Azshara (Alliance)

The first two quests are from the flight path, right where you enter Azshara from Ashenvale.

Loh’atu – A Land Filled with Hatred 47
Loh’atu – Spiritual Unrest 48

The mobs for these are the undead, north of the road, only a short way deeper into Azshara. Easy kills, 46-48.

Then there’s a gap. Go away, do something else, then come back around 52, with Tymor (IF) – Arcane Runes. Tymor is in the Mage area, upstairs in a building anti-clockwise from the mage/priest trainers. He sends you to Xiggs, standing next to one of the tanks in the back of the military ward. Each of Tymor and Xiggs give you two quests, which some people find easy to miss. There is also a quest from a blood elf, Aurora Skycaller – Sacred Highborne Writings, in the north tower in Eastern Plaguelands, which is a continuation of one of the Winterspring undead quests – you may choose to combine these, or not.

The next quests are from a goblin, Kim’jael, who can be hard to find. He is at the top of a mountain, which can only be climbed from the north, just south and east of the Legashi satyrs. This is north west of the blood elves.

Kim’Jael – Kim’jael Indeed! 53
Kim’Jael – Kim’jael’s Missing Equipment 53

His equipment is in crates that you click around the lower of the two blood elf camps (the easternmost). One crate is is the back, clear of any elves; three others are close to the tents, in aggro range of five elves if you are careless. The other is a little to one side, with only one in obvious aggro range. The blood elves are around level 51-53, and are relatively easy kills.

The next quest drops from any 50+ naga siren (and probably myrmidon), in the centre of the ruins of Eldarath and on the beach. Inside the temple, which is a large building on the east side of Eldarath, is the book for Aurora. It is on a small wall behind the Warlord (level 55). You can get to it easily just killing 3-4 of the level 51 naga. The runes for Arcane Runes are tall pillars in the same area:

39,50 Jin’yael
39,55 Markri
42,64 Sael’hai
36,53 Beth’Amara
77,91 Helipad

These locations are: in the middle of the circle/fountain just west of the temple; NW of the temple; SW of the temple; a little way south of Eldarath on the cliff; and the small island at the tip of the southern peninsula. You can reach all these spots without killing, if careful. In Eldarath, mobs are 48-51. If you take the inland route, there are a lot of 55 elite giants; if you choose to take the beach and then swim, there are only a few of these giants, and a few more 54-55 mobs to avoid (the beach is a lot easier).

Sanath Lim-yo – A Meeting with the Master 48
Duke Hydraxis – Poisoned Water 56

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