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Magician “One Button”

by on May.29, 2013, under Hints & Tips, Spells & Abilities

Credit goes to moogs, on the SOE TNZ forum.

On my level 92 magician, I have two buttons. The first one is labeled "Engage" and consists of: assist main, pet attack, force of elements, malo, gargoyle servant. The second one is labeled "Nuke" and has a few nukes and another gargoyle servant. Someone else can probably pick this apart to make it more efficient, but this is what I have…

Spell lineup "combat"

  1. Maloseneta
  2. Blazing Sands
  3. Bolt of Molten Steel
  4. Ruinous Servant
  5. Rain of Daggers
  6. Spear of Magma
  7. blah blah

"Engage" hotkey

Line 1. /pause 5, /assist main (targets the target of the group’s designated Main Assist, then pauses for 0.5 seconds) Note: this requires your group leader to set someone as the Main Assist or the targeting – and your entire macro – will fail.
Line 2. /pet attack (sends pet to attack the target)
Line 3. /pause 15, /alt activate 8800 (activates Force of Elements, then pauses for 1.5 seconds)
Line 4. /pause 44, /cast 1 (casts Maloseneta, then pauses for 4.4 seconds)
Line 5. /cast 4 (casts Ruinous Servant)

One click, which allows you to switch to your alt and click some other things, then switch back to your mage and click…

"Nuke" hotkey

Line 1. /pause 34, /cast 2 (casts Blazing Sands, then pauses for 3.4 seconds)
Line 2. /pause 44, /cast 3 (casts Bolt of Molten Steel, then pauses for 4.4 seconds)
Line 3. /pause 44, /cast 6 (casts Spear of Magma, then pauses for 4.4 seconds)
Line 4. /pause 30, /cast 4 (casts Ruinous Servant, then pauses for 3.0 seconds)
Line 5. /alt activate 8800 (activates Force of Elements)

This documentation here should be sufficient to understand if you just look at what is going on. If anyone else is reading, the key ideas to working with macros are…

/cast # is going to cast whichever memorized spell is in a certain gem, #1 at the top and going down.

/pause ## always goes before /cast # – it’s just backwards. The ## for pause is the number in tenths of a second. The pause should be roughly equal to the spell’s casting refresh time, which should be equal to its casting time. Add a few tenths of a second to account for lag. This will take some experimentation. Try first with a large /pause such as 60, and make sure that your macro continues on to the next Line. Then shave some time off of your pause. If the pause is too short, your next Line will be skipped. Do some tuning and find the sweet spots.

/alt activate #### activates a particular AA. Find your /alt activate numbers here.


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  • aciphex

    just wondering if you have any aa weaves? or any updates on level 100

  • paul

    Well, I actually use a rather different weave myself, but you can find many threads on the subject at themagetower site. The general theory is to start with servant, follow with fickle, then biggest bolt, and put force (AA) in between two of them.

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