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Cleric Melee Weapons – Level 71

by on Apr.28, 2011, under Equipment

From a thread on EQLive, posted by Mykalla; I updated the links and added mob names and proc rates.

Okay, so, boomsticks for a 71 cleric:

Time Lapse procs (750pt magic dd)

Wrapped Glass Shard – From DoN miniraid (Shogurei, Guardian of the Sands), soloable by a t4 geared SK, provided you’re not really under-AAed. Can’t take a merc in. Proc mod 0.

Void Mace – DoDH 70 spell mission (The Shattered Seeker), mercs usable in here. Proc mod 0.

Wand of Dark Waters – Ruins of Illsalin (A Forgotten Guardian), open zone so have at with mercs. Proc mod 0.

Illuminated Hammer – Yxtta, old raid mob (Primals), but it’s an open zone- I’d use the SK for it. Proc mod 0.

Hammer of Hours – Plane of Time, Terris-Thule. No merc, but your SK should be able to handle it. She’s a damned sight easier than Vallon Zek, too, who has a stupidly long stun and an FD, from a soloing perspective. Proc mod 0.

Conflagration procs (622 pt fire dd)

Wand of Magma – Tirranun’s Delve (Fire Goblin Scribe), easily doable. It’s not no-trade, but I doubt you’ll find one on the bazaar, since no one goes there. On the plus side, that means the mob might already be up. Proc mod 0.

Scepter of Forbidden Knowledge – Txevu (Ikaav Nysf Lleiv). Once again, technically a raid mob, but it’s a static zone, so you can merc in there. Proc mod 0.

Dustdevil proc (582 pt magic dd)

Aged Smoldering Cudgel – This weapon has a 188% procmod on it, so it will fire more often. Xygoz fears, so use your SK- easy solo for him, run through the zone, feign off aggro, solo Xygoz, and hopefully pick up an Aged Left Eye of Xygoz for the SK while you’re at it. Hardest thing about this mob for you will be finding Xygoz up, since people still go to get the ALEX. Proc mod1 188.

If, what you are, in fact, after, is a spam hammer (so called because they spam you with messages like crazy due to the increased procrate), I would try to hit the bazaar and look for:

Templar’s Censer – It’s from the brief Cazic-Thule revamp (Tae Ew Templar), but unlike the weapons from the entire Secrets of Faydwer expansion, which have no mod, it has a procrate modifier of 275%, if not quite as high as the standard spam hammer of 500% in modern times, and 530% on the PoP-to-TSS raid ones. It also has heroics. Proc mod1 275.

Marrowfall – Oceangreen Hills (Putrescent Bonelord), easy as pie for your SK to kill, if you can’t find one in the bazaar. Proc mod1 500.

The Time spam hammer from Vallon Zek (Hammer of Holy Vengeance, Hand of Retribution, 75 – 100 dd, proc mod1 530) would probably be a fairly sucky solo, as I said, due to the stun and FD, but that’s another one.

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Cleric AA path

by on Jan.08, 2008, under Spells & Abilities

I think that the basic general path for a cleric is well understood: get run speed 3, SCM 3, Divine Arbitration, Healing Gift 3 (required for CR), Celestial Regen/Renewal, then get Healing Adept 3, Radiant Cure 1, and MGB (if you raid). It’s after that it starts to get tricky.

I favour Spell Casting Reinforcement 3 and SCR Mastery, Mnemonic Retention, then some mix of the various missing Archetype AAs (CA/CS/CF/SCF/ND/MC), and the further ranks of HA/HG and CR, plus Planar Power/Innate Enlightenment. (continue reading…)

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Cleric AAs – level 66

by on Oct.14, 2007, under Spells & Abilities

I am upgrading my cleric’s AAs. He had 75, now has roughly 90, and I need to look to the next few. He has: run speed 3, regen 3, SCM 3, SCR 3, DvA, CR, RC1, HG 3, HA 3, MGB, SCF1, MC1, CA1, CS1, ND1 and probably a few more that I forget.


Mnemonic Retention

SCS, GoM, Healing Boon, SCF3, UD3, CA3/LR5, MC2, Div Res, Run Speed 5 all come in secondary to the above list, but still important.

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Time loot for Clerics

by on Nov.08, 2004, under Equipment

By slot:

  • Back: * Celestial Cloak (regen)
  • Chest: Timeless Breastplate Mold (imp heal)
  • Ear: * Earring of Unseen Horrors (spell haste), Earring of Celestial Energy (resists)
  • Face: Faceguard of Frenzy (spell haste), * Mask of Simplicity (mana pres)
  • Finger: * Pulsing Onyx Ring (beneficial extended)
  • Neck: Necklace of Eternal Visions (mana pres)
  • Primary: * Hammer of Holy Vengance (group heal)
  • Range: * Eye of Dreams (inc mana pool)
  • Shoulder: * Mantle of Pure Spirit (imp heal), Shawl of Eternal Forces (regen)
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Cleric epic

by on Dec.03, 2003, under Quests

See the guides at Caster’s Realm, Clerics of Everquest, EQ Cleric.

The 3 raid force parts can be handled in a straight sequence, provided all the other parts have been handled first and that Ragefire is up in SolB; these can be dealt with solo or with the aid of a small group. This all is written assuming that the quest is being done by a 51 cleric, but with allowance for higher levels.

First, get an Enduring Breath item. You can either camp the Taskmaster in Echo Caverns to get three Shissar organs, or Shissars in the Grey, for the Katta quest, or kill Hadden in Qeynos Hills enough times to get a Fishbone earring. You can handle the TM (just) or Hadden at 51, but the Grey is higher level and would require a group. Shissar Revenants around the temple also drop the organs (Allakhazam says only the Stalkers do), roughly one organ per circuit of the temple.

Next, two parts can be camped solo – you need to call in assistance for one of them.

Lord Bergurgle in Lake Rathetear. Level 40, casts CHeal. You can kill the placeholders easily solo, but will need assistance for him – you pull him to land for easier casting and stun lock to prevent healing; an Enduring Breath item will be required for the quest. He pops at 2800, 150, in front of Deep, 28 minute spawn cycle; the entrance is at 2804, -911. The hand in from this to Shmendrik Lavawalker may require assistance – one melee should be sufficient, but this can be done seperately, and a 3 hour delay may be required between 2 parts for the best chances of success (walk-throughs differ on this). A higher level cleric (60+) can solo both parts of this camp easily. I have seen Natasha aggro on the elemental, so splitting the camp is advisable unless you can guarantee to KS Natasha.

Lord Gimblox, in Solusek’s Eye (SolA). Level 30, should be easily soloable. Location -796, -367; this is in a room close to the Fire Goblin King (to the east of him). Place holders are a large fire goblin and a fire goblin shaman. Spawn cycle is 19 mins.

Then come the parts that need group support, and these can all be done in sequence after the solo/duo parts.

Following the Bergurgle hand in, you must kill a level 55 Plasmatic Priest in the Temple of Solusek Ro. A group will be required to pull and kill him safely. One 60+ melee and a cleric can do this. The usual way to to pull him to the zone for the handin, having either the puller to zone out or a mem blur/atone; however, I have killed him in situ without problems.

To summon Ragefire, you need first to gather 4 Pearlescent Shards from Skyfire. These drop from any mob, 1% chance. The best way to get these is to take a team in, and clear the zone; a druid levelling in Skyfire at low 50s would expect to get 1 per level gained. This should be an attractive proposition, as Skyfire mobs can drop low 50s Kunark spells, both druid and cleric (and necro and others in theory), and excess of these can be handed in in Firiona Vie for some other spells. Details of what spells can be found would be attractive… I know that Death Pact and Yaulp IV are possible drops, and Heroic Bond, Unserving Hammer of Faith, are possible from the turn ins. I have soloed at 60+ these mobs (as a cleric), but it is very slow.

Three parts need a raid force to accomplish – killing Ixiblat Fer in Burning Woods (level 62), killing the Overking in Chardok (level 63) and killing Ragefire in Skyfire Mountains (level 55 as human, then level 62 as dragon). I won’t go into possible strategies here, but I’m guessing at least 3 groups of 55+ will be required for each. If you have a 60+ team, Ixiblat and Ragefire both need less than a full group; Chardok can be done with one group of 65s, but is easier with two. The Chardok part is possibly worth combining with Enchanter and Warrior epics (if anyone still does the Warrior epic, that is). Ragefire is a triggered spawn, by a hand in made in Nagafen’s Lair (SolB); the hand in mob is on a 24 hour spawn cycle, and you may need the fire giants cleared to get in safely; some can see invis. This will require a reasonable group at lower levels. Once in, the cleric can camp in reasonable safety from the end of the ledge. The easiest entry is from SolA and levitate over the lava; then kill approx 3 fire giants to reach the spawn point.

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Cleric non-vendor spells

by on Sep.30, 2003, under Spells & Abilities

Turning of the Unnatural
Remove Curse

Celestial Healing
Temperance (LoY)

Improved Invis to Undead

Death Pact (used for turn in)
Sunskin (turn in)
Pure Blood (LoY)

Word of Vigor (turn in)
Heroic Bond (turn in)
Upheaval (drop, and druid FV turn in, and used for cleric turn in)
Epitaph of Life

Yaulp IV (used for turn in)

Reckoning (used for turn in)
Unswerving Hammer of Faith (turn in)
Mark of Retribution
Remove Greater Curse

Stun Command

Paralyzing Earth
Mark of Karn

Word of Restoration

Enforced Reverence
Naltron’s Mark
Blessed Armor of the Risen
Hammer of Divinity

59 (drop)
The Unspoken Word

Word of Redemption
Banishment of Shadows
Divine Intervention
Blessing of Aegolism
Marzin’s Mark
Hammer of Souls
Ancient High Priests Bulwark
Ancient Gift of Aegolism

Symbol of Kazad
Ward of Gallantry

Sermon of Penitence
Greater Immobilize
Blessing of Reverence
Supernal Elixir

Mark of Kazad
Hammer of Damnation
Supernal Light
Sound of Might

Petrifying Earth
Destroy Undead
Mark of Kings
Word of Replenishment
Imbue Valor
Aura of Reverence

Yaulp VI
The Silent Command
Armor of the Zealot
Mark of the Righteous
Hand of Virtue

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How to play a cleric? At 53?

by on Sep.20, 2003, under Uncategorized

[edited from my posts on EQ Cleric forums]

I normally agree with all the posts about how to learn a class you have to play one up through the levels as a main. But I’m not sure that I do for a cleric. The reason being that cleric style changes a lot at key levels.

Before 39, a cleric is comparable to a druid that can’t nuke/snare, or a shaman that can’t slow – but with bigger heals. It’s nothing like 39+. I used to treat it as a balancing act – keep the group percent hit points at or above my mana percentage – but always keep the enchanter at full. That usually slows down fast pullers who don’t pay attention to caster’s mana.

Be aware of aggro: getting this right is the sign of a good cleric. A mob hitting you makes it very hard to cast heals, and impossible to use Complete Heal. Sometimes you want to pull a mob off another caster, so aggro works both ways. You can get aggro in several ways: healing early, before the mob has taken more damage than you are healing for – which will happen to mobs that aren’t mezzed/rooted on a multiple pull; over healing, when you heal someone to full; or sitting, especially healing then sitting immediately. You can reduce aggro by intelligent timing of heals; never Complete Heal on incoming, heal between mobs, and use heal over time for low aggro when a CH would be too much – you can still follow with a CH, but a few seconds later for less aggro.

From 39 Complete Heal is your main healing strategy; groups work better if they work with a Main Tank, and no one else needs healing. There comes a slight change at 44 with Celestial Healing, the first good Heal over Time. You’ll use this to heal on incoming, to buffer against unslowed mobs without stealing aggro, and generally to heal efficiently where speed isn’t of the essence.

At 53, the best group heal is Word of Vigor, which is as close to useless as the 19 HoT is; I used it specifically only on AoE fights where I wasn’t in the chain, and wasn’t assist healing. The only difference from older cleric strategies is that Remedy is your new small-but-fast heal.

In the quiet times, you buff; don’t do buffs when you’re low on mana in the middle of a pull. Use Heroic Bond if you have 3 or more in the group, otherwise single cast Heroism. Cast symbol on an enchanter and your main tank, or use Temperance. Put Blessing of Faith on all casters.

Cast CH when your tank is somewhere in the 40-60% HP range, you’ll find out when. A hotkey with a message keeps the tanks nerves calmer. Use an anti-fizzle hotkey, where you put the /cast command twice.

You’ll probably use Remedy to heal everyone else. Keep your enchanter at full HPs if you possibly can, let druids, shamans and necros manage their own HPs – but don’t be afraid to heal them if they let themselves get too low, you don’t want them to pull a mob with low HP aggro. Experiment with Celestial Healing, it can be very effective once you know how to use it.

Sit and med the rest of the time, on a horse if you can.

Watch caster mobs, and mem a couple of stuns to interrupt them when they cast – especially gaters and healers. Bash works wonders for this, as well.

Root runners.

If you have excess mana, nuke.

If you can see a wipe coming, call evac *before* anyone dies. If you have to, use DA/DB and leg it for the zone, or try to channel a gate off. I never remember, I’m always trying to cast one last heal on the MT.

In some locations, keep the appropriate cure loaded to deal with slows – getting Pure Blood is a good idea, if you don’t already have it.

Learn to pull, and how to CR – it’s the same skill. Use pacify to split pulls and for CRs, and root then atone on the CRs if you get aggro.

Check your cleric’s skills – you will want to make sure he has decent defense, and will want to raise 1HB, offense and bash. Get a reagent conservation III item, and consider MP III and extended range III, flowing thought and improved healing III/IV if you can.

The rules change completely when you regularly group in PoP zones, and when you reach 56, with Yaulp V and the first decent summoned hammer. From this point, if you aren’t a melee cleric (in normal groups and especially in LDoN) then you’re a waste of space. Sure, sit while you’re figuring out the group, or if mana is in extremis. The 54 pet is less efficient than a nuke for all except long (2 minute plus, I’ll have to calculate it exactly) fights.

At 58/59 new HoT and fast heals make these more efficient, but don’t change the game. 61+, healing strategies change again, as mana pool improves, group heals get better, and fast heals are big enough to act as a CH for many classes.

The only thing I’ll add is that playing cleric as the main from time to time should be considered essential to learning the class – but simply because the cleric’s role is going to change a lot with each couple of further levels.

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Cleric Heals Compared

by on Jan.13, 2003, under Spells & Abilities

Thread from EQCleric boards, with impressive tables comparing healing spells.

Kalanar’s Guide to Cleric Heals in EverQuest
. Doesn’t consider focus effects, nor cleric healing bonuses.

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