Thousand Needles (Alliance)

Start by collecting a couple of quests leading there. There’s a good guide on Allakhazam, which is described as an introduction to Stranglethorn Vale. This is reasonable, as there aren’t a lot of quests in Thousand Needles, and most quest givers will push you towards Stranglethorn Vale.

In Ironforge:
Pilot Longbeard (Military Ward) – The Brassbolt Brothers

And in the Wetlands, Menethil Harbor (he is in the keep, at the bottom of the staircase):
Red Jack Flint – Fiora Longears

This takes you to Theramore, in Dustwallow Marsh. Find in the inn:
Fiora Longears – Highperch Venom (NW 1kNeedles)

From there, just follow the road, watching the signposts. At an appropriate level, aggro from the animals by the road isn’t a problem, most being around level 35. The road skirts around the Horde outpost in Dustwallow Marsh, and you will enter the Barrens. From there, just follow the road and head south. There is one tauren on the road you should run around; then at the far south there are two taurens guarding the Great Lift. These can be sneaked around, or just plain run past if you are the right level. The base of the lift is completely clear, and the graveyard is close by. As you arrive at the bottom, ahead and to your right is a dwarf shaped smudge, which gives you a quest: Henrig Lonebrow’s Journal. This sends you to the nearest flight path, which is in Feralas; follow the road ahead, then turn right (west). Just before you enter Feralas you will see a signpost for Thalanaar, which is the flight path; you can reach it without having to cross any of the rest of Feralas, which is a much higher level zone.

The area for the Highperch Venom quest is directly southeast of the Great Lift, on the south zone wall, quite close to Thalanaar.

When you are done, follow the road back south east through Thousand Needles. There is one horde outpost west of the Great Lift that is back from the road, but also one east of the lift that has two high level guards directly on the road. Again, when you reach the Shimmering Flats, there is another horde post, but well clear of the road. The quest area is Mirage Raceway, in the middle of the flats, south east of here. There is also a flight path across the boarder into Tanaris, in Gadgetzan (directly to the south of the track).

Pick up these quests:

Kravel Koalbeard – Rocket Car Parts
Fizzle Brassbolts – Salt Flat Venom
Wizzle Brassbolts – Hardened Shells
Pozzik – Load Lightening
Trackmaster Zherin – A Bump in the Road

Start to the west of the racetrack, where there is a camp of scorpids around a broken cart. Kill anything that comes near until you have finished Salt Flat Venom. Pick up any parts that you see, and return to hand in when you are ready. There is a camp of 34-35 gazers south of the raceway at Tahonda Ruins that should complete A Bump in the Road. Birds always drop their quest parts, the rest are less common; I finished the shell quest last. Total experience at 32, including killing, was about 2/3 of a level (rested).

Turtle meat is used in a recipe you have to quest for in Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills, and mystery meat in several different recipes (Dragonbreath Chili and Mystery Stew, both recipes sold in Theramore Isle).

When you have done this, there are a few follow on quests to take:

Wizzle Brassbolts – Encrusted Tail Fins (for Stranglethorn Vale)
Kravel Koalbeard – Hemet Nesingwary (ditto)
Pozzik – Goblin Sponsorship

This last quest sends you to Ratchet, then on to Booty Bay. In Ratchet, collect:

Wharfmaster Dizzywig – Parts for Kravel
Wharfmaster Dizzywig – Passage to Booty Bay

Then go back to the race track to complete the quests, and head out to Booty Bay, by boat from Ratchet. Overall, it is probably easiest if you set your hearthstone in Ratchet when you visit there. Ratchet has the only boat directly to Booty Bay; however, if you have been there at any point before and picked up the flight path, it may be easier to go to Gadgetzan, fly to Theramore, take a boat to Menethil, and then fly to Booty Bay. It all depends.

Booty Bay

rebel camp, 3 quests
Nesingwary’s Expedition/hunter camp

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