The Stockade

Located in Stormwind, the entrance is to the north of the Mages Quarter.

Baros Alexston – Bazil Thredd
Guard Berton, Redridge Mountains – What Comes Around…
Councilman Millstipe, Duskwood – Crime and Punishment
Warden Thelwater, Stockades – Quell the Uprising
Nikova Raskol, Stormwind, Old Town – The Color of Blood
Motley Garmason, Wetlands – The Fury Runs Deep

To get the quest from Alexston, you need to have completed the Deadmines up to getting Van Cleef’s head. Alexston is in the building behind the orphanage in Cathedral Square. For the other quests, Berton is outside the Lakeshire inn, Milstipe is inside the Darkshire town hall, and Garmason is in Dun Modr. Unfortunately, you have to have completed the Dark Iron War (kill about 30 level 29-30 elites) to get Garmason’s quest. Nikova wanders around the streets of the Old Town in Stormwind.

The Warden is inside the Stockade building.

It is advisable to clear all the side rooms as you go to prevent trains, as runners will usually go into the side rooms.

The follow-up to Bazil Thredd involves a lot of running around Stormwind. Clara’s farm is the first building on the right when leaving Stormwind; you will have to kill a level 30 and a 31 (normal) to complete the quest series.


Bruegal Ironknuckle – Iron Knuckles (fist), Jimmied Handcuffs (mail wrist), Prison Shank (dagger). All blue BoP. rare spawn.

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