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Level 85 ‘Heroic’ Augmentations

by on Mar.14, 2014, under Equipment, Hints & Tips

From: http://www.evilgamer.net/forums/showthread.php?t=4870, courtesy of Tharrg on TNZ.

Ears, Fingers, Range: 25AC/25HP – Shard of the Guardian Type: 7,8
25AC/100HP – Bonegrinder’s Bauble Lore Type:7,8 an ancient bonegrinder in Field of Scale
25AC/90P – Feral Eye Lore Type:7,8 Jracsza the Feral in Field of Scale

Primary 1 hander – Jade of the Ether
Shield: 35 – Frosty Gem of Enhanced Protection – Frozen Nightmares LDON Raid (Groupable or even duoable now)
35AC Prismatic Gemstone Lore Type: 7,8 dropped by elementals in Crystallos

Chest: 30AC / 50 HP – Warleader’s Pearl Lore Type:7,8 – Minotar Warleader, Gyrospire Beza
Legs: 35AC/50 mana/end – Charged Alloy Bolt Lore Type:7,8 – Station Attendant Sparkbolt, Steam Factory
Head: 32AC/75HP 5hcha 5clair – Bayle’s Heraldic Crest Lore Type:7,8 Ocreangreen Collection Arc
Face: 30AC/60HP – Crest of the Scarlet Legions
Neck: 30AC/30HP – Forged Froststeel Ingot
Shoulders: 30AC – Jewel of the Stalwart
Arms: 30AC/30HP – Illsalin Enforcer Medal
Back: 30AC/75HP – Fragment of Heavy Steamwork Plating
Hands: 20AC/135HP 3hagi 3hamt – Blood of the Fallen Lore Type:7,8 Blood Kithicor Collection Arc
Feet: 35AC/50HP – Geartop Gear Lore Type:7,8 – GeartopMeldrath’s Majestic Mansion
Waist:30 Colepotera Mechanical Beetle Eye Lore

12AC/75HP/18stats/12svall – Wanderlust Guild Lodestone
15AC/90HP – Valthon’s Memory Shard


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