Shadowfang Keep

In the south west corner of Silverpine Forest.

Jordan Stillwell, Ironforge – The Test of Righteousness (paladin only, also involves Deadmines, Blackfathom Deeps, etc)
Doan Karhan, Barrens – The Orb of Soran’ruk (warlock only, also Blackfathom Deeps)
High Executioner Hadrec, Silverpine (Horde) – Deathstalkers in Shadowfang
Keeper Bel’dugur, Undercity (Horde) – The Book of Ur
Dalar Dawnweaver, Silverpine (Horde) – Arugal Must Die

No quests for Alliance in general for here, just class specific. It doesn’t seem entirely finished – other instances are far more polished than this. You have to run back through the instance to make an exit, most of it consists of large numbers of mobs milling about, and drops seem fewer.

At the start, there is a Horde and an Alliance prisoner; you must free one in order to continue further on. When you come to the big wolf (Fenrus, no prizes for original naming), he is on his own. When you kill him, 3-5 voidwalkers will spawn in the room and attack (non-elite).

One of the earlier mobs (or possibly all the Sons of Arugal) has a long lasting curse that randomly places a debuff on you to reduce one of your skills (melee or magic, eg frost, or guns, or two handed swords) by 100.

The wolf master has four wolfs that are linked and will attack you when he does.

At the end, Arugal is a 25 mage, on a platform across the room from where you enter. I imagine that he is supposed to aggro as you fight across the floor, but he didn’t when I tried it. The platform means that a ranged fight is difficult, and Arugal has a very nasty dot (200+ damage each time it triggers).

Then it’s time to run all the way back.


Archmage Arugal – Belt of Arugal (cloth waist), Meteor Shard (dagger), Robes of Arugal (cloth chest). All blue BoP.
Baron Silverlaine – Silverlaine’s Family Seal (blue ring), Baron’s Scepter (green mace). Both BoP.
Commander Springvale – Commander’s Crest/Eerie Stable Lantern (blue off hand), Arced War Axe (green two handed axe). Both BoP.
Deathsworn Captain – Phantom Armor (blue mail chest), Haunting Blade (green two handed sword). rare spawn.
Fenrus the Devourer – Black Wolf Bracers (leather wrist), Fenrus’ Hide (back). Both green BoP.
Odo the Blindwatcher – Odo’s Ley Staff (blue staff), Girdle of the Blindwatcher (green leather waist). BoP.
Razorclaw the Butcher – Butcher’s Cleaver (blue, rare one handed axe), Bloody Apron (cloth chest), Butcher’s Slicer (one handed sword). All BoP.
Wolf Master Nandos – Feline Mantle (blue cloth shoulders), Wolfmaster Cape.

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