From Loch Modan

Start off in Thelsamar by collecting: Mountaineer Kadrell – Report to Mountaineer Rockgar. Rockgar is in Loch Modan, just before the entrance to Wetlands. He gives you: Mountaineer Rockgar – The Algaz Gauntlet. You need to kill orcs in the pass for this; the final part of the task is to traverse the pass, which you do by exiting the final stage into Wetlands. If you are a miner, you should also have Pilot Longbeard – Stonegear’s Search (in the Military Ward). Stonegear is at Steelgrill’s Depot in Dun Morogh, and the quest is to collect incendite ore at Thelgen’s Rock in Wetland, which is right where the Dun Algaz quest will have you enter.

Follow the road all the way into Menethil Harbour; on the way, stop for: Einar Stonegrip – Daily Delivery. James Halloran is on the right as you enter Menethil. Report to the inn (on the left), and find the flight route.

In the Marshes

Make sure that you take: James Halloran – Young Crocolisk Skins, Karl Boran – Claws from the Deep, First Mate Fitzsimmons – The Greenwarden, Sida – Digging through the Ooze , and Harlo Barnaby – Fall of Dun Modr. The murlocs are to the north of the path as you first enter the marshes, and Gobbler is a level 22 murloc who wanders just east of the first set of huts. In the same area are level 21-23 young wetlands crocolisks. Once you have completed these, head back east to where the road splits north; you will find a goblin merchant there.

The Green Belt

A short distance due east from the bridge where the merchant stands, is Rethiel the Greenwarden. Take his first quest: Rethiel the Greenwarden – Tramping Paws. Most of the gnolls you will need are to the east, almost at Dun Algaz where you entered the Wetlands, or you can find small quantities of them in the general area, including some a short distance to the north west. Also kill the oozes; all of these are in the 21-23 level range. Eventually an ooze will drop Sida’s bag. Most of the oozes are in the general area of Ironbeard’s Tomb, on the west side of the road almost at Dun Modr. While you are there, head on to Dun Modr to find Longbraid.

Once you have completed Rethiel’s first quest, take: Rethiel the Greenwarden – Fire Taboo. Again, there are several camps of the required gnolls (fenrunners and trappers and above, levels 23-24), some north of Rethiel and east of the road, others west across the road. The camps to the north are very hard to split, the ones to the west are easier.

Finally, take Rethiel’s last quest: Rethiel the Greenwarden – Blisters on the Land. The Fen Creepers are level 24-26, so you may want to save it for later. However, they are relatively easy kills. They can be found in the ponds close to Rethiel’s location, and also in the ponds in the area for the next crocolisk quest. One problem is that they are stealthed, but don’t show on a hunter’s track stealth. The only way to find them to run close by them, and listen for the sound they make when the unstealth, which is very distinctive.

The Bluegill Marshes

Take: Karl Boren – Reclaiming Goods and James Halloran – Apprentice’s Duties. Start at the first murloc huts just outside Menethil. The first box points you at the next set of huts to the north, which again points you to the next set of huts northwards. As you progress, the level of murlocs increases, up to a maximum of 25. The openable items you want are not the footlockers that commonly appear in these huts, which you won’t be able to open (unless you are a rogue).

Just past the wrecked ships, close to the beach, is a building with two merchants. The giant Wetlands crocolisks are in this area, and are level 25 and 26.

The Whelgar Excavation Site

Take Tarrel Rockweaver – In Search of the Excavation Team. If you can, also take Valstag Ironjaw – Report to Captain Stoutfist, which gives you Captain Stoutfist – War Banners; this may be level restricted, in which case pick it up when you can.

The excavation site is south of the road, just after the raptors, but before the orcs. Climb up the slope to the east to reach the team. Collect: Merrin Rockweaver – In Search of the Excavation Team, which has you reporting back to Menethil, and the first part of Ormer IronBraid – Ormer’s Revenge. The screechers are in a couple of clumps, outside the site to the west, apparently guarding some eggs. When you fight them, at some point they will screech, which will call their friends to help if you don’t pull them away from the eggs. Levels up to 24.

Ormer’s Revenge continues inside the site, with level 24-27 raptors. The final part has you killing a level 29 raptor, Sarltooth. While doing this, work on Prospector Whelgar – Uncovering the Past. The fragments you need spawn randomly throughout the site; one possible spawn point is next to Sarltooth, but any fragment can spawn at any of the points.

Before you reach this point, you should complete the War Banners quest. The orcs are just to the east of the excavation site, and are level 26-28. The banners drop fairly commonly.

The Lost Fleet

Back in Menethil, take: First Mate Fitzsimmons – The Third Fleet, which leads to: First Mate Fitzsimmons – The Cursed Crew. The fleet is north along the shore line, just past the murloc huts and close to the giant crocolisks. You can pull and kill the undead sailors and marines from the top deck, by approaching from the rear (north) side of the ship, where you can climb on to the deck. It is possible to climb down to the next level from the stairs at the other end of the deck, and clear this area above the water line. To get to First Mate Snellig, you have to approach from the shore again, as he is on the bottom deck below the water line. Approach the boat from the water at the shore, from the south. You will find a breach in the hull below the waterline there, which is exactly where Snellig spawns. You can pull him out onto dry land to fight, probably with one extra undead add. He is level 29, the rest are 26-28.

I skipped First Mate Fitzsimmons – Lifting the Curse, along with a couple of elite quests that need groups, in Dun Modr and at the orc encampment.


At the lower levels, the crocolisks are 21-24 and common close to the road in the marshes. The orcs and spiders close to Dun Algaz are 19-21. East and north of Rethiel there is a large population of whelps of different kinds, levels 23-28; there are a few leathercrafting drops here, and the extremely rare chance of a pet whelp drop. The raptors are similar levels in the excavation site, and have high value drops, including a lot of leather from skinning, and raptor eggs for cooking; the recipe for these is part of the final reward from Ormer, so save them up (or you can buy it in Stormwind if you are impatient). There is also a higher level murloc camp close to Menethil to the south, up to around 29. Gnolls, undead and murlocs are not good grinding, as they are hard to single pull at levels where they are good experience.

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