WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Undead, Tirisfal Glades


Outside the crypt is Undertaker Mordo – Rude Awakening. He sends you to Shadow Priest Sarvis – Mindless Ones, in the chapel at the bottom of the hill; that’s the first building on the left (west). You need to complete this before you can get any more quests. Kill and return.

Novice Elreth – The Damned; hunt to the west for these. Priest Sarvis – Rattling the Rattlecages, to the north; he will also have your level 2 class quest. Kill and return.

Once you complete this quest you can collect: Deathguard Saltain – Scavenging Deathknell; the boxes spawn in and around the houses at the north of the village. Executor Arren – Night Web’s Hollow (outside and inside the cave to the northwest). Spiders inside the cave are aggressive, of course – the highest is the Night Web Matriarch, level 5.

Executor Arren – The Scarlet Crusade; they are in the southeast of Deathknell. These are levels 3 and 4. Kill, then return for: Arren – The Red Messenger. Meven Korgal (level 5) outside the single tent to the southwest of the camp. Again, go back for: Arren – Vital Intelligence, which sends you to Brill. First, collect Novice Elreth – Marla’s Last Wish (head to the north east of the starting area, south of the road, halfway to the exit from Deathknell; you need to kill Samuel Fipps, who is level 4 or 5? The graveyard you need to return to is immediately north of the chapel). The area you find Samuel Fipps is close to the Scarlet Crusade area, and a little north of it.

You should be well through level 5 in just over one hour. Time to leave Deathknell for Brill; head northeast, then follow the road to the east.

On your way out, at the exit from the Deathknell area, get Calvin Montague – A Rogue’s Deal, at the exit.


On the road out of Deathknell, pick up: Deathguard Simmer – Fields of Grief (for later, when you need to go to Solliden Farm), but keep on towards Brill, to the east. Gordo – Gordo’s Task; Gordo wanders close to the road; you might be able to do this carefully on your way in, but level 8-9 aggressive mobs (vampiric duskbats) roam the fields; gloom weed is also found closer to Brill, east of the bridge, where mobs are 5-7.

Report to Executor Zygand, and start collecting quests. Deathguard Dillinger – A Putrid Task; kill back on the road into Brill to the west. Apothecary Johaan – A New Plague; the deathhounds (level 5-6) needs for this are in the same area as the previous task, so work them together. Gretchen Dedmar – The Chill of Death (this probably requires level 7 to collect); you can collect duskbat pelts, if you can get the quest, while killing the deathhounds – otherwise, work them on the way to Solliden Farm later on. Buy the required coarse thread in Brill from the trade vendor. Collect all of these tasks that you can, and then register at the inn, which is the last building on the north side of the road, heading east. Finally go back west of Brill and kill for your quests.

When you hand in for Gordo’s task, you find that Gordo got it wrong, and there is more work for you to do: Apothecary Holland – Doom Weed. This will be found north of the graveyard, but save it until you need to do the Graverobbers quest, under Garren’s Haunt.

Solliden Farmstead

Executor Zygand – At War with the Scarlet Crusade (next to Solliden Farmstead to the west); couple this with Fields of Grief (levels 6 and 7). Come back to Brill to collect: Deathguard Burgess – Proof of Demise (this one probably requires you complete the first At War); you can get the rings from the Scarlet Crusade back at Solliden Farm, but you may not be able to get the quest any earlier than this.

Apothecary Johaan – Fields of Grief (part 2). This is carried out purely within Brill. Level 7, four hours played.

Agamand Mills

Back to Brill, then to Agamand Mills (in the northwest, past Solliden Farm). First collect: Deathguard Dillinger – The Mills Overrun, and Coleman Farthing – The Haunted Mills (Devlin Agamand). Devlin is level 9, and wanders to the left of the road; the rattlebones and others are 6-8. A random drop, mainly from rattlecage soldiers or Cracked Skull solders, is Letter to Yvette – A Letter Undelivered (Yvette is in the Brill inn); if you don’t get it this time, don’t worry, you’ll be coming back here soon. Back to Brill. Make the hand in for: Johaan – Fields of Grief.

Garren’s Haunt

Magistrate Sevren – The Graverobbers (north of Brill at Garren’s Haunt); level are 6-8, remember to pick your Doom Weed while hunting here, for Apothecary Holland. Apothecary Johann – A New Plague (2), to Garren’s Haunt and North Shore. Murlocs are also on the beach north of Solliden Farm; these are 8-9, but run around quickly, so it is easy to get several adds, often casters. It is probably best to stay at the edge of the beach and pick off any single wanderers that come close.

Wanted poster (in Brill) – Wanted: Maggot Eye! Maggot Eye (level 10/11) is in house north of Garren’s Haunt farm. Back to Brill.

The Undercity

First collect: Magistrate Sevren – The Prodigal Lich, Forsaken Duties. Both of these require you to make a trip towards Undercity, so do them when you need to go there. Linnea is at the crossroads just outside Lordaeron. Pick up: Deathguard Linnea – Rear Guard Patrol, Return to the Magistrate.

Executor Zygand – At War With the Scarlet Crusade (2). While you are there, go to the tower to the SW, for the Scarlet Crusade; levels 7-9. The easiest way to reach it is by going west from the crossroads outside Lordaeron. Captain Perrine is in the tower and level 9, usually with one guard; sometimes he is on the ground floor, at other times he can be on the top floor. This spot is also a target for the warlock level 10 class quest, so bear that in mind if your are a warlock.

Bethor Iceshard – The Prodigal Lich; He can be hard to find, but is in the Mages Quarter, north east of the Temple of the Damned (head down below bank when you enter the Undercity first to gain access to the outer areas, including the Mage Quarter); Bethor is at the back up some stairs, and you won’t see him until you are at the top of the staircase. Bethor Iceshard – The Lich’s Identity. The Lich is on the island on the Brightwater Lake, on the north side, by the jetty. You can get to the book on the table in front of Gunther by watching the pattern of the wanderers, which are 7-9. Back to Bethor.

Level 10, 5 and a half hours played.

Bethor Iceshard – The Prodigal Lich Returns. Back to Gunther’s Retreat on the island; you can fairly quickly pick up the quest and open the crate to take a candle, but be aware that the very slow text scolling speed of the standard UI can cause problems if you haven’t cleared the nearby wanderers. The following part is a little harder, so save it for later: Gunther Arcanus – Prove Your Allegiance (Lillith Nefara, level 12).

Level 10 class quests: starting from Brill, the warrior one is:

Austil de Mon – Speak with Dillinger
Deathguard Dillinger – Ulag the Cleaver (level 11)
Deathguard Dillinger – Speak with Coleman
Coleman Farthing – Agamand Heirlooms

You can do the first three stages now, but wait to return to the Mills for the last step.

The Amagand Mills

Coleman Farthing – Deaths in the Family. Nissa is in the first house (on the right) at Mills, to the southeast. At the plaza take the left fork; Gregor is behind the first or second windmill on right. Thurmond is at end of road, all the way to the west. At the back, creatures are 8-10. Back to Brill. Coleman Farthing – Speak with Sevren.

For a warrior, this is best combined with the class quest, Agamand Heirlooms, in the mausoleum north of the mills. Most mobs are 6-8, but can come in twos and threes. Other mob levels?

The Balnir Farmstead

Collect Apothecary Johaan – A New Plague (3), and Executor Zygand – At War with the Scarlet Crusade (3).

Rear Guard Patrol, at Balnir’s Farmstead, go past Linnea, then take the road to the north (not the first small track); levels 8-11, with a named ghost (Fellicent’s Shade), an 12 elite. Then to Venomweb Vale is to the east, but north of the Crusader Outpost, up that small track we skipped earlier, with level 8-10 spiders for A New Plague (3). Watch out for Sri’skulk, a level 13 elite. Next is the Scarlet Crusader outpost (Crusader Outpost on the map); approach from the rear, from Venomweb Vale. Kill Captain Vachon (mobs are 8-11). Back to Brill, and execute the quest: Apothecary Johaan – A New Plague (4).

Tidying Up

Time to kill Lillith in the lake, on the island SW of the main island, then return to Undercity for Bethor. Gunther Arcanus – The Prodigal Lich Returns (2).

Executor Zygand – At War with the Scarlet Crusade (4); kill Captain Melrache, level 12, and his two level 8 bodyguards, in the Scarlet Crusade tower to the north (in the north east of Tirisfal). Train.

Magistrate Sevren – The Family Crypt. Take the right fork at Amagand Mills plaza. The middle stairs lead to Captain Dargol; levels 9-13. Back to Brill.

Executor Zygand – At War with the Scarlet Crusade (5)??. Crusader tower to N (Scarlet Watch Post, NOT the Monastery, which is 30+ elite). Back to Brill.

Your next stage is to leave for Silverpine Forest, which has quests for the level 10-20 range. I haven’t yet fully checked, but it may be advantageous to go there and carry out the initial quests close to Tirisfal Glades before returning for the tidying up quests. Make sure that you have: Apothecary Johaan – A Delivery to Silverpine.


Alchemy: Brill
Blacksmithing: Undercity?
Cooking: Undercity
Enchanting: Brill, upstairs in the inn
Engineering: Undercity?
Fishing: west shore of Brightwater Lake east of Brill; fishing rod at the crossroads by Linnea
First Aid: Brill, inn
Herbalism: Brill
Leatherworking: crossroads outside Lordaeron
Mining: Undercity?
Skinning: crossroads outside Lordaeron
Tailoring: west of Brill, at Cold Hearth Manor

Warlock Quests

Shadow Priest Sarvis – Tainted Scroll; this is given at level 2, and involves talking to the warlock trainer next to Sarvis.

Venya Marthand – Piercing the Veil; collect 3 rattlecage skulls. This quest gives you your imp, and you may well be given it before you can collect the scroll quest.

At level 10, you can collect in Brill: Ageron Kargal – Halgar’s Summons; go to Carendin Halgar in the Undercity. Carendin Halgar – Creature of the Void; retrieve a book from the Scarlet Crusade Tower west of Undercity (can combine with War 2). Carendin Halgar – The Binding; summon and kill a voidwalker in the circle next to him. He talks about the summoning circle being “below”, but this is just a confusion from the other race warlock level 10 quests, all of which include the same phrase.

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