Stranglethorn Vale (Alliance)

I’m just going to refer you to the three good guides on Allakhazam:

Stranglethorn – Getting Started
Stranglethorn Guide North and
Stranglethorn Guide South

The second guide is a more recent update of the first; you should ignore the first and start with the second guide, Stranglethorn North. This also includes an extensive section covering Thousand Needles.

A few notes from me:

Booty Bay is on the flight paths from Stormwind, and reached by boat from Ratchet, which has lousy connections. The rebel and hunter camps in the north of Stranglethorn are a long, long run from anywhere else. In fact, they are roughly equidistant from Darkshire in Duskwood. The run from Booty Bay is relatively safe, even though mobs in the first half of the run are 38-41.

Don’t forget that the fishing skill book is sold in Booty Bay; a couple of useful cookery recipes for the zone are sold in the rebel base.

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