WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Tauren, Mulgore

Camp Narache

Start by looking around the camp for the first two quests: Grull Hawkwind – the Hunt Begins and Chief Hawkwind – a Humble Task. These are probably the only two tasks available at level 1. Head SE to the well (looks a little like a windmill), and hunt as you go. Once you have met the old lady, run back to camp.

The next couple of quests: Chief Hawkwind – Rites of the Earthmother; this is the start of a big series of quests that will last until you are finished in Mulgore. Grull Hawkwind – the Hunt Continues, and the level 2 class quest (for a shaman, this will be Rune Inscribed Note). Visit your trainer, pick up any new spells or abilities. Then head south to fight cougars, and to meet Seer Greytongue, who has a house in the hills.

More quests: Seer Greytongue – Rite of Strength, Grull Hawkwind – the Battleboars, Brave Windfeather – Break Sharptusk! Head east to the ravine. You can climb over the cliffs to reach it, but you will fall in and can’t get back out the same way. The correct entry is through the short cave passage just south of the ravine; the cave entry/exit are marked on the map. Sharptusk is in the large hut east along the ravine.

If you are a shaman: Seer Ravenfeather – Call of Earth (shaman class quest, requires level 4, several stages). The shamans spawn one at a time in the hut north of the cave entry, as well as near Sharptusk. You should easily reach level 6 this point, with under 2 hours played.

To lead you out of Camp Narache, collect Chief Hawkwind – Rites of the Earthmother. On the road to Bloodhoof, SW of Camp Narache, pick up: Antur Fallow – a Task Unfinished.

Bloodhoof Village

In Bloodhoof, register with the inn, and look around to locate your class trainer, and any profession trainers that you are interested in. Start with Baine Bloodhoof – Rite of Vision, which leads to Zarlman Two-Moons – Rite of Vision. Harken Windtotem – Swoop Hunting; this takes a while, as they aren’t common. Mull Thunderhorn – Poison Water, Maur Raincaller – Mazzranache; this requires uncommon drops, and in particular a cougar femur; the lowest cougars will be level 7 and 8, which is a couple of levels above the mobs required for the rest of the drops. Cougars are found both to the east of Bloodhoof, and also north, on the way to Thunder Bluff. The well quests are another series that will last for the rest of your stay in Mulgore.

Head to the well, SE of village, then NE of well for another quest, you will find walking along the path: Morin Cloudstalker – the Ravaged Caravan.

Back to Bloodhoof and meet Mull Thunderhorn – Winterhoof Cleansing (the well to the SE). Baine Bloodhoof – Sharing the Land; there are three palemane camps, a cave to the west, an outdoors camp to the SSW (highest mob is Snaggletooth, 9 elite), and another camp east of this one. However, I only found poachers in the camp directly south of the well. Pick up before you leave Bloodhoof: Ruul Eagletalon – Dangers of the Windfury 8. Now kill harpies in SE (7-8), directly E of the palemane camps.

At this point I was level 8, with 3-4 hours played. I was also short of money for my spells, although the palemanes and harpies made up for this with cash and linen drops. Total time played was still under 7 hours to 10.

Next you should take: Mull Thunderhorn – Thunderhorn Totem. If you still need a cougar femur, you can get it now.

Next are a series of quests that can all be done together in the same area: Mull Thunderhorn – Thunderhorn Cleansing, Blaine Bloodhoof – Dwarven Digging (requires level 6 to accept), Zarlman Two-Moons – Rite of Vision. Start with the rite, the first components can be gather south of the village safely, and the next stage is at the campfire: you will have to run NW to Seer Wiserunner – Rite of Wisdom. Then go south of the cave for the dwarves (Bael’Dun Digsite). The dwarf quest will involve you holding a stack of 5 picks until you can reach a forge; there isn’t one in Bloodhoof, but there are forges in both Thunder Bluff (much later), and outside the Venture Mine; there may or may not be a forge in the dig site, I am not sure. Then you can go south to Palemane Rock (if you haven’t already), or east to Ravaged Caravan. It is marginally less trouble to approach the caravan from the north, rather than out of the lake; the box of supplies is in the in middle of the camp site. Thunderhorn Well is between the dig site and the caravan, north of the village. Back to the village to sell and collect rewards, then along the path to the east again for Morin Cloudstalker – Fizsprocket’s Clipboard, The Venture Co. This area is east of the caravan location. The required mobs are level 8-10. The mine has two entrances, and Fizsprocket is much closer to one entrance (the eastern one?) than the other.

More quests: Skorn Whitecloud – The Hunter’s Way, Mull Thunderhorn – Wildmane Totem. Level 9-10 mobs for this. Clear this in the SE near the exit to the Barrens, and on the way north past the Venture Mining Co to Red Rocks. SE of the burial site you will find Lorekeeper Raintotem – A Sacred Burial. While doing this quest, you can complete an older one: Rite of Wisdom, by talking to the Ancient Spirit in the middle of the burial ground.

Thunder Bluff

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to visit Thunder Bluff, as several of the later quests are either in this area, or collected from here.

Before leaving Bloodhoof, make sure that you have: Mull Thunderhorn – Wildmane Cleansing.

In Thunder Bluff, collect: Eyahn Eagletalon – Preparation for Ceremony; for this you will want to go to the extreme N and NW to kill harpies, levels 9-11. The Wildmane Water well is also in the area, south of the harpies.

When back in Thunder Bluff, the last quest to complete before leaving Mulgore will be: Cairne Bloodhoof – Arra’chea. This is a level 11 kodo, which roams the area between Thunder Bluff and Red Rocks. Start by looking at the SE corner of Thunder Bluff, at the base of the cliffs; Arra’chea is most often found close to where the scroll around the Thunder Bluff marker on the map appears.

Finally, back in Thunder Bluff collect a few quests for later: head to Hunter’s Rise (this one the separate mesa to the SE): Melor Stonehoof – Sergra Darkthorn (Barrens), then Elder Rise (NE): Rahauro – Testing an Enemies Strength (elite), Searching for the Lost Satchel (elite). These latter two are both in Orgrimmar, Ragefire Chasm. And also: Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem – The Barrens Oases (Barrens)

When I left, total played time was 11 hours, level 13; I had skipped Fizsprockets Clipboard only.

As a shaman, I also had taken: Narm Skychaser – Call of Fire (shaman level 10 quest), which sends you into The Barrens. This one is best completed at 12+, although you can start to collect the quest at 10.

Leave to the Barrens along the road to the east. Once in the Barrens, you should collect at the first small village, Kirge Sternhorn – Journey to the Crossroads. Head from there north to the Crossroads.

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