Un’Goro Crater

Before you arrive, pick up in Gadgetzan: Tran’rek – Super Sticky. The entry point is to the south west of Tanaris, just north of the cactus area, and south of the insect part. The ramp down to Un’goro is marked by two obelisks. Right where you enter is Torwa Pathfinder, but most of his quests are a little high to start. Just past him is the ravasaur trainer (Horde faction).

Follow the east zone edge around to the female dwarf standing outside Marshall’s Refuge in the north, dead centre. Pick up any and all bloodpetal sprouts and power crystals that you see on the way – and Un’goro soil, which is for quests in Darnassus and Feathermoon (Feralas).

Marshal’s Refuge

Give your sprouts to Dadanga (Dadanga – Dadanga is Hungry!); you get a box full of food in return (which will sell for 8s).

At the back of the cave is: JD Collie – Crystals of Power. If you have enough crystals, you will get three follow on quests. The north pylon is just east of the Refuge; both the east and west pylons can be seen from ground level, and are a short way up paths into the zone walls. Williden Marshall – Expedition Salvation; this is another non-killing quest. Look for a box under a ramada (a sheet on top of four poles); the first is a short way to the south east, past the tar pits. The second is close to all the elite dinosaurs in the south west, south of the lake there – and the west pylon is due west of the south edge of that lake.

Another non-killing quest is: Spraggle Frock – Lost! Ringo is in a cave in the south east corner of the central lava/rock formation in Un’goro. If you climb up from the east, you can probably avoid all elementals. Ringo – A Little Help From My Friends. Ringo will follow you (which makes a pleasant change for an escort quest), but stops for rest if you slow down (I think that’s the logic).

The first killing quests are: Spark Milminer – Roll the Bones, Shizzle – Shizzle’s Flyer, and Muigin – Muigin and Larion. You shouldn’t need to kill anything over 50 for this, mainly in the north east. Bones are also found as ground spawn in the south west (yes, the 55 elite dinosaurs again).

While killing, you may find: A Mangled Journal – Williden’s Journal. This is a simple hand in, and doesn’t lead to anything. The pterrordaxs for Shizzle are found in valleys to the side of the crater; look in the same places as the pylons to find them. The follow up for Muigin is a run to Feralas, for Gregan Brewspewer, just west of the path south of the Twin Collossals; unfortunately, this then becomes a quest for Sunken Temple. You will want to meet Gregan for Linken later on, so it might be an idea to save this one until then.


After these, pick up Hol’anyee Marshal – Alien Ecology, and head back to where you came in from Tanaris. Torwa Pathfinder – The Fare of Lar’korwi. This involves a clickable corpse (a thresher type), a little way north east of Torwa – in between some of the lakes. The next stage is: Torwa Pathfinder – The Scent of Lar’korwi. For this, you need to kill two “Lar’korwi Mates”. These spawn when you run over, or near, the eggs, of which there are several in the area. It’s a good idea to clear the region of a nest before trying this.

The final stage in the series is Torwa Pathfinder – The Bait for Lar’korwi; I would leave it until you are at a minimum 54, as Lar’korwi is 56 and relatively tough. You need to find a passage to the east, roughly half way up the east side of Un’goro. Once triggered, he runs to you from the crater.

While still in the south east, find a wrecked row boat (63,68) south of the fare corpse to start the Linken series: It’s a Secret to Everybody. The next step is a pack in the pool by the boat, then to Marshal’s Refuge to meet Linken.

However, you can also clear Alien Ecology at this point. Go west from Torwa to find the silithids. The room you need is the small one closest to the entrance, but you must be in the middle of the wall (which isn’t at all obvious) to collect the sample. Some insects will be up to 52 here.

Back at the refuge, it should be time to clear off Super Sticky.

If you now have Linken in progress, switching to Felwood to pick up Timbermaw reputation to reach Winterspring would be a good step. This quest series cross-threads over to Felwood for a while, so I don’t intend to cover it in full here.

Fungal Rock

Torwa Pathfinder – The Apes of Un’goro and Karna Remtravel – Chasing A-Me. You will need a mithril casing for this. The gorillas are 50-53. Fungal Rock is a short way east of Marshaal’s Refuge; you can kill gorillas and stompers outside; a few thunderers come outside, but most inside are thunderers. Once inside, clear to the east corridor, where you will find A-Me; she often has a sleeping thunderer next to her. She will lead the way back to the outside, fighting any respawns along the way. Once outside, she ignores aggro and runs back to Karna. As with all escort quests, you should try to stay close to not fail the quest.

The next stage is Torwa Pathfinder – The Mighty U’cha; level 55, and right at the back of the caves.

Laris Geardawdle (IF) – A Little Slime Goes a Long Way 54 ?? or Felwood/Azshara
Alchemist Pestlezugg (Gadget) – Calm Before the Storm 54 ??
Spraggle Frock – Beware of Pterrordax 55
Krakle – Finding the Source 55
Krakle – The New Springs 55
Ringo – A Little Help From My Friends 55
Torwa Pathfinder – The Bait for Lar’korwi 56

For Linken:
Donova Snowden, Winterspring, 31,45
Gregan Brewspewer, Feralas, 44,25
Miblon Snarltooth, Feralas, 44,11

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