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Raising Alchemy

by on Aug.20, 2004, under Tradeskill

Intended mainly as a guide to raise alchemy skill quickly so as to make Essence of Iksar – triv 172; this needs a level 59 (I think) shaman. Uses iksar meat (collect in Dulak) and wormwood. Hopefully you will only need one each. Skill up path is (mostly copied from Xanthe’s Alchemy Guide): Skill cap for alchemy is (level-24)*5.

  • Abysmal Sea vendor quests; 54
  • Serpent’s Conviction; 1 Fennel, 1 Eucalyptus Leaf; Serpent Sight; 63
  • Vigor; 1 Lucern, 1 Birthwart, 1 Blue Vervain Bulb; Agi+10, Str+10, Sta-10, (30 mins); 76
  • Null; 1 Fenugreek, 1 Mandrake Root, 1 Blue Vervain Bulb; Dex+15, Magic resist+15, Agi-8; 90
  • Aura of Purity; 1 Lucern, 1 Night Shade, 1 Blue Vervain Bulb 8.4pp; Str+15, Poison Resist+15, Cha-8; 103
  • Kilva’s Skin of Flame; jatamasi, clubmoss, clover 27.3pp; 136
  • Titan Potion; 1 Maliak Leaf, 1 Tri-fern Leaf 10.5pp; 180
  • Hawk’s Eye; trifern leaf, star reach clover 18.9pp; 191

There are other skill up routes, look in the Alchemy section of the boards at EQTraders. For some reason, their “learning a skill” section on alchemy does not include skill up paths. If you can, try to find a copy of Ugzug’s Guide to Alchemy (pdf), which beats the information on EQTraders, which has old alchemy, LDoN and GoD alchemy as well.


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