper, and can be hard to see. The next hut is further in on the right; and the last hut is all the way at the back (west); each hut has one of the plans you need. The kolkar are all quite easily single pulled. Back to Sen’jin. Level 8, 3 hours 30 minutes.

You’ll be coming back later for Zalazane, so it’s time to move on to Razor Hill; back to where you met Ukor and north; or just use your hearthstone.

Razor Hill

Don’t miss out on: Furl Scornbrow – Carry Your Weight. He’s in the Razor Hill watchtower, which is to the NW of Razor Hill. 8 canvas scraps, reward is a 4 slot bag. The scraps drop from Kolkar and Kul Tiras sailors/marines.

Gar’Thok – Vanquish the Betrayers. Head SE towards Tiragarde Keep. Lieutenant Benedict is inside the keep, at the top. The stairs going up split at one point: Benedict is at the head of one path, in a room with several guards, and the box for another quest is at the top of the other, which requires the key from Benedict to open (Admiral Proudmoore’s Orders). The marines and sailors are 5-7; Benedict is 8, and a level 9 elite (Watch Commander ??) also spawns in the tower; he can be in Benedict’s room. If he is up, come back later or with a group.

Back to Gar’Thok – From the Wreckage. For the tools, just head east from Razor Hill, and swim down there; no need to go any further south. You may have to fight level 7 makruas, but this should be possible to avoid.


Then head to Orgrimmar, for The Admiral’s Orders (remember the chest?), which is north from Razor Hill. Before you get there, Rezlak – Winds in the Desert. Razorwind Canyon is to the east, opposite the broken down wagons, and the harpies are 7-8.

Take the first right to Valley of Wisdom, and follow it all the way to Thrall’s Fortress and Nazgrel. Collect: Thrall – Hidden Enemies, while you are there. You can also go down to the Cleft of Shadow, and in the tent east of the entrance: Neeru Fireblade – Slaying the Beast (elite, higher level, save for later?).

On the way out, turn west and look for: Rhinag – Need for a Cure. Rhinag is to the south of a rock outcropping directly south of the oasis next to Rocktusk Farm, west of the gates of Orgrimmar. It is a timed quest with a 45 minute timer, and you need to run to Orgrimmar, the Cleft of Shadow for Kor’ghan in the SE corner shop, and then back out to the farm to hunt venomtail poison sacs, then back to the Cleft, and finally back to Rhinag again. This took me 20 minutes at level 10. Don’t die, and avoid the raptors. The sacs drop on most, but not all kills, and the scorpids are levels 9 and 10. General mobs in the area range 8-11.

After here, go to the Razormane Grounds for Encroachment (west of Razor Hill); level 6-10; some types are north of the road, others south, you will need to kill on both sides.

Now head to Razorwind Canyon, take the west side of the north-south ravine this time for: Rezlak – Securing the Lines; which involves killing through the cave (Drygulch Ravine) past the harpies to the south in Razorwind Canyon. These harpies are 9-11. Back to Rezlak, then to Razor Hill.

Time to do your level 10 class quest, if you haven’t already.

SW of Orgrimmar and/or NW of Razor Hill (closer to Razor Hill than to Orgrimmar), Misha Tor’kren – Lost but not Forgotten. Probably the easiest way to reach her is to head west through Razorwind Canyon, or NW from the Razor Hill watch tower. Go west then follow along the river. It drops randomly from crocolisks, level 9-11. Watch out in the river for the ripples they make, and the way your cursor changes when you mouse over them. Back to Misha.

At this point, I recommend leaving Durotar for the time being, and heading to the Crossroads in the Barrens. There are still a couple of quests close to your level that can be done in Durotar, but the mob level, density and number of minions make them significantly harder than they would seem at first sight.

The Barrens

Takrin Pathseeker – Conscript of the Horde; report to Kargal Battlescar at Far Watch Post just across the river in the Barrens, along the west road. Continue in the Barrens.

Remaining in Durotar

Next is Skull Rock, which is in the NE corner of Durotar, east of the entrance to Orgrimmar. Then to Margoz – Skull Rock, who is SE of Orgrimmar; Margoz is some way south of the entrance to Skull Rock. Gazz’uk at back of dungeon. Random drop quest: Eye of Burning Shadow – Burning Shadows. Back to Margoz, then to Neeru Fireblade in Orgrimmar, at the bottom of the Cleft of Shadow. Next quest.

Then to Thunder Ridge for Dark Storms. Fizzle is level 12, with an imp minion; there are several 9-11 friends of his close by, at least two of which will have voidwalkers. Getting past the lizards (9-11) isn’t too hard; although you could drop down from the SE corner of Thunder Ridge directly into their camp. I’d leave this to at least 12.


Cookery: Orgrimmar, the Drag, upper level
First Aid: Razor Hill
Fishing: near Sen’jin Village, to the south
Herbalism, Alchemy: Sen’jin Village
Enchanting: Orgrimmar, the Drag
Tailoring: Orgrimmar, the Drag
Skinning, Leatherwork: Orgrimmar, the Drag
Blacksmithing, Mining: Razor Hill, Orgrimmar, Valley of Honor
Engineering: Orgrimmar, Valley of Honor

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