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See the guides at Caster’s Realm, Clerics of Everquest, EQ Cleric.

The 3 raid force parts can be handled in a straight sequence, provided all the other parts have been handled first and that Ragefire is up in SolB; these can be dealt with solo or with the aid of a small group. This all is written assuming that the quest is being done by a 51 cleric, but with allowance for higher levels.

First, get an Enduring Breath item. You can either camp the Taskmaster in Echo Caverns to get three Shissar organs, or Shissars in the Grey, for the Katta quest, or kill Hadden in Qeynos Hills enough times to get a Fishbone earring. You can handle the TM (just) or Hadden at 51, but the Grey is higher level and would require a group. Shissar Revenants around the temple also drop the organs (Allakhazam says only the Stalkers do), roughly one organ per circuit of the temple.

Next, two parts can be camped solo – you need to call in assistance for one of them.

Lord Bergurgle in Lake Rathetear. Level 40, casts CHeal. You can kill the placeholders easily solo, but will need assistance for him – you pull him to land for easier casting and stun lock to prevent healing; an Enduring Breath item will be required for the quest. He pops at 2800, 150, in front of Deep, 28 minute spawn cycle; the entrance is at 2804, -911. The hand in from this to Shmendrik Lavawalker may require assistance – one melee should be sufficient, but this can be done seperately, and a 3 hour delay may be required between 2 parts for the best chances of success (walk-throughs differ on this). A higher level cleric (60+) can solo both parts of this camp easily. I have seen Natasha aggro on the elemental, so splitting the camp is advisable unless you can guarantee to KS Natasha.

Lord Gimblox, in Solusek’s Eye (SolA). Level 30, should be easily soloable. Location -796, -367; this is in a room close to the Fire Goblin King (to the east of him). Place holders are a large fire goblin and a fire goblin shaman. Spawn cycle is 19 mins.

Then come the parts that need group support, and these can all be done in sequence after the solo/duo parts.

Following the Bergurgle hand in, you must kill a level 55 Plasmatic Priest in the Temple of Solusek Ro. A group will be required to pull and kill him safely. One 60+ melee and a cleric can do this. The usual way to to pull him to the zone for the handin, having either the puller to zone out or a mem blur/atone; however, I have killed him in situ without problems.

To summon Ragefire, you need first to gather 4 Pearlescent Shards from Skyfire. These drop from any mob, 1% chance. The best way to get these is to take a team in, and clear the zone; a druid levelling in Skyfire at low 50s would expect to get 1 per level gained. This should be an attractive proposition, as Skyfire mobs can drop low 50s Kunark spells, both druid and cleric (and necro and others in theory), and excess of these can be handed in in Firiona Vie for some other spells. Details of what spells can be found would be attractive… I know that Death Pact and Yaulp IV are possible drops, and Heroic Bond, Unserving Hammer of Faith, are possible from the turn ins. I have soloed at 60+ these mobs (as a cleric), but it is very slow.

Three parts need a raid force to accomplish – killing Ixiblat Fer in Burning Woods (level 62), killing the Overking in Chardok (level 63) and killing Ragefire in Skyfire Mountains (level 55 as human, then level 62 as dragon). I won’t go into possible strategies here, but I’m guessing at least 3 groups of 55+ will be required for each. If you have a 60+ team, Ixiblat and Ragefire both need less than a full group; Chardok can be done with one group of 65s, but is easier with two. The Chardok part is possibly worth combining with Enchanter and Warrior epics (if anyone still does the Warrior epic, that is). Ragefire is a triggered spawn, by a hand in made in Nagafen’s Lair (SolB); the hand in mob is on a 24 hour spawn cycle, and you may need the fire giants cleared to get in safely; some can see invis. This will require a reasonable group at lower levels. Once in, the cleric can camp in reasonable safety from the end of the ledge. The easiest entry is from SolA and levitate over the lava; then kill approx 3 fire giants to reach the spawn point.


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