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Stein of Moggok

by on May.01, 2011, under Equipment, Progression, Quests

A guide to the quest for Progression players – valid for Fippy/Vulak.  Below is my outline; I will update it for faction details as required.

I am assuming starting with a human agnostic enchanter, level 10+, and so has both Alliance and Illusion: Dark Elf.  Bound in Freeport.

Take boat: buy a Kiola nut from Cleonae Kalen on Sisters Isle, OoT.  Although, given the problems with zoning on boats, it’s better to use the translocator, which is active in East Freeport to Ocean of Tears, and takes you directly to Sister isle.  Watch out for the KoS pirate there, who often hangs out by the docks.

Run to Rivervale:
Honey jum, Rivervale: Give Kizzie Mintopp (use Find) three honeycombs (Misty Thicket) and 30 gold pieces for the Honey Jum.  The northernmost tower on the wall has a decent static spawn of bixies.

Run to Qeynos:
Koalindl (No Trade) – use a level 1 SK in N Qeynos for HT.  Can do the Regurgatonic quest in Ak’anon, but life’s too short without a port.

Run to Erudin:
Erud’s Tonic (No Trade) (Erudin): buy Innoruuk’s Kiss of Death (5s 6c at 115 charisma) from Geoard BlueHawk in Bluehawk’s.  Give to Sinnkin Highbrow in the Library, upstairs.

Gate back to Freeport.

Hand 4 items to Gregor Nasin in Seafarer’s Roost, EFP.  Run to Oggok (NRo, SRo, Innothule, Feerrott).

Faction: use Alliance on a non-quest NPC..? Or:Pickled Froglok – give Chef Dooga 3 picked frogloks (froglok meat, jug of sauces, vinegar – trivial 51)12 – 100 Lizard tail to Horgus, then 40 lizard meat to Kogna (4 at a time).30 – 40 Lizard tails to Grevak.

Hand bartenders compendium to Clurg (Oggok); needs amiable/high indifferent faction.  Use “what special book” phrase to verify that you can complete the quest.


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