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Enchanter AAs

by on May.01, 2011, under Spells & Abilities, Spells & Abilities

From a  post on EQLive by Blurred_Memories:


My priority AA routine is like this:

First – Get anything that will help me live longer. Rationale? You can’t do (expletive deleted) if you are dead.

Second – Get anything that directly or indirectly grants a power that is unique, awesome, and / or abusable like beguiler’s directed banishment, enhanced forgetfulness, fog of memories etc.

Third – Get anything that helps reinforce the likelihood or strength of your most used or necessary spells.

Fourth (or as needed) – mana regen. yes i know mana total will get you on leaderboards but i’d gladly give up 3/4 of my mana bar for double my current mana regen.

Lastly – convenience aa’s like perma lev or mass group buff etc.

*and as a rule, passives before clicks.


I highly recommend combat agility, combat stability, natural durability, shield block if you use a shield, and general sturdiness. All of these are passive aa’s and either give you more hit points or keep the ones you already have from disappearing as fast.

Veil of Mindshadow, Hastened Veil of Mindshadow:
keep this buffed below all your other runes since it takes longer to refresh it.

Friendly stasis:
since self stasis lasts its full duration whether you need it to or not, I made this social so i could use Friendly stasis like a slower bard fade:

line1 /tar blurred
line2 /pause 1
line3 /alt activate 8702
line4 /alt activate 8702

the pause is necessary or you end up casting on your previous target. now click off friendly stasis and go back to (expletive deleted) things off.

Mind Over Matter / Mana Draw:
These two work great in combination for when your healer is dead and you are taking massive ae damage, or accidentally tanking.

Utility AA’s:
good passives to have are:

Mezmerization Mastery: this allows permanent lock down of an infinite number of mobs with the blue gem ae mez.

Earthen Allure, Dreamlike Allure: anything that helps lessen the chance of mez resisting should always be considered.

Quick Buff: This i got primarily so rebuffing runes would be faster, but it also is beneficial for rebuffing battle rezzed allies.

Auroria Mastery, Total Domination, Spell Casting mastery,

Clicky aa’s:

Bite of Tashani, Dreary Deeds

2nd spire of enchantment, 3rd spire of enchantment.

Whenever you go to use one of your spires, please announce it in the chanter channel which spire you are casting and on who before you actually cast it. If two chanters notice same cleric needs mana we do not want to waste a spire by tagging the same person in the same 10 seconds.


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Rogue starting AAs

by on Mar.06, 2008, under Spells & Abilities

Escape (59/9) and SoS (63/6) are usually the first two “automatics”

run speed (51/3, up to 5 at 61)
ferocity (61/3×6)
Triple Backstab (65/3×12)
enhanced aggression (66/5×15)
Precision (66/3×6)
Veteran’s Wrath (67/3×9) req CF6
Precise strikes (70/9×5) req Precision/3
planar power (61/2×5, etc)
Ambidexterity(59/9)/Sinister Strikes (65/12) req Ambi
nimble evasion (61/1×5)
Various hasten escape/stealth, etc

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Cleric AA path

by on Jan.08, 2008, under Spells & Abilities

I think that the basic general path for a cleric is well understood: get run speed 3, SCM 3, Divine Arbitration, Healing Gift 3 (required for CR), Celestial Regen/Renewal, then get Healing Adept 3, Radiant Cure 1, and MGB (if you raid). It’s after that it starts to get tricky.

I favour Spell Casting Reinforcement 3 and SCR Mastery, Mnemonic Retention, then some mix of the various missing Archetype AAs (CA/CS/CF/SCF/ND/MC), and the further ranks of HA/HG and CR, plus Planar Power/Innate Enlightenment. (continue reading…)

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Cleric AAs – level 66

by on Oct.14, 2007, under Spells & Abilities

I am upgrading my cleric’s AAs. He had 75, now has roughly 90, and I need to look to the next few. He has: run speed 3, regen 3, SCM 3, SCR 3, DvA, CR, RC1, HG 3, HA 3, MGB, SCF1, MC1, CA1, CS1, ND1 and probably a few more that I forget.


Mnemonic Retention

SCS, GoM, Healing Boon, SCF3, UD3, CA3/LR5, MC2, Div Res, Run Speed 5 all come in secondary to the above list, but still important.

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Druids AAs 62+

by on Oct.14, 2007, under Spells & Abilities

I need to start to plan upgrades for my druid’s AAs. He’s 62, and has been for a while, and may well stay 62 for a while longer. Unless I decide to drag him along to Time (or CoA) raids, in which case he’ll get the necessary levelling. (continue reading…)

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Components for rare research spells

by on Aug.11, 2004, under Spells & Abilities, Tradeskill

A couple of notes included on why these spells are considered rare. Probably missing a lot. Most of these combines need a piece of parchment and a quill. Priest spells can be combined by any int caster; int caster spells only by members of the same class as can use the spell.


Levitation: dew clover, Yaeth’s 70 left (enchanter only: Yaeth 65 left and right)
Everlasting Breath: sliver of moonstone, Yaeth’s 50 left (enchanter only: Yaeth’s 63 left and right)
Lots of classes, each drop only from one rare mob (in the Deep, I think).

Remove Greater Curse: Yaeth’s 73 right, words of apparition
Arch Lich and one of the Rhags in Ssra. Can also be bought in N Ro LDoN, 800 points.


Several general enchanter spells drop, but are uncommon – Forlorn Deeds, Augment. Go to Skyfire, or the kobolds in Velks (depending on which expansion the spells were released in).

Illusion Vah Shir: Keris 7 left and right
Drops only from the Shissar Assassin in Ssra, needs a rogue to access the room.


Dead Men Floating: words of agony and asylum
No, not Dead Man Floating, the group version.

Augmentation of Death: words of anguish and expedition
Demi Lich: words of awareness, revenant, tenancy
Despite being a level 56 spell, this used to be level 60, and still only drops from level 60 mobs in Kunark.

Gangrenous Touch of Zum’uul: words of abrogation, constancy, distress
Drops from 2 mobs in Chardok; only marginal use.


Word of Redemption: Yaeth’s 114 right, Yaeth’s 108, rune of conglomeration
Divine Intervention: Toharon 21 left, Toharon 22, words of recourse
Both level 60 Kunark drop spells.

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Enchanter non-vendor spells

by on Jan.01, 2004, under Spells & Abilities

Take a look at Mythiran Tower or EQTraders for detailed information on spell research.

16 Mesmerisation p26 L&R Tasarin’s Grimoire
20 Berserker Strength p30 TG
20 Illusion:Iksar quest
20 Color Shift p312 TG
24 Strip Enchantment p390 TG
24 Tepid Deeds p 8 & 9 Velishoul’s Tome
29 Feedback p 108 & 109 VT
39 Wandering Mind Velious drop
44 Tashania coin quest
44 Boon of the Clear Mind FV/OT turn in result
44 Leviathan Eyes LoY quest
49 Allure Nitilim’s Grimiore p378 & 379
50 Improved Invisibility Velious drop
51 Theft of Thought Kunark drop
51 Everlasting Breath Luclin drop
51 Levitation Luclin drop

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Cleric non-vendor spells

by on Sep.30, 2003, under Spells & Abilities

Turning of the Unnatural
Remove Curse

Celestial Healing
Temperance (LoY)

Improved Invis to Undead

Death Pact (used for turn in)
Sunskin (turn in)
Pure Blood (LoY)

Word of Vigor (turn in)
Heroic Bond (turn in)
Upheaval (drop, and druid FV turn in, and used for cleric turn in)
Epitaph of Life

Yaulp IV (used for turn in)

Reckoning (used for turn in)
Unswerving Hammer of Faith (turn in)
Mark of Retribution
Remove Greater Curse

Stun Command

Paralyzing Earth
Mark of Karn

Word of Restoration

Enforced Reverence
Naltron’s Mark
Blessed Armor of the Risen
Hammer of Divinity

59 (drop)
The Unspoken Word

Word of Redemption
Banishment of Shadows
Divine Intervention
Blessing of Aegolism
Marzin’s Mark
Hammer of Souls
Ancient High Priests Bulwark
Ancient Gift of Aegolism

Symbol of Kazad
Ward of Gallantry

Sermon of Penitence
Greater Immobilize
Blessing of Reverence
Supernal Elixir

Mark of Kazad
Hammer of Damnation
Supernal Light
Sound of Might

Petrifying Earth
Destroy Undead
Mark of Kings
Word of Replenishment
Imbue Valor
Aura of Reverence

Yaulp VI
The Silent Command
Armor of the Zealot
Mark of the Righteous
Hand of Virtue

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Magician non-vendor spells

by on Sep.20, 2003, under Spells & Abilities

24 (triv 62): .Everfount (words of transcendence)
Summoning Water (words of dimension, ice of velious)
Summoning Fire (words of dimension, jade shard)
.Summoning Air (words of dimension, pearl shard)

29: Greater Summoning Earth (words of coercion, gloves of rallos zek)
Greater Summoning Water (words of coercion, flame of vox)

34 (triv >92): Minor Conjuration Fire (words of duress, breath of solusek)
Minor Conjuration Air (words of duress, breath of marr)
Summon Shard of the Core (Velious drop)

39 (triv 142): Lesser Conjuration Earth (words of convocation, gloves of rallos zek)

44: Elemental Maelstrom (Velious drop)
Primal Remedy (LoY quest)

49 (triv 182): Greater Conjuration Air (words of bondage, wing of xegony)
Greater Conjuration Fire (words of bondage, breath of ro)
Greater Conjuration Water (words of bondage, tears of prexus)

50: Monster Summoning II (Velious drop)

51: Scintillation (FV reward)
Gift of Xev (Kunark drop; FV turnin)

52: Vocerate Fire (FV reward)
Bristlebane’s Bundle (Kunark drop; FV turn in)
Transom’s Elemental Infusion (Kunark drop)
Elemental Empathy (LoY quest)

53: Boon of Imolation (FV reward)
Vocerate Air (FV reward)
Quiver of Marr (Kunark drop; FV turnin)

54: Scars of Sigil (Kunark drop; FV turnin)
Vocerate Water (Kunark drop)
Bandolier of Luclin (Kunark drop)
Veil of Elements (Luclin drop)
Phantasmal Armor (Luclin drop)

55: Wrath of the Elements (Velious drop)
Burnout IV (Velious drop)
.Pouch of Quelious (Kunark drop)
Rage of Zomm (Kunark drop)
Call of the Hero (Kunark drop)

56: Dyzil’s Deafening Decoy (Kunark drop)
Muzzle of Mardu (Kunark drop)
Mass Mystical Transvergence (Luclin drop)

57: Eye of Tallon (Kunark drop)

58: Velocity (Kunark drop)
Greater Vocaration Fire (Kunark drop)
Transoms Phantasmal Projection (Luclin drop)

59: .Manastorm (Kunark drop)
Greater Vocaaration Air (Kunark drop)

60: Malestrom of Electricity (Luclin drop)
Monster Summoning III (Velious drop)
Banishment (Kunark drop)
Aegis of Ro (Kunark drop)
.Mala (Kunark drop)
Greater Vocaration Water (Kunark drop)
Ancient Shock of Sun (Luclin drop)
Ancient Burnout Blaze (Luclin drop)
Shock of Fiery Blades (Luclin drop)
Transon’s Elemental Renewal (Luclin drop)

61: Belt of Magi’Kot
Blade of Walnan
Flameshield of Ro
Summon Platinum Choker
Summon Runed Mantle
Summon Sapphire Bracelet
Summon Spiked Ring
Summon Glowing Bauble
Shield of the Arcane
Ward of Xegony
.Elemental Barrier
Summon Steel Bracelet (Rallican’s Quest)

62: Xegony’s Phantasmal Guard
Fist of Ixiblat
Talisman of Return
Burnout V
Servant of Marr
Imbue Earth (??)

63: Blade of the Kedge
Summon Jewelry Bag
Black Steel
Child of Ro
Elemental Silence
Maelstrom of Ro

64: Girdle of Magi’Kot
Detroy Summoned
Planar Renewal
Shield of Maelin
Maelstrom of Thunder
Imbue Air (??)

65: Rathe’s Son
Sun Vortex
Imbue Fire (??)
Imbue Water (??)
Call of the Arch Mage

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Beastlord non-vendor spells

by on Aug.05, 2003, under Spells & Abilities

44 Malaria (LoY quest)
52 Bond of the Wild (LoY quest)

54 Spirit of Snow (Luclin drop)
56 Spirit of Flame (Luclin drop)

61 Infusion of Spirit – ethereal parchment turn-in
61 Talisman of Shadoo (Shaman Kunark spell trade-in reward)
.63 Talisman of Jasinth (Kunark drop)
65 Acumen (Kunark drop)

12 parchment/rune turn-ins, 61-65 (to Primalist Saosith)

.61 Healing of Sorsha
.61 Scorpion Venom

.62 Spiritual Vigor
.62 Spirit of Arag

63 Arag’s Celerity
63 Spirit of Rellic
63 Frost Spear

64 Spiritual Dominion
64 Spirit of Sorsha

65 Sha’s Revenge
65 Ferocity

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