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Druid Levelling

by on May.29, 2012, under Hints & Tips, Leveling

From a thread on the SOE forums,  Druids: Charming and Quadding.

Posted by darchon:

If you want to solo exclusively:

  • Level 64-65 in PoStorm frogs charming.
  • Level 65-70 mabye PoStorm frogs, likely rooting rotting is best here though
  • Level 71-76 Icefall Mammoths charming.
  • Level 76-86 Restless Alligators in loping plains, charming.
  • Level 86-91 Animals in Al’Kabor (requires T3 HoT group flag) charming.
  • Level 91-95 Alligators in Beasts’ Domain charming.
  • Level 95 Quint Kitting Windsong.

Quint kiting is only faster than charming if you have decent gear though due to the mana cost.

Level 65-71 is kinda rough iirc cause OoW, DoD, DoN and PoR didn’t have any good charming locations.  And by then Karana’s Rage is pretty bad DPS.  So likely you will want to root rot, or group for this period of leveling.  71-95 can be done solo charming though.
Quadding is only viable at levels 34-65 and 95 IMO.


Spells for Quinting:

Heliacal Flare (5 target – 12 recast)
Lunar Chill (5 target – 12 recast)
Crashing Hail (4 target – 12 recast)
Wildblaze / Frostcloak Aura
Harvesting Inferno

AAs for Quinting:
Entrap 4
Storm Strike 15 (I think thats maxed)
Veil of the Underbrush
Improved Twincast 4

These are just the spells / AAs I use often.  You should have all your nuke AAs maxed probably before doing this but… basic premise is:

Cast Aura
Cast Entrap on 5 mobs then run circles to ball them up.
Cast Heliacal -> Lunar Chill -> Crashing Hail
Repeat til all are dead




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