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Twink gear for SK/shaman duo

by on Dec.25, 2006, under Equipment

Borrowed from a post in the Newbie Zone on EQLive, heavily spell-corrected by me.


1) Blade of Disruption (even at lvl 75 there is no upgrade to this 1-hander outside of No Drop items).

2) Festive Doll (15 to all stats) Bought in Anniversary month (price 0c). Or just farm the entrance of Veksar to get the 75HP/Mana +5 stats doll.

3) haste items (cheap Soulscream Belt 4-5k and 31% haste. High price Cowl of Mortality or Cloak of Flames/Cloak of Crystalline Waters. Both 36%)

4) cheap Black Sapphire Velium Necklace (65HP/mana) If you have more PP Zlandicar Talisman.

5) 2x 70HP AC rings Palladium Fire Opal Ring.

6) Fiercely Hooked Claw (ear with ATK and 100HP/mana)

7) Earring of the Solstice.

8) War Marshall’s Bladed Staff (it does more DPS then Windblade but costs far less because almost no one know about the DPS bonus for 28 delay 2-hander)

9) Magnetic Breastplate (cheap and nice A on it)

10) Mana regen and DS potions ( DS pot stack with all other DS spells even druid ones)

11) Misty Thicket Picnic and Grobb Liquidised Meat. They are cheap and, since SK don’t use a horse, a stack can last you from 40 to 60.


1) Quest for Fine Antique Ring. 30mana, 20HP and Mana Preservation 2 on it

2) Fist of Shining Faith (mana pres 3 and about 4-5k)

3) Mantle of Gunthak (Imp Healing 3; about 10k)

4) Tae Ew Shield is cheap or Silver Serpent Shield if you can affort it

5) Tae Ew Chain Tunic.

6) Talisman of the Spiritseer (1 mana regen and costs around 6k)

7) Mana regen potions (Clarity)

8) Festive Doll. 15 all stats so 15WIS and 15STA For The Win

9) If you can afford the nice +3% alteration item. Can’t remember its name but ask in general chat, someone will probably know.

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Iksar quests for troll shaman and shadowknight

by on Jul.04, 2005, under Quests

First, fix your faction. Your objective is to become warmly to all factions (apart from necros) for both classes, and non-KoS or better to necros for SKs.

Greenmist series drops:

  • 4 sarnak whelp heads (sarnak hatchlings, LOIO)
  • 9 A Page of a Tome and a Tome Binder (froglok raiders, SoNH, around the bandit camp just south of the FoB zone)
  • A Glowing Skull (greater scalebone, Kurns basement)
  • Misscribed Lifetap, Misscribed Gate (sapling at n950 1360, 18 min respawn), Scroll in a Bottle (far NW 4236 4221), shovel (E Cab, Klok Dytar) (iksar knight, WW n2007 n728)
  • 2 Charasis Tome (Tracker Azeal, FV outside outpost). Kill Hero Gloxnok and drachnid spy at entrance to drolvarg tunnel
  • Visceral Dagger – Kly Imprecators, shard metal shard, jagged metal shard, dagger hilt; undead blacksmith forge hammer of Dalnir (Dalnir). See EQAtlas Dalnir 2 and EQAtlas Dalnir 3; first imp is at location 2 on floor 2, second in the Church at the back, and the third in the Lab. The undead blacksmith is location 9, and the forge at location 10. Warning: a large race will need a shrink to reach the Lab/forge area, through a one-way passage.
  • Argest (enslaved iksar, FM): bone key, bone necklace, stone key (penkeeper/penmaster, FM). 6 Illegible Scrolls (Kaesora, CoM, Mistmoore). My failed tomb raider was upstairs in the Library, but can spawn and wander anywhere in that area. CoM drops from spectral courier, with three fixed spawn points in the stables. Mistmoore drops are from Dark Librarian and Assistant Dark Librarian (n90 n95 n105). Final combine is in Droga, at the pottery wheel/Stupendous Machine.
  • History of the Greenmist (Loremaster Piza’Tak, Chardok library), Chunk of Tynnonium (glowing cliff golem, OT), Hammer of 1406 (Weaponsmith Ko’zirr, LOIO), greenish metal shard (alchemists’ acolyte, Chardok), shattered blade of Rile (KC), mirror of self loating (Drusella Sathir, HS), parchment and quill

Cudgel series drops:

  • Logrin skull, Morgl skull, Waz skull (iksar outcast, E Cab, sewers)
  • mandible (rogue shaman, FoB), mendglow clay (foraged, BW), skull with I (stuffed barracuda, LOIO), jawless skull (rogue shaman, 2794 n2836 WW)
  • froglok hexdoll (goblin hextracer, WW), 6 iksar skull with an X (undead crusader, 3rd/4th floor staircase at n98 n223 122, Kurns)
  • 6 tiny glowing skulls (goblin bloodtracers, WW)
  • Mystic Dovan, SoNH: iksar skull helm (sarnak adherents, LOIO), Dai Nozok Canpoic (Overseer Dlubish, FM), froglok ton totem (froglok ton warrior, SoNH), 3 piece of totem (froglok ton warrior, SoNH), mendglow clay (foraged, BW)
    • from coerced channeler, Dalnir, 2nd floor Kly Imprecator spawn area: sarnak nightdust (sarnak partisans, 2000 n1800, FM), gorge moss (foraged, Xorbb), sponge mushroom (foraged, Nurga), firiona drixie dust (drixies, FV), stoneleer emerald plume (stoneleer cockatrice, OT), slate (tan) chant rock (goblin stonechanters, FM)
    • Klok Sargin, LOIO: sarnak dragoon helm (no rent, sarnak dragooons, LOIO)
    • Atheling Plague, BW: skull of Digalis (iksar slave, FM)
  • dusty iksar skull (HS), 4 glowing iksar skulls (HS)
  • shrunken iksar skull necklace (Xalgoz, Kaesora), changeling essence (Thuuga Dengible, FM), glowing kunzar amulet (Kaggy Krup, SoNH), blackened iksar bones (Venril Sathir, KC), skull of Rile (Venril Sathir, HS)
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Raising Alchemy

by on Aug.20, 2004, under Tradeskill

Intended mainly as a guide to raise alchemy skill quickly so as to make Essence of Iksar – triv 172; this needs a level 59 (I think) shaman. Uses iksar meat (collect in Dulak) and wormwood. Hopefully you will only need one each. Skill up path is (mostly copied from Xanthe’s Alchemy Guide): Skill cap for alchemy is (level-24)*5.

  • Abysmal Sea vendor quests; 54
  • Serpent’s Conviction; 1 Fennel, 1 Eucalyptus Leaf; Serpent Sight; 63
  • Vigor; 1 Lucern, 1 Birthwart, 1 Blue Vervain Bulb; Agi+10, Str+10, Sta-10, (30 mins); 76
  • Null; 1 Fenugreek, 1 Mandrake Root, 1 Blue Vervain Bulb; Dex+15, Magic resist+15, Agi-8; 90
  • Aura of Purity; 1 Lucern, 1 Night Shade, 1 Blue Vervain Bulb 8.4pp; Str+15, Poison Resist+15, Cha-8; 103
  • Kilva’s Skin of Flame; jatamasi, clubmoss, clover 27.3pp; 136
  • Titan Potion; 1 Maliak Leaf, 1 Tri-fern Leaf 10.5pp; 180
  • Hawk’s Eye; trifern leaf, star reach clover 18.9pp; 191

There are other skill up routes, look in the Alchemy section of the boards at EQTraders. For some reason, their “learning a skill” section on alchemy does not include skill up paths. If you can, try to find a copy of Ugzug’s Guide to Alchemy (pdf), which beats the information on EQTraders, which has old alchemy, LDoN and GoD alchemy as well.

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