From Loch Modan

Start off in Thelsamar by collecting: Mountaineer Kadrell – Report to Mountaineer Rockgar. Rockgar is in Loch Modan, just before the entrance to Wetlands. He gives you: Mountaineer Rockgar – The Algaz Gauntlet. You need to kill orcs in the pass for this; the final part of the task is to traverse the pass, which you do by exiting the final stage into Wetlands. If you are a miner, you should also have Pilot Longbeard – Stonegear’s Search (in the Military Ward). Stonegear is at Steelgrill’s Depot in Dun Morogh, and the quest is to collect incendite ore at Thelgen’s Rock in Wetland, which is right where the Dun Algaz quest will have you enter.

Follow the road all the way into Menethil Harbour; on the way, stop for: Einar Stonegrip – Daily Delivery. James Halloran is on the right as you enter Menethil. Report to the inn (on the left), and find the flight route.

In the Marshes

Make sure that you take: James Halloran – Young Crocolisk Skins, Karl Boran – Claws from the Deep, First Mate Fitzsimmons – The Greenwarden, Sida – Digging through the Ooze , and Harlo Barnaby – Fall of Dun Modr. The murlocs are to the north of the path as you first enter the marshes, and Gobbler is a level 22 murloc who wanders just east of the first set of huts. In the same area are level 21-23 young wetlands crocolisks. Once you have completed these, head back east to where the road splits north; you will find a goblin merchant there.

The Green Belt

A short distance due east from the bridge where the merchant stands, is Rethiel the Greenwarden. Take his first quest: Rethiel the Greenwarden – Tramping Paws. Most of the gnolls you will need are to the east, almost at Dun Algaz where you entered the Wetlands, or you can find small quantities of them in the general area, including some a short distance to the north west. Also kill the oozes; all of these are in the 21-23 level range. Eventually an ooze will drop Sida’s bag. Most of the oozes are in the general area of Ironbeard’s Tomb, on the west side of the road almost at Dun Modr. While you are there, head on to Dun Modr to find Longbraid.

Once you have completed Rethiel’s first quest, take: Rethiel the Greenwarden – Fire Taboo. Again, there are several camps of the required gnolls (fenrunners and trappers and above, levels 23-24), some north of Rethiel and east of the road, others west across the road. The camps to the north are very hard to split, the ones to the west are easier.

Finally, take Rethiel’s last quest: Rethiel the Greenwarden – Blisters on the Land. The Fen Creepers are level 24-26, so you may want to save it for later. However, they are relatively easy kills. They can be found in the ponds close to Rethiel’s location, and also in the ponds in the area for the next crocolisk quest. One problem is that they are stealthed, but don’t show on a hunter’s track stealth. The only way to find them to run close by them, and listen for the sound they make when the unstealth, which is very distinctive.

The Bluegill Marshes

Take: Karl Boren – Reclaiming Goods and James Halloran – Apprentice’s Duties. Start at the first murloc huts just outside Menethil. The first box points you at the next set of huts to the north, which again points you to the next set of huts northwards. As you progress, the level of murlocs increases, up to a maximum of 25. The openable items you want are not the footlockers that commonly appear in these huts, which you won’t be able to open (unless you are a rogue).

Just past the wrecked ships, close to the beach, is a building with two merchants. The giant Wetlands crocolisks are in this area, and are level 25 and 26.

The Whelgar Excavation Site

Take Tarrel Rockweaver – In Search of the Excavation Team. If you can, also take Valstag Ironjaw – Report to Captain Stoutfist, which gives you Captain Stoutfist – War Banners; this may be level restricted, in which case pick it up when you can.

The excavation site is south of the road, just after the raptors, but before the orcs. Climb up the slope to the east to reach the team. Collect: Merrin Rockweaver – In Search of the Excavation Team, which has you reporting back to Menethil, and the first part of Ormer IronBraid – Ormer’s Revenge. The screechers are in a couple of clumps, outside the site to the west, apparently guarding some eggs. When you fight them, at some point they will screech, which will call their friends to help if you don’t pull them away from the eggs. Levels up to 24.

Ormer’s Revenge continues inside the site, with level 24-27 raptors. The final part has you killing a level 29 raptor, Sarltooth. While doing this, work on Prospector Whelgar – Uncovering the Past. The fragments you need spawn randomly throughout the site; one possible spawn point is next to Sarltooth, but any fragment can spawn at any of the points.

Before you reach this point, you should complete the War Banners quest. The orcs are just to the east of the excavation site, and are level 26-28. The banners drop fairly commonly.

The Lost Fleet

Back in Menethil, take: First Mate Fitzsimmons – The Third Fleet, which leads to: First Mate Fitzsimmons – The Cursed Crew. The fleet is north along the shore line, just past the murloc huts and close to the giant crocolisks. You can pull and kill the undead sailors and marines from the top deck, by approaching from the rear (north) side of the ship, where you can climb on to the deck. It is possible to climb down to the next level from the stairs at the other end of the deck, and clear this area above the water line. To get to First Mate Snellig, you have to approach from the shore again, as he is on the bottom deck below the water line. Approach the boat from the water at the shore, from the south. You will find a breach in the hull below the waterline there, which is exactly where Snellig spawns. You can pull him out onto dry land to fight, probably with one extra undead add. He is level 29, the rest are 26-28.

I skipped First Mate Fitzsimmons – Lifting the Curse, along with a couple of elite quests that need groups, in Dun Modr and at the orc encampment.


At the lower levels, the crocolisks are 21-24 and common close to the road in the marshes. The orcs and spiders close to Dun Algaz are 19-21. East and north of Rethiel there is a large population of whelps of different kinds, levels 23-28; there are a few leathercrafting drops here, and the extremely rare chance of a pet whelp drop. The raptors are similar levels in the excavation site, and have high value drops, including a lot of leather from skinning, and raptor eggs for cooking; the recipe for these is part of the final reward from Ormer, so save them up (or you can buy it in Stormwind if you are impatient). There is also a higher level murloc camp close to Menethil to the south, up to around 29. Gnolls, undead and murlocs are not good grinding, as they are hard to single pull at levels where they are good experience.

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Un’Goro Crater

Before you arrive, pick up in Gadgetzan: Tran’rek – Super Sticky. The entry point is to the south west of Tanaris, just north of the cactus area, and south of the insect part. The ramp down to Un’goro is marked by two obelisks. Right where you enter is Torwa Pathfinder, but most of his quests are a little high to start. Just past him is the ravasaur trainer (Horde faction).

Follow the east zone edge around to the female dwarf standing outside Marshall’s Refuge in the north, dead centre. Pick up any and all bloodpetal sprouts and power crystals that you see on the way – and Un’goro soil, which is for quests in Darnassus and Feathermoon (Feralas).

Marshal’s Refuge

Give your sprouts to Dadanga (Dadanga – Dadanga is Hungry!); you get a box full of food in return (which will sell for 8s).

At the back of the cave is: JD Collie – Crystals of Power. If you have enough crystals, you will get three follow on quests. The north pylon is just east of the Refuge; both the east and west pylons can be seen from ground level, and are a short way up paths into the zone walls. Williden Marshall – Expedition Salvation; this is another non-killing quest. Look for a box under a ramada (a sheet on top of four poles); the first is a short way to the south east, past the tar pits. The second is close to all the elite dinosaurs in the south west, south of the lake there – and the west pylon is due west of the south edge of that lake.

Another non-killing quest is: Spraggle Frock – Lost! Ringo is in a cave in the south east corner of the central lava/rock formation in Un’goro. If you climb up from the east, you can probably avoid all elementals. Ringo – A Little Help From My Friends. Ringo will follow you (which makes a pleasant change for an escort quest), but stops for rest if you slow down (I think that’s the logic).

The first killing quests are: Spark Milminer – Roll the Bones, Shizzle – Shizzle’s Flyer, and Muigin – Muigin and Larion. You shouldn’t need to kill anything over 50 for this, mainly in the north east. Bones are also found as ground spawn in the south west (yes, the 55 elite dinosaurs again).

While killing, you may find: A Mangled Journal – Williden’s Journal. This is a simple hand in, and doesn’t lead to anything. The pterrordaxs for Shizzle are found in valleys to the side of the crater; look in the same places as the pylons to find them. The follow up for Muigin is a run to Feralas, for Gregan Brewspewer, just west of the path south of the Twin Collossals; unfortunately, this then becomes a quest for Sunken Temple. You will want to meet Gregan for Linken later on, so it might be an idea to save this one until then.


After these, pick up Hol’anyee Marshal – Alien Ecology, and head back to where you came in from Tanaris. Torwa Pathfinder – The Fare of Lar’korwi. This involves a clickable corpse (a thresher type), a little way north east of Torwa – in between some of the lakes. The next stage is: Torwa Pathfinder – The Scent of Lar’korwi. For this, you need to kill two “Lar’korwi Mates”. These spawn when you run over, or near, the eggs, of which there are several in the area. It’s a good idea to clear the region of a nest before trying this.

The final stage in the series is Torwa Pathfinder – The Bait for Lar’korwi; I would leave it until you are at a minimum 54, as Lar’korwi is 56 and relatively tough. You need to find a passage to the east, roughly half way up the east side of Un’goro. Once triggered, he runs to you from the crater.

While still in the south east, find a wrecked row boat (63,68) south of the fare corpse to start the Linken series: It’s a Secret to Everybody. The next step is a pack in the pool by the boat, then to Marshal’s Refuge to meet Linken.

However, you can also clear Alien Ecology at this point. Go west from Torwa to find the silithids. The room you need is the small one closest to the entrance, but you must be in the middle of the wall (which isn’t at all obvious) to collect the sample. Some insects will be up to 52 here.

Back at the refuge, it should be time to clear off Super Sticky.

If you now have Linken in progress, switching to Felwood to pick up Timbermaw reputation to reach Winterspring would be a good step. This quest series cross-threads over to Felwood for a while, so I don’t intend to cover it in full here.

Fungal Rock

Torwa Pathfinder – The Apes of Un’goro and Karna Remtravel – Chasing A-Me. You will need a mithril casing for this. The gorillas are 50-53. Fungal Rock is a short way east of Marshaal’s Refuge; you can kill gorillas and stompers outside; a few thunderers come outside, but most inside are thunderers. Once inside, clear to the east corridor, where you will find A-Me; she often has a sleeping thunderer next to her. She will lead the way back to the outside, fighting any respawns along the way. Once outside, she ignores aggro and runs back to Karna. As with all escort quests, you should try to stay close to not fail the quest.

The next stage is Torwa Pathfinder – The Mighty U’cha; level 55, and right at the back of the caves.

Laris Geardawdle (IF) – A Little Slime Goes a Long Way 54 ?? or Felwood/Azshara
Alchemist Pestlezugg (Gadget) – Calm Before the Storm 54 ??
Spraggle Frock – Beware of Pterrordax 55
Krakle – Finding the Source 55
Krakle – The New Springs 55
Ringo – A Little Help From My Friends 55
Torwa Pathfinder – The Bait for Lar’korwi 56

For Linken:
Donova Snowden, Winterspring, 31,45
Gregan Brewspewer, Feralas, 44,25
Miblon Snarltooth, Feralas, 44,11

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Paladin Talent Builds (old)

These are pre-1.9. From EU Paladin, forums, posted by Calgor:

A bump + some more talent info:

Disclaimer: Disagree if you so wish, I don’t claim to be an expert. These builds are partly built from own experience, partly from comments from other players and partly just geekish theory-crafting.

  • The Holy Knight – i.e. Damage builds:

    Version 1 – 2H build:
    -Improved BoM/Benediction
    -2H Weapon Spec. 5/5
    -Deflection 5/5
    -Vengeance 5/5
    -Seal of Command 1/1
    -Precision 3/3
    -Consecration 1/1
    -Conviction 5/5

    Comment: Go primary for Strength and secondary for Agility, or crit-increasing items. The idea is to get a crit-% above 15%. This build works the best when you off tank, or just help out a party with dealing damage to the main target. It is weak when it comes to absorbing damage from multiple mobs.

    Version 2 – 1H build:
    -Redoubt 5/5
    -Improved BoP 2/2
    -Toughness 5/5
    -Shield Spec. 5/5
    Filler talent 3 points
    -Reckoning 5/5
    -Holy Shield 1/1

    -Improved BoM/Benediction
    -Improved SotC 5/5
    -Seal of Command 1/1

    Comment: Go primary for Strength and secondary for Stamina. The idea is to soak up damage and return it with Reckoning and Holy Shield. Seal of Command is there to save your mana. This build is weak in two regards, first due that sometimes Reckoning and Redoubt can be bugged, and secondly due that it requires you take a beating – i.e. if you are in a party where the Warrior tanks, then this build is quite weak.

    Version 3 – Range Build:
    -Spiritual Focus 5/5
    -Revelation 2/2
    -Illumination 5/5
    -Improved BoW 5/5
    -Divine Favor 1/1
    -Improved SoR 5/5
    -Divine Wisdom 5/5
    -Sanctity Aura 1/1
    Filler talent 1 point
    -Holy Shock 1/1

    Comment: Go primary for Intelligence and secondary for Spirit. This build gives controlled burst damage, both with JoR and Holy Shock – it also provides the Paladin with a ranged attack. Its weakness is that it is highly mana consuming, hence it works best during sporadic pvp encounters, while it shines less brightly in the long haul when you need to conserve your mana.

  • Field Medic:

    Version 1 – Slim build:
    -Spiritual Focus 5/5
    -Illumination 5/5
    -Divine Favor 1/1

    Comment: The "healing-core" of the holy tree. Get it and you’ll do alright in most situations.

    Version 2 – "Healadin":
    -Spiritual Focus 5/5
    -Improved Holy Light 3/3
    -Revelation 2/2
    -Illumination 5/5
    -Improved BoW 5/5
    -Divine Favor 1/1
    -Improved FoL 3/3
    -Divine Wisdom 5/5

    Comment: Flash of Light will be the mana conserving spam-heal and Holy Light is the big heal that helps when the target drops in health rapidly. Lay on Hands is the panic heal when everything goes to hell. Improved BoW and Divine Wisdom to help out with the mana.

  • "Tankadin"-builds:

    Version 1 – Retribution Spec:
    -Improved BoM 5/5
    -Benediction 5/5
    -Deflection 5/5
    -Seal of Command 1/1
    -Improved Retribution Aura 4/5
    -Consecration 1/1

    Comment: Consecration to keep aggro on multiple targets and Benediction so that you can spam it. No talents points in 2H weapon spec. or Improved SotC since they will not be used when you tank. However, they can always be used to flesh out the Paladin for solo-play. The strength with this build is that you get Seal of Command and Consecration, making you able to also off-tank.

    Version 2 – Protection Spec:
    -Redoubt 5/5
    -Improved BoP 2/2
    -Toughness 3/5
    -Blessing of Sanctuary 1/1
    -Shield Spec. 5/5
    -Improved SoF 4/5
    -Holy Shield 1/1
    -Improved BoS 2/2

    Comment: Holy Shield to keep aggro on multiple targets. BoP is used to remove the aggro that any party member might have caused. Blessing of Sanctuary to reduce the need for healing and Improved BoS to ease on the need need for blessings. The strength with this build is that you’ll be able to both soak up damage and keep the aggro. The weakness is both in the regard that you must pull, preferable using dynamite, and that this build is only strong when you tank.

    Version 3 – Ultimate tank:
    -Redoubt 5/5
    -Improved BoP 2/2
    -Toughness 3/5
    -Shield Spec. 5/5
    -Improved SoF 5/5
    -Holy Shield 1/1
    -Improved BoS 2/2

    -Improved BoM 5/5
    -Benediction 5/5
    -Deflection 5/5
    -Seal of Command 1/1
    -Improved Retribution Aura 4/5
    -Consecration 1/1

    Comment: Combines the two above tank builds, giving the ultimate strength for tanking multiple mobs. The weakness is that this build is quite mana intensive, not to mention it requires quite many talent points.

  • PvP-builds:

    Version 1 – Pray for Proc:
    See above "Version 1 – 2H Build". Learn engineering for snares and ranged attacks.

    Version 2 – Fighter Killer:
    -Redoubt 5/5
    -Toughness 3/5
    -Improved BoP 2/2
    -Shield Spec. 5/5
    -Improved SoJ 5/5
    -Reckoning 5/5
    -Holy Shield 1/1
    -1H Weapon Spec. 4/5 points
    -Repentance 1/1 point

    -Improved BoM 5/5
    Filler talent 5 points
    -Seal of Command 1/1

    Comment: Effective vs. melee classes, far less effective vs. spellcasters. Repentance will together with Hammer of Justice work as your snare attack. Still a good idea to stack up on trinkets, engineering items and swiftness potions.

    Version 3 – "Shockadin":
    See above "Version 3 – Range Build". Possible option is to include a 2H-build and Seal of Command, just to reduce the mana strain… and as always, it is a good idea to have trinkets, engineering items and swiftness potions.

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Ashenvale, Night Elf

I’m assuming that this is being pursued by a Night Elf character, just out of Darkshore. Another assumption is that this is PvE, and not on a PvP server.

You will have entered Ashenvale on The Sleeper Awakens quest, and so will be starting at Maestra’s Post with the Tower of Althalaxx continuation. There are some quests to collect there, then head on to Astranaar, and check in at the inn, and with the griffon master.

Zoram Strand

And the Maestra’s Post area. Pick up the relevant quests:

In Astanaar, 2 quests:

Shindrell Swiftfire – The Zoram Strand.
Raene Wolfrunner – Raene’s Cleansing.

Then in Maestra’s Post, Orendil Broadleaf – Bathran’s Hair. Head towards Zoram Strand (west), but first go south to Lake Falathim (on the way). Kill enough murlocs there to reach the centre island and the corpse, then hunt around the edges until you get the Glowing Gem; this is for the first part of Raene’s Cleansing.

Back out, and find Talen – The Ancient Statuette by his campfire slightly inland from the south end of Zoram Strand. Kill naga heading north, to the small jut of beach, with an elven boat offshore. Just where that boat points is the ancient statuette that you need. Save the next quest for later. This is: Talen – Ruuzel. Ruuzel is a level 22 naga on the island at the NW of Zoram Strand; she is usually guarded by one or two level 20/21 naga. I’d guess that this is probably best to do after returning from Stonetalon, and you should be able to do it easily around level 24. The silver elite that often spawns on the beach (Lady Vashj?) also drops Zoram’s Ring for this quest.

Maestra’s Post

On the way back, head due north from Maestra’s Post, almost back to Darkshore (but on the east side of the road). Around the undead in Banthil’s Haunt you can collect from Plant Bundles the hair required. The continuation of this quest sends you to Astranaar (Orendil Broadleaf – Orendil’s Cure). Undead are the same level as the naga, but some patrol in twos or are otherwise hard to split. Just south of this spot are the Dark Strand for Delgren the Purifier – The Tower of Althalaxx, which you should already have. Some of these are warlocks with voidwalker and imp pets, and can be up to level 21, although most of those with minions are 18/19.

Stonetalon Mountains

At the moment my thinking is to get to this point, switch over to Stonetalon Mountains, then come back to continue here. You will want to have Sentinel Thenysil – On Guard in Stonetalon, Faldreas Goeth’Shael – Journey to Stonetalon Peak, and Shindrell Swiftfire – Pridewings of Stonetalon. All are in Astranaar. To reach Stonetalon, head east out of Astranaar. Just where the lake to the north almost touches the road, turn and head south. There will be lots of 20-22 bears along this path. You can either turn east at the end to reach Silverlake Refuge, or continue south and follow the path of stones on the ground into a passage to Stonetalon Mountains, Talondeep Path. The pass is safe, but empties into an area of STM filled with spiders, mostly 18-20. This is Windshear Crag. Head SW through the crag and across the river to the area where you will meet Kaela and Gaxim. See Stonetalon Mountains.


Pelturas – Elune’s Tear; from Astranaar to find a ground spawn in Iris Lake, but it is guarded by level 23-24 elementals. This isn’t as bad as it sounds. Following this, you will be given Pelturas – The Ruins of Stardust. The elementals this time can nuke, but are roughly the same level. Following this, you will be given: Pelturas – Fallen Sky Lake. Save for much later.

You can also do the next stage of Tower of Althalaxx now; it was bugged and not giving out the quest when I first tried, but since then I have been able to complete it. The quest is given by Delgren at Maestra’s Post, and the orc you need is quite close to the Shrine of Aessina. Head around the hill to the west of the shrine, aiming to end up to the SW, where you will find a load of demons. Follow the path to a stone arch to the north, and enter there. He is level 25 and has a voidwalker pet, and can summon multiple voidwalkers if you let him. The next stage in the quest series is rated for level 31, and needs a group (or a lot of luck) at that level.

Silverwind Refuge

The next easiest to complete will be Sentinel Velene Starstrike – Elemental Bracers, from Silverwind Refuge. Elementals are around the lake, and are 23-25. Watch out for the named elemental, Tidress, level 27; it stays in the lake and on the island. Once you complete it, the follow on quest is: Sentinel Velene Starstrike – Mage Summoner (Barrens).

In the same area (Silverwind Refuge), a little to the north, you can kill for: Raene Wolfrunner – An Aggressive Defense. The problem with this quest is the the Ursas and Den Watchers all stand in a crowd of six furbolg, all level 22-25. I managed it in a duo at 23 with a higher level rogue (27), but only at the price of several deaths. I would guess that you would need to be several more levels higher to safely solo it.

The Barrens

Sentinel Velene Starstrike – Mage Summoner (Barrens). The mage is level 25, and is found in the Barrens, at the top of a mountain NW of Crossroads. To get there, follow the road east out of Astranaar and turn off south; this is a main route on the map. At the Horde outpost, turn left a few yards and run through the unguarded opening. The mage summons level 1 water elementals that heal him; he runs very early, so keep the elementals dead, and try to slow his movement if you can.

This is a good opportunity to head east from the Crossroads to visit Ratchet, and take the boat to Booty Bay. Register the flight path in Booty Bay – the gryphon master is to the SW of the town in, high up in a building next to the inn; he is quite hard to find. A good reason to pay a visit here is to buy the fishing expert book; this is the only place it can be found.


Raene Wolfrunner – Culling The Threat. This involves the furbolg west of Astranaar and north of the path. You only need to kill the one named furbolg, Dal Bloodclaw. He wanders around the densely populated area just south of the entrance to the hold (a “cavern” area). If you are careful, you should be able to get him alone as he wanders around.

I had a big gap here, as I found the last few quests tough at 24. I levelled to 28 and came back to complete the final ones below.

The last quest from Pelturas can be done about now, Skyfall Lake. You have to kill a few level 24-26 elementals, and finally a level 30 oracle/elemental (who I killed at 28, so he was easy).

The Raene’s Cleansing series should be completed next. Follow the road towards Felwood, and kill level 27-28 “treants”, called ancients, etc, to get a key. Then find the chest it unlocks, behind a small hill on top of a pillar, to the west of the road where you see a load of ruined pillars. The next stage will be to kill level 21-22 slimes, east of the road just north of the Barrens. Finally kill a level 30 furbolg, Ran Bloodtooth, with several 28ish guards. Again, I did this at 28. This description is too short, as there is a lot of running back and forth between quest givers here. One of them, Shael’dryn, is a dryad by the moonwell in the hollow in the hills east of Iris Lake; another is a small shine east of her, just north of the “R” of Raynewood Retreat, and the last is Krolg, a furbolg at the top of the waterfall, to the SE of Mystral Lake. To reach the Moonwell, head east along the road from Astranaar to the seat and pillars to the north, then head north from there. Follow Shael’dryn’s directions to the hidden shrine.

At this level you can also try: Shindrell Swiftfire – Kayneth Stillwind. Kayneth is in the far NE of Ashenvale, just after the satyrs in a large clear area north of the Warsong Lumber Camp, and just before all the unknown level elite dragons. This quest just involves saying hello to the target. However, you have to run between two horde outposts on the road with level “??” (ie much higher than me at 28; they are actually level 40), and at least one level 30 patrolling horde on the road itself. Combine this quest with the quests from the Shrine of Aessina, as most of them involve the satyrs.

He then gives: Kayneth Stillwind – Forsaken Diseases. There is a small camp of 27-29 undead around a table outside the Dor’Danil Barrow Den, which is east of the road leading to the Barrens. The bottle of diseases is any of several scattered around the table and tents. His final quest, Insane Druids, involves entering the Den (I skipped it, as a group is probably advised until much higher).

Shrine of Aessina

Finally, Sentinel Melyria Frostshadow – The Howling Vale. This is the start of a long series, which gives good Darnassus reputation and decent experience towards the end of the series. The Sentinel is in the Shrine of Aessina. The Howling Vale is reached by heading directly west just before the entrance to Felwood (the change of colour of the terrain makes the location obvious). Head up the ramp, and at the top of the ramp you can drop down to the right before the cave with the three guards. Drop down again to the left so that you are in front of the building, and the book is on a table in front of you. This may be possible with no killing at all, but the mobs are 28-30 with high shadow resistance. The continuation takes you to Darnassus, Ratchet, Booty Bay and Duskwood, where it combines with the worgen quests there, so you might as well pick those up.

Also in the Shrine is a series of three quests, starting with Illiyana – Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!, leading to The Branch of Cenarius and Satyr Slaying!

The dryad you are sent to find is lying on the ground in the middle of the camp of satyrs at Xavian. You can reach this quite easily by following the stream just west of Satyrnaar, then head east just before reaching the lake. She asks you to kill a named satyr just north of her. He is level 32, the other satyrs are 27-29. You then have to return to Aessina to get the next quest. The satyr horns drop from any satyrs, including the lower level ones in Satyrnaar and Night Run (24-27), which is where the highborne souls are for the penultimate stage of Delgren the Purifier – The Tower of Althalaxx (from Maestra’s Post). The souls are in floating purple obelisks; one in the middle of the camp (there is a small tower in front that makes it hard to see) at Satyrnaar, close to the entrance; and the other in the camp at the southern tip of Night Run. You can get to Night Run from Satyrnaar reasonably safely through the hills, avoiding the Ghostpaw Alphas (level 27-29).

These quests will leave you with a further quest for Duskwood. I find it best to finish the main, non-elite, Duskwood quests apart from the last worgen quest there, and combine it with the last quest from this series: The Scythe of Elune.


If, between Stonetalon Mountains and here, you feel the need to kill mobs to grind experience in your low 20s, one of the north/south valleys between Astranaar and Silverwind Refuge is usually full of bears and stags. The middle one, which doesn’t have an obvious entrance from the path to the north, seems to be particularly good. Level range is 21-23. Closer to Felwood there are level 26-28 enemies to fight, bears, stags and treants. For 28-30, look for the worgen in Howling Vale and the bears and spiders close to Satyrnaar.

I skipped the following quests:

Feero Ironhand – Supplies to Auberdine 24; this is an escort quest.
Delgren the Purifier – The Tower of Althalaxx 24; this was bugged and wasn’t being given out when I tried.


Drops for cooking:

Crisp Spider Meat – used in a recipe that is quested in Redridge Mountains.
Gooey Spider Legs – used in a recipe bought in Stormwind or quested in Duskwood.

Big Bear Meat – recipe can be purchased from Ulthaan (in Silverwind Refuge, in Ashenvale), or quested in Hillsbrad (Horde), or from vendors in Desolace.

Lean Wolf Flank – recipe quested in Duskwood (Alliance), but requires a seasoning bought only in Stormwind. Ignore this one.

To raise cooking above 150, you need to buy the expert cooking book from Shandrina in Silverwind Refuge (price 90 silver, with good faction).

I am gradually becoming convinced that to level cooking past 150 you really want to have fishing at an equivalent level; that lets you have near infinite supply of free raw ingredients for purchasable recipes (from fishing vendors), where most recipes only have a single ingredient.

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Searing Gorge (Alliance)

I don’t think that there are any quests leading to Searing Gorge. There are two entrances. The standard entrance for your first time is from the mid west of Badlands; find this by going south west from the two annoying gnomes in the north west, but avoid the Horde outpost.

The flight path is at Thorium Point, in the north west. You can reach it by going north, then west, from the Badlands entrance, which takes you close to the keyed entrance from Loch Modan – to get the key, you have to kill an elite (level 48/49) close to the outhouse (see below). Watch out for a gang of Undermine poachers that wander the east/west path; if you stay just south of the path, you will be safe from them.

The Outhouse

A little way south of the entrance from Bandlands is a couple of tents with Dark Irons and golems. To the east, on higher ground, is a small outhouse, at 66, 62, guarded by one golem. Outhouse – Locked In, then Outhouse – Ledger from Tanaris. For the ledger quest, you can kill the glass web spiders all around this area, then collect two items from clickables. These are in Dustwallow Marsh at the crashed zepellin (54,55), one of the crates under the wreck, and in Swamp of Sorrows on the east coast at the murloc village (91,66). Hand in the results in Gadgetzan. There is a lead in quest to this, which is Outhouse key – The Key to Freedom. The key drops very rarely, at random from Dark Irons; as most of them are much higher level than the Grimsilt quests, you are most likely to find it out of order.

Back at the outhouse, go down into the dig, where you will find a smudge on the ground: Dorius Stonetender – Suntara Stones. This is an escort quest. If the dig site is reasonably clear, he will wander around the edge of the Cauldron among the spiders. Each time he reaches a set of what look like unmineable ores, he will pause for a rest and be ambushed. I think there are three of these, spiders and Dark Iron at various points. Eventually he heads for the locked door to Loch Modan, and will be killed by a Dark Iron sniper; this is part of the plan. You get a final quest to report to Ironforge.

Thorium Point

South of the entrance to Thorium Point are two humans, surrounded by Dark Iron remains, very close to a lot of golems and Dark Iron dwarves. His first quests all involve killing here: Kalaran Windblade – Divine Retribution, The Flawless Flame, Forging the Shaft. Levels are from 45 to 48. A couple of patches ago, this appeared as a huge dragonkin floating above a night elf; obviously a bug. Make sure that you also take: JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition, from the noticeboard at Thorium Point. You will be killing golems, plus Dark Iron slavers and taskmasters; if you run short, there are plenty more in the Slag Pits.

In Thorium Point, there are several quests to take, start with: Hansel Heavyhands – Curse These Fat Fingers and Hansel Heavyhands – Fiery Menace. as these involve killing in the same area as Kalaran, you should get them at the same time.

Once you have completed these, the next two quests from Kalaran’s sequence are elite: Kalaran Windblade – The Flame’s Casing and Squire Maltrake – Set Them Ablaze! The Twilight’s Hammer are the level 47-49 elites west of Thorium Point. The drop rate of the symbol is 3-5%; shamans seem the most likely to drop it, and are easier to kill than the guards.

The next quest from Hansel involves the Slag Pits. Hansel Heavyhands – Incendosaurs? These are levels 47-49. To reach them, the second entrance to the pits from the east takes you to a large cavern with approximately 12/13 incendosaurs. The easiest way to reach this entrance is by dropping down from the north wall of the Cauldron, but you can work your way through the mines (level 45-48 dwarves) to the easternmost entrance, which is a short walk along a ramp to the one you want.

Inside the Slag Pits is: Dying Archeologist – Rise, Obsidian!, leading to Dying Archeologist – Release Them. This requires more extensive killing of the Twilight’s Hammer in the northwest (29,26).

Near the incendosaurs, through the eastern most entrance to the pits, is Overseer Maltorius (WANTED: Overseer Maltorius, another noticeboard quest). He is a level 50 elite with 16k hit points, guarded by two 48 elites with 5k hit points each.

The final noticeboard quest is for: STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout’s Spyglass. Drops are from lookouts, and Dark Iron Steamsmiths – they are found in the same area, and the steamsmiths are rare (39,50); lookouts are all around the towers. Level 48.

Zamael Lunthistle – Prayer to Elune 50 (elite)

Master Smith Burinate – What the Flux? 50 (elite)

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Hillsbrad Foothills (Alliance)

Only a few of these quests are for Hillsbrad itself; Southshore is a centre for quests into Alterac as well.

Start off at about 30 with these:

Lieutenant Farren Orinelle – Down the Coast
Chef Jessen – Soothing Turtle Bisque

The first quest is a series, starting with murlocs, then naga, and ending with a trip to Stormwind. Murlocs are to the west, naga to the east, and turtles along the stream. If you get a chance, follow the stream all the way north into Alterac and Chillwind Point, then pick up the flight path in Eastern Plaguelands. The highest mob you are likely to meet is a 34 hulking mountain lion. You can find soothing spices in the NW building, with Bartolo outside. Mobs for these are all around level 30.

Warlocks will also want: Krom Stoutarm, Ironforge – Tome of the Cabal. The is in one of the further murloc camps, west of Southshore, the one where you first see different named mobs. The clickable is on the ground at the water’s edge, and is hard to see from the land.

After this, you should probably take Phin Odelic – Hints of a New Plague?, and go to Arathi for Captain Nials – Northfold Manor and the first troll quest.

Come back in a couple of levels, 34-36 or higher. In the town hall, start with: Magistrate Henry Maleb – Syndicate Assassins. You need to go to the open area in Alterac, just north of Tarren Mill. Mobs here are level 32-35. On the table in the middle of the camp is a scroll with two further quests. When you return to Southshore, one of these will send you to Ironforge. You might as well do this straight away.

When you get back, the continuation quests will send you into Strahnbrad, in Alterac. Take three more quests to do there on the way: Darren Malvew – Costly Menace, kill animals in Alterac just south of the yetis; Bartolo Ginsetti – Bartolo’s Yeti Fur Cloak, and Marshal Redpath – Crushridge Bounty. You will need a Hillsman’s Cloak, made by leatherworking, to complete these. In theory you can get the furs from the yetis in the cave in Hillsbrad north of Southshore, but I have never seen them drop here. Once you have the yeti furs, move on to the ogres, and then to the Syndicate in Strahnbrad; just follow the road to the north east. This will leave you with the head of Nagaz to collect. Nagaz is level 40, guarded by level 38-39s. He is in the house on the shore, some way outside Strahnbrad to the north west. Click the chest close to Nagaz to get another quest, and another trip to Ironforge.

An option to consider before taking on Nagaz might be to switch back to Arathi for Wand Over Fist, then return to Arathi for Faldir’s Cove.

If you are lucky enough to be in Southshore when the Syndicate Assassins arrive, manage to kill one and it drops a contract: Shadowy Assassin – Assassin’s Contract. Assassins are level 37/38. The follow on involves killing Baron ??, who can spawn in the basement of the large building in Strahnbrad, or in any of the camps to the north west (on the way to Nagaz).

Milton Sheaf, Stormwind – Southshore 38

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Winter Veil Quests

Seasonal quests for Winter Veil Festival (Christmas). New NPCs appear around the bank in Ironforge, in the town square in Stormwind, in every inn, and various other places.

First, talk to the goblins and get their quests; buy five holiday spices and both recipes (Gingerbread Cookies and Egg Nog). Then talk to Greatfather Winter (in Ironforge/Orgrimmar), next to them.

Then buy 5 Ice Cold Milk, any drink vendor or innkeeper should sell them.

For Alliance, there is also a quest to learn the history – not sure who has this on Horde side. The NPC is the other side of the bank steps in Ironforge, and you then have to run to the Explorer’s League and back to King Magni. This gives good Ironforge reputation.

Next, gather five small eggs. Birds in Westfall, Teldrassil, Mulgore, and harpies in Durotar or the Barrens should drop them often.

Make the cookies – you need cooking skill, but only level 1 to do this. For those below 30, this is all you need do, and can return to Greatfather Winter for hand ins. You will be given a package containing either 10 copper bars, 4 bolts of linen, or similar rewards. They don’t match your own professions, of course. You will also get a care package (of food and drink) in the mail.

If you are 30+, there’s another quest, but it requires a slow spawn, so it’s better to leave this for a few days; 6am works out ok. Go to Southshore, and run to Alterac. South of the Growless Cave, between three trees in the snow area, is a snow man. Talk to him. Then check the yeti area in front of the cave, and to the west of the ruins of Alterac – I have seen the Abominable Greench spawn in front of the cave, in the first clearing, as well as in front of the Alterac walls to the east. Level 37 elite. Lots of snowballs spawn in the snow areas, so have fun.

Reward for this is a recipe. Gloves of the Greatfather, Elixir of Frost Power, Snowmaster 9000, Edge of Winter are the ones I have noticed so far. There should be a tailoring and enchanting reward as well. You will also have mailed to you a snowman disguise, which requires a snowball to power it.

If you are 40+, you will also get the Metzen quest. Go to either Searing Gorge or Tanaris. In Tanaris, it’s the pirate compound in Lost Rigger Cove, the building behind Andre Firebeard. Clear mobs around the reindeer, then sprinkle your dust. The kidnappers are three or four level 45s.

Return to Greatfather Winter for rewards.

My level 60 character was the only one that got an extra reward for a separate quest from Greatfather Winter: 5 preserved holly, in return for 5 gold and one deeprock salt.

Finally, kissing a reveller – either mistletoe (spirit buff for another person), or holly (make your mount into a reindeer).

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Tanaris (Alliance)

A lot of the quests given here are lead ins to Zul’Farrak, and some straightforward quest sequences suddenly branch off to there. You will want from Stranglethorn Vale: “Sea Wolf” MacKinley – Stoley’s Debt, and Krazek – Tran’rek; the follow on for this is one of those Zul’Farrak quests. Start by making your way to Gadgetzan.

Wastewander Bandits

The introductory quest is a repeatable one: Spigot Operator Luglunket – Water Pouch Bounty. Also grab: Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle – Wastewander Justice. Most people go to the Noonshade Ruins east of Gadgetzan, but the whole of the desert area close to the coast is filled with bandits, if you find the ruins already taken. Keep collecting the water pouches while killing bandits. Next is: Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle – More Wastewander Justice. The mobs for this are west of the lower mobs in the desert, more or less SW from Gadgetzan. Try to get to Steamwheedle Port, to the east, and pick up the wanted poster quest: WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting. He wanders the higher level desert bandit camps, and is guarded by two stealthed rogues. I forget the exact levels for these, but the starting bandits (thieves and bandits) are 40-42, and the higher level ones 42-45, with the Caliph at 46.

Southsea Pirates

After dealing with the bandits, it’s time to find the pirates. You want to follow: “Sea Wolf” MacKinley – Stoley’s Debt, to Steamwheedle Port, and get: Stoley – Stoley’s Shipment. While there, take the other poster quest: WANTED: Andre Firebeard; it is rated lower, but I think it is a little harder. You can also pick up Haughty Modiste – Pirate Hats Ahoy!, and Security Chief Bilgewhizzle – Sothsea Shakedown. Follow the coastline south to a cave. Through there are the pirates, levels 44 and 45. Andre is in the compound, at a fire in the middle, with three dock workers of a similar level (he is 45) who will come with him; the dock workers can follow for a much longer distance than usual, if you need to run. The cask for Stoley is in the building on the right as you enter the compound, on the top floor. The ground floor has three pirates; I was able to pull two and them one. The back room is raised, and has three more pirates, these all came together for me. The shipment is in a clickable crate in a small room up some stairs. Back for: Stoley – Deliver to MacKinley (in Stranglethorn Vale).

There are several more quests available if you continue to kill in this area. Any pirate (of any type) can drop pirate’s footlockers, which you can open with a map fragment inside. Collect all three to make: Cuergo’s Treasure Map – Cuergo’s Gold; the middle fragment is the rarest of the three, in my experience I got 10 bottom fragments, several top fragments, and zero middle, in 2 levels grinding here. To solve this quest, head to Land’s End Beach, which is in the south (a long way). The beach is covered by level 50 elite turtles, but they have a short aggro range and can be avoided. When you click on the wrecked mast, three level 45 pirate will appear, and run away from the mast. One of them will drop the key to the chest, and you are done.

You may also find a Ship Schedule for another quest, which is also from the footlockers. This is also rare, I got only one. Deliver it to Steamwheedle Port. The final item from the lockers is a Captain’s Key. This opens a locker on one of the two ships (I can’t remember which one), in the cabin at the back on the top deck; you should only have to kill two mobs to reach it, once you are on the boats.

Remember to come back to Steamwheedle Port for Yeh’kinya – Screecher Spirits, before heading to Feralas. Now is a good time to move on to Feralas and the Hinterlands, coming back to finish off Tanaris around 48.


Back to Gadgetzan.

Several of the other available quests are specific to professions: cooking, engineering, and blacksmithing. The cooking quest is: Dirge Quikcleave – Clamlette Surprise. Giant eggs come from rocs, which are commonest around the skeletons in the desert just south of Gadgetzan, levels 41-43. You also need zesty clam meat, which drops in clams from the snappers on the shore, near Steamwheedle Port; there are leathermaking quests that require turtle scales that drop here. The final item required is swiss alterac cheese, which you need to buy from a vendor; Stormwind can supply them, as well as several others.

Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser – Gadgetzan Water Survey. This is in the far north east, and the water hole is visible on the map at 39,30. All the trolls nearby are low 40s elites, but you can complete the quest without any aggro problems, from trolls at least. However, when you trigger the dowser, two silithid bugs will spawn, both level 48 (non-elite). Wandering desert mobs are 45-49 here. The follow on quest is: Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser – Noxious Lair Investigation. The target is south of the water hole, and mobs are 47-50. The swarmers have minions, which hit hard but have very low hit points – probably 10.

Another available quest is: Andi Lynn – The Dunemaul Compound. This is in the south centre of the zone, south of Gadgetzan. The ogres are 44-47, with the named ogre alone in his cave, but is level 49. See below for Marvon Rivetseeker – Gahz’ridian. This is in the same general area.

Thistleshrub Valley

In Gadgetzan, pick up: Marin Noggenfogger – The Thirsty Goblin, and Tran’rek – Thistleshrub Valley. Then go due south of Gadgetzan to find Broken Pillar and: Marvon Rivetseeker – Gahz’ridian (at 52,46). Marvon also is a destination for The Sunken Temple (from where?); the follow for this is a trip to Ratchet, Marvon Rivetseeker – The Stone Circle. The items for Gahz’ridian are common in the ruins south of there, Eastmoon and Southmoon ruins (three locations, 47,65; 40,37; 41,72). Ogres, level 46-48, are very close to the ground spawn points, but in almost all cases you can collect the items without aggro.

The valley is in the far SE, at the exit to Un’goro Crater; the elementals here are 48-50. Watch out for Tooga, a turtle who wanders this area and wants to be escorted back to Steamwheedle Port (Tooga – Tooga’s Quest). Back in Gadgetzan, Marin sends you to: Sprinkle – Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient, which sends you to the lake in Hinterlands (location 40,60) to collect a mushroom at the bottom. The result, from Marin, is Noggenfogger Elixir, and also opens up Marin as a vendor.

The Gaping Chasm

This carries on from the previous insect quests, from Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser. Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser – The Scrimshank Redemption. The chasm is in the SE of Tanaris, and is inhabited by level 46-50 bugs. At the east side, close to where the homing robot is found, is an entrance to the main lair, roughly at 54,71. One of the chambers at this location is a sort of stretched out rectangle shape. In one of the four corners you will find the equipment. Back in Gadgetzan, you will eventually be sent to Darnassus and then back to Gadgetzan (Insect Part analysis, and the Rise of the Silithid). The follow up leads into Un’Goro Crater.

Grimbooze Thunderbrew (Westfall) – Sweet Amber 44 (SoS 62,23; Tanaris 65,37; and Hin 40,65; truesilver bar, cursed sycamore in Feralas, Searing Gorge 54,51)
Tran’rek – Scarab Shells 45 (Z’F)
Trenton Lighthammer – Troll Temper 45 (Z’F)
(Galvan The Ancient (STV) – Galvan’s Finest Pupil 45 – BS)
(Trenton Lighthammer – A Good Head on Your Shoulders 45)
(Trenton Lighthammer – The World at Your Feet 45)
(Trenton Lighthammer – The Mithril Kid 45)
Wooden Outhouse (Searing Gorge) – Ledger From Tanaris 46
(Nixx Sprocketspring – The Pledge of Secrecy 47 – Eng)
(Nixx Sprocketspring – Show Your Work 47)
Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle – Divino-matic Rod 47 (Z’F)
Curgle Cranklehop – Handle With Care 47 (repeatable trip to Darnassus)
OOX-17/TN Distress Beacon – Find OOX-17/TN! 48
Homing Robot OOX-17/TN – Rescue OOX-17/TN 48
(Tenton Lighthammer – Did You Lose This? 50 – BS)
Stone Watcher of Norgannon – The Stone Watcher (elite) 50

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Arathi Highlands (Alliance)

Before heading here, collect from Stormwind: Archmage Malin – Malin’s Request. As this is possibly your first trip in this direction, collect the flight path at Refuge Point, then head to Hillsbrad Foothills (due west), and to Southshore for Phin Odelic, Hillsbrad – Hints of a New Plague?. Both of these are starting points for lengthy quest series.

Refuge Pointe

Take Captain Nials – Northfold Manor, and Apprentice Kryten – Worth Its Weight in Gold. The manor is to the WNW of Refuge Pointe, with 31-32 mobs to kill. Some mobs on the way may be 34; the quickest route is overland, dealing with wandering mobs as you find them.

Worth Its Weight in Gold sends you to the Witherbark village, to the south east. Getting the knife requires to kill inside the cave, and is at best an uncommon drop. After completing this, you will be sent to Skuerto, to get Wand Over Fist. This is from Kor’gresh, in Boulderfist Hall, SW of the troll village. Kor’gresh is level 39, and the other ogres around 34-37.

The rest of this series leads you to Stromgarde.

Crystal in the Mountains 35 (series)

Faldir’s Cove

If you walk by the east side of Stromgarde, past some mostly 38 buzzards, you will find a cave, leading to a bay. Swim up it, and you reach Faldir’s Cove. Lolo the Lookout – Land Ho!. Talk to Captain O’Breen, and this opens up a series of quests for level 40.

Lolo – Land Ho! 35
First Mate Nilzlix – Deep Sea Salvage 40
Captain Steelgut – Drowned Sorrows 40
Professor Fizzlethorpe – Sunken Treasure 40

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The Deadmines

The Deadmines are in Westfall, in Moonbrook. The Defias Traitor will have lead you to the entrance already, but it is south (to the left) of the fountain on the road in the middle of Moonbrook.

Shoni the Shilent, Stormwind – Underground Assault
Wilder Thistlenettle – Collecting Memories
Wilder Thistlenettle – Oh Brother…
Gryan Stoutmantle, Westfall – The Defias Brotherhood
Scout Reill – Red Silk Bandanas
Jordan Stillwell, Ironforge – The Test of Righteousness (paladin only)

Shoni is close to the tram entrance in Stormwind; Wilder is also in the Dwarven District, in a building south of the tram exit. Scout Reill is at the top of the Sentinel Hill tower.

To get the Defias Brotherhood quest to kill Van Cleef, you need first to have completed the entire series of Westfall quests, including the visit to Redridge Mountains and the Defias Messenger and Traitor sequences. The continuation, with the Undelivered Letter dropped by Van Cleef, will lead you into the Stockades.

Wilder’s quests involve the 17-20 elite undead outside of the instance, in the far south of the Deadmines. The entrance to the instance is to the west, close to the undead.

Inside the instance is divided into sections, each progressively a little higher in level and harder, with a boss. The entrance to the next section only opens when the boss is killed. Killing some bosses triggers a patrol from behind – opening the door with the cannon and gunpowder is a good example of this; I think you get two mobs from ahead, and two (possibly three) in a patrol from behind. It would be a good idea to clear from the gunpower (on the left, to the north, in a side passage) all the way to the door before triggering the canon.

When you kill the shredder, Sneed will appear (apparently from inside the shredder) and attack – I have read that he can appear 20 seconds after killing, but for me it was instantly, as I looted the shredder.

On the ship at the end, there are two cases where stealth rogues are linked to a boss – entering the ship, and then Van Cleef. As well as having two stealth guards, Mr Smite also stuns you three times during the fight and swaps to higher damage weapons each time. Van Cleef will have a total of four guards, two visible, two stealthed; he may summon two of them half way through the fight.

Smite guards the gangway to the ship. The Captain takes circuits of the main deck; Van Cleef is in the shack on the top deck, and Cookie is on the far side of the main deck. The exit is directly ahead from Cookie; there are a few more mobs on the way.


Brainwashed Noble – Girdle of Nobility (cloth waist), Staff of Nobles (staff). Both green BoE. Outside the instance.
Captain Greenskin – Emberstone Staff (blue BoP staff), Blackened Defias Belt, Impaling Harpoon (BoP polearm).
Cookie – Cookie’s Stirring Rod (blue BoP wand), Cookie’s Tenderizer (mace, BoP), Cat Carrier (Siamese).
Edwin VanCleef – Blackened Defias Armor (blue BoP leather chest), Cape of the Brotherhood (blue), Corsair’s Overshirt (blue cloth chest), Cruel Barb (blue one hand sword). All BoP.
Gilnid – Lavishly Jewelled Ring (blue BoP), Smelting Pants (green BoP leather).
Marisa du’Paige – Noble’s Robe (green cloth), Walking Boots (cloth). Outside instance.
Miner Johnson – Gold Plated Buckler (blue BoP shield), Miner’s Cape (green BoP).
Mr Smite – Smite’s Mighty Hammer (blue BoP, two handed mace), Smite’s Reaver (one handed axe), Thief’s Blade (one handed sword). All BoP.
Rhahk’Zor – Rockslicer (rare, green BoP two handed axe), Rhahk’Zor’s Hammer (white two handed mace).
Sneed – Taskmaster Axe (blue BoP two handed axe), Gold-flecked Gloves (green BoP cloth)

The item set for here is Defias Leather; basically a rogue set, but ok for hunters. The chest is BoP from Van Cleef; the rest are all BoE, but relatively rare. The belt comes from Captain Greenskin, boots from strip miners, gloves and leggings from overseers and taskmasters.

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