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Starting in Gates of Discord

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From this thread on eqlive(comments are mine).

Natimbi: Farm Restless Souls for named who drops HP Augments (non Lore, you can have as many as you can carry), within range of Named Reef Crstacean who drops the Mana version of same augment. While farming this camp, you get enough shards to obtain an excellent Proc weapon that can be used by a wide range of classes and will be an upgrade for many of them. If you’re lucky, this camp will provide you with either the Flowing Thought or the Vengeance Necklace as well (the Vengeance Necklace is easily Elemental in quality, it regularily sells for 80-100K).

While camping this area, you can also drop a few other named for some minor goodies that may or may not be upgrades.”

shell inlaid collar +regen 1, +atk 10, melee
talisman of the spiritseer ft1, priest/caster

swift scavenger (hynid) – broken hynid claw, woven nihil mantle, painted primal mask
Duara Yuenki (potameid), n3000 2000 – abysmal seaweed wraps (18/25), barnacle studded bracer, cockleshell girdle
Tumia Lehio (restless soul) – faceted gem of might, decrepit taelosian band, torn flesh turban
fierce cragwalker – stitched ceremonial wrap, iridescent turepta shell, thick netted veil
Vimidon (reef crustacean) – calloused shell helm, whittled bone ring, glimmering mind sphere

4 intact stonemite parts – strand of sea pearls
4 succulent turepta meat – Kiki’s Recipe book (mp3, priest/caster)
4 spectral essence – mace of focused flame (14/23 1hb)
3 siren parts (potameid) – sheild of coastal purity (regen 3)
3 broken shore shells (foraged) and reef crustacean gland broken shore shell necklace
3 flawless hynid hides, boot pattern hynid boots

“By the time you’ve done a bit of this and gotten bored, any 60-65 group of any equipment level can go to and handle Qinimi. My guild members regularily hit Qinimi, and they are pre Elemental, sub 65 folks.

Qinimi named can be taken down by any decent 60-65 group, regardless of equipment (well, unless we’re talking Bronze Armor), and no Elemental Quality is necessary. I have NO Elemental Gear (3 1492 Armor pieces from LDON and the aforementioned Vengeance Necklace from Natimbi are my best pieces of gear, everything else is regular equipment…except Fabled Short Sword of Ykesha), and I and a guild Shaman have duoed many of the named in Qinimi. So no talking about how you NEED to be a raid to take these named. Some excellent upgrades in equipment in Qinimi for all levels, Augments on many of them.

Move to Riwwi. Again, I REGULARLY lead my guild members here. Levels 54-65, none of them Elemental or Raid equipped. We clean house and can take almost any of the named inside the Arena or outside. The drops are easily some of the best you can get with a non raid equipped force. The Chef drops a pair of Vengeance Pants that will be an upgrade for the classes that can use it, some sweet arms drop in the Arena (almost as good as the 1492 LDON armor), and there is a quest ring that is EASY to get as well.

If you do this for a few days, you’re more than equipped enough for Sewer 1. And Sewer 1 IS the hardest of the Sewer Trials as well. You do need a hardcore tank and a healer who is on the ball, but I’ve regularily tanked the Sewer Trials, and I am far from Elemental equipped.”

The original author of this also wrote a guide to GoD recently.

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