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by on May.09, 2012, under Hints & Tips, Spells & Abilities

There are a few options that can only be changed inside eqclient.ini, and a few of those are actually useful.

First, to find the EQ customisation file, it is eqclient.ini inside your main Everquest directory.  Most guides out there are pretty old, but this one seems to be reasonably comprehensive on the standard values (which I am now going to ignore).

Everyone should change this first setting – screenshot type.  A BMP screenshot is going to be 5 MB or so; converting to JPG will bring this down to around 500 KB, which is a good saving, especially for those times you fat finger the keyboard and take an accidental screenshot.

In the [Default] section, add:


In this case, therefore:


Next, you may have heard of the April Fool stick figures?  Well, you can enable them for fun, or for faster performance on raids:


There are times when it may be worth messing in the [VideoMode] section, but be careful, as a mistake can easily make things worse.  The time to do this is when you swap a video card, and the options offered in the settings dialog need a little tweaking.

I know that this next config tweak isn’t for eqclient.ini, but it’s worth knowing.  If you want to set individual auto join chat channels, you can do it, of course, using the /autojoin command in game.  But if you can’t remember the password of an old channel and don’t want to lose it, just take a text editor to your character’s ini file.  The file name will be of the pattern:


For example:


Look for ChannelAutoJoin, and edit.  There is another character file, with the pattern:


Take a look if you are curious.

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