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Items of Value from Old Expansions

by on Apr.10, 2012, under Equipment, Hints & Tips

Taken from this thread, post by Survey_. Irreplaceable items from older expansions, not including quest rewards:

Earthcaller ranger epic 1.0

Serpent of Vindication Time Tallon Zek enchanter

Truncheon of Doom warrior, Sebilis from Froglok Armsman

Willsapper from Vaniki in Dragon Necropolis – has a fabled version

Amulet of Necropotence from golems in Fear

Neriad Shawl (bard/enchanter) water elemental, Siren’s Grotto

Veil of Flames mnk/brd/bst/rog/ber fire elemental, Diabo Xi Xin, Vex Thal – and has a fabled version

Ball of Golem Clay Korascian Warlord in Plane of Earth, has fabled version

Girdle of Living Thorns spikecoat, Tunare in Plane of Growth, fabled version

Abashi’s Rod of Disempowerment Abolish Enchantment, mnk/nec/bst/ber, Vulak’Aerr, Temple of Veeshan

Wristband of Secrets Devour Enchantment, casters, Aten Ha Ra, Vex Thal

Defender of the Ancestral Spirit Immobilize, Chamberlain Escalardian, Plane of Air

Shield of Striding priests, Levitation, an enranged disciple, Cazic-Thule

Shield of the Immaculate Cure Disease, an eerie chest, Plane of Hate

Symbol of the Planemasters Pestilence Shock, Sarryrn, Plane of Time

Gloves of the Crimson Sigil Call of Fire (proc) melee, Aten Ha Ra, Vex Thal

Akhevan Shadow Shears +15% tailoring, Shei Vinitras, Akheva Ruins (fabled version)

Hammer of the Ironfrost +15% blacksmithing, Xerkhizh the Creator, Ssraeshza Temple

Umbracite Swarm Orb shrink, +15% alchemy, shaman, Diabo Xi Va Temariel, Vex Thal

Shadowsong Cloak Harmonize, bard, Shei Vinitras, Akheva Ruins

Voice of the Serpent Resonance, bard, Disiple Yelwinz, Ssraeshza Temple

Tiny Cloak of Darkest Night Shroud of Stealth, bard/rogue, Katcha (Tarmok event) Fungus Grove

Memory enchanter, memory Flux (replaced at 83); Vyzh’dra the Exiled, Ssraeshza Temple

Shiny Brass Idol single charge of Divine Aura, Hagnis Shralok and Vopuk Shralok, Highpass Hold

Divine Hammer of Consternation Divine Aura, cleric/paladin, Praetorian Myral, Grieg’s End

And a few more from the thread, including some specific Fabled versions:

Circlet of Disguise, Vex Thal from Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra, human illusion, has fabled version
Anklesmasher, Loremaster Piza`tak in Chardok, snare
Swarmcaller, Sentry of Sathir in Karnor’s Castle, RNG only, slow (Tagar’s Insects)

Fabled Willsapper, Vaniki, Dragon Necropolis, 20% slow
Fabled Journeyman’s Boots, Drelzna, Najena, run speed
Fabled Mana Robe, Trakanon, Sebilis, mana clickie
?? Fabled Shield of the Water Dragon, Faydedar, Timorous Deep, mana pres focus
?? Fabled Secrets of the Planes
Fabled Fire Idol, Fiery Thought Leech in Mons Letalis, AC 25 slot 7 aug
?? Fabled Chrysolite, Azureake in Cobalt Scar, aug
Fabled Wurm Meat, Shardwurm Broodmother in Great Divide, aug
Fabled Rockhopper Spirit Fetish, Ancient Rockhopper, Mons Letalis, aug
Fabled Obtenebrate Short Sword, Crypt Devourer and Crypt Wurm, Charasis, snare WAR/RNG/BRD/ROG
Fabled Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring, Grachnist the Destroyer in Warsliks Woods, atk buff
Fabled Ball of Golem Clay, Korascian Warlord, Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands
Fabled Girdle of Living Thorns, Tunare in Plane of Growth, Spikecoat

Some of these I would now consider obsolete, notably most of the augments.

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