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iPhone app – HandyPoints

This is the draft of the App Store info page: HandyPoints is an easy-to-use points calculator which makes it simple for you to work out the points score for any food item, and helps you on your journey to your goal weight.   Use HandyPoints to help you diet responsibly. Just put in the right values […]


Xcode tips – autocomplete and lookup

There are a few simple key combinations that help a lot when using Xcode – I don’t mean just the emacs key bindings (which are worth a post all on their own), but autocomplete and lookups.  I suffer badly from forgetting these keystrokes when I switch between Xcode and Eclipse (and TextMate and all sorts […]


iPhone developer tip – shake it!

Detecting shakes is easy. Balancing the sensitivity so that a lighter shake is required forward and back to trigger an event than sideways, or up and down – that takes a bit more work. Writing this code the first time will make your controller classes look like a mess, so it’s time to refactor that […]


iPhone developer tip – image sizes

I’m going to jot down a few notes about image sizes for iPhone apps – these facts are hard to unearth, and I haven’t yet found them all together in place; hence this post.  I will update this if I find out any more. For most purposes, an iPhone app uses png format images; however […]



This is in the cocoa-programming Apple list FAQ (if you can find it), but it deserves wider currency. If nothing else, I’m always forgetting the details. If you want to change the __CompanyName__ text that Xcode puts into every single file’s comment headers: defaults write PBXCustomTemplateMacroDefinitions ‘{ “ORGANIZATIONNAME” = “My Company”; }’

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Simple AJAX for WebObjects – without Project Wonder

Probably the simplest Ajax effect that I can think of that is desirable to add to web applications is to cause login boxes to “shake”, just like real computer login panels do, on a failed login. This is one of the few situations where a simple animation effect (too simple to qualify for Ajax, really) […]

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one line of code

We all have those days. The result of a long day’s labour is just one line of code. Well, that was my day for yesterday. And for today. I also wrote several debugging routines, and made quite a few testing changes, but they were all deleted from the final code check in, so they don’t […]

Mesa – updating projects

I have spent the last day updating Mesa. No new features, just reconstructing the project. The last time it was rebuilt was in 2000/2001, I think; required upgrades in the interim were done automatically whenever Xcode offered. But a lot has degraded in the project since automatic upgrades started. I lost the ability to debug […]


Content Management – WebObjects

I have created two new articles in the static part of my site, one for general content management, and one specifically on adding RSS support to an existing WebObjects project. There’s no rocket science; what matters the most is selection of database attributes for content; created/updated/published dates, creating/modifying user, and keywords. This is all exactly […]

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Sending email from Cocoa apps

Any serious modern application should be email enabled – even if only for product feedback. It isn’t that long ago (ok, maybe it is) that I used to have a class to open a port connection and format its content into RFC 822 smtp; the hard part was picking up a server that would accept […]