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Necro 9th skullcap

by on Sep.29, 2004, under Equipment, Quests

Starts with Ixpacan at location 50, n1070 in the skorpikis pit in the Overthere. Use the Find window to reach him, this is at the end of one of the east legs of the pit. You will need your 8th skullcap to hand in to him.

After following the conversation, you will be given a 4 slot container, Ixpacan’s Tome. He asks you to collect four items – a brittle bone (once used for reincarnations), a poisoned soul from an angry iksar ghost, something from ‘the burning heat’, and a gem of reflection. The gem the ‘fools in Cabilis probably wouldn’t know how to create’.

In EJ, an angered spirit drops a poisoned soul, in a ruins at 3475, 1290.

The brittle bone is a rare drop in Charasis, seems to be random off any mob or possibly skeletons. It can be obtained in the basement, which makes it reasonably easy to obtain.

If you ask Harbinger Glosk in the Cabilis necro guild about the gem of reflection, he asks for the head of a rogue marauder in a jungle near here. The rogue marauder is in Trakanon’s Teeth at n2040 1545.

For the gem of reflection, you will need mount Death mineral salts, a green goblin skin (both from FM or Nurga/Droga), Spiroc bone dust (Timorous Deep, from spirocs), Essence of Rathe, blue slumber fungus (ground spawn in Lesser Faydark, 1155, 3610), and a vial of pure essence. The vial drops in Firiona Vie from Marinda Flockwings, a drixie. This is for Harbinger Glosk in Cabilis necro guild.

In Skyfire, in the lava lake due north of the Burning Woods zone line is a single “a lava walker”, who drops the final item, a fiery orb.

Combine the four items in Izpacan’s book, and hand it in to him. He will spawn a low 50s mob; kill this, and hand in what you loot from him, to get the 9th skullcap.

I haven’t completed this myself yet, although most details were worked out with the Unsolved Quests board, whose members deserve credit for solving the quest.


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