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The origin of the post was the necro forum; it has been modified somewhat by me.

What are race and class penalties?

At some point in 2006, race penalties were abolished. The halfling racial bonus remains, as does a bonus for both rogues and warriors. The good old/bad old class (or hybrid) penalty was removed a long time ago, although, while penalties were in place, they did vary by class.

The old story: Some races and classes will need to kill more (or less) mobs to gain a level. For classes, it is believed that hybrids have a experience penalty; for races, iksars, trolls and ogres may have an experience penalty, halflings a bonus. It is believed that dwarfs do not get a bonus, although gnomes might (but almost certainly don’t); and it is my observation that a dwarf cleric grouped with an ogre warrior of the same level gains experience at the same rate, or possibly slightly slower.

Halflings get a 5% bonus, Ogres 15% penalty, Trolls and Iksar 20% penalty; Barbarians might have a 5% penalty. Rogues and Warriors have a 5% bonus.

What bonuses are given for grouping?

2 person group – 20% total bonus. (60% per person)
3 person group – 40% total bonus. (46.6% per person)
4 person group – 60% total bonus.(40% per person)
5 person group – 80% total bonus.(36% per person)
6 person group – 116% total bonus.(36% per person)

What bonuses are given for grouping? (this is the old scale, pre-April 2003)

2 person group – 2% total bonus. (51% per person)
3 person group – 6% total bonus. (35.3% per person)
4 person group – 10% total bonus.(27.5% per person)
5 person group – 14% total bonus.(22.8% per person)
6 person group – 20% total bonus.(20% per person)

I have seen it said that experience is split within a group according to the following formula:

Player_Level+5 / (Sum_Of_Player_Levels + (Num_Players*5))

So a level 44 grouped with 5 65’s would split: 49 / 399 = 11% of the kill; and the 65’s get 70 / 399 = 17.5%

What levels can group together?

For LDoN adventures, all group members must be within 10 levels of each other. Not sure about LDoN raids. For normal groups, the highest member can be +50% of the lowest, rounded up. So a level 43 can group with a 65.

How does the Raid System affect bonses?

It is believed that, under the raid system, no group bonus whatsoever is applied. This can mean up to 40% less experience is given for killing mobs using raids.

What are Zone Experience Modifiers (ZEMs)?

Not all zones give the same experience for any given mob. It is believed that the following system applies:
A newbie zone (one where newbies are bound, and their level 1 mobs are found) has an experience modifier of 1.0 – ie, this is considered to be a normal zone with unmodified experience.
Outdoor zones have a ZEM of 0.7.
Dungeon zones have a ZEM of 0.8.
The ZEMs given below were published by Verant some time ago, and apply to the baseline ZEM for the zone type as given above (mostly to the dungeon type). Other zones are believed to have had bonuses, which may still be in force, or may have been taken away: for example, the Overthere, SolB, and all Planes zones. A consequence of this is that newbie zones have an effective bonus of 35% over normal outdoor zones (they are all outdoors), and some newbie zones have higher level mobs to hunt in them: for example, Feerrott, Lake of Ill Omen, etc.

Do bonuses exist for hunting in certain zones?

Yes, but the information published by Verant may be out of date. This is the last info I could find published by Verant, and is quite old. Don’t treat as etched in stone.

Droga increased by 12%
Nurga increased by 12%
Solusek’s Eye (SolA) increased by 13%
Najena increased by 13%
Befallen increased by 13%
Paw increased by 13%
Permafrost increased by 13%
Kaesora increased by 18%
Qeynos Catacombs increased by 20%
Runnyeye increased by 20%
Kerra Ridge increased by 20%
The Hole increased by 25%

It is generally believed that Kurns Tower has a 13% bonus, though I’ve not seen this documented anywhere, and there are definitely modifiers in other zones – Paludal being an insanely good example (30%?).

How does the zone you are in affect the amount of experience gained per kill?

The ShowEQ people keep lists of ZEMs, although they don’t claim that they are entirely accurate. Here is a recent one (recent in 2003, that is), zones with stupidly high ZEMs are flagged. Sources include Safehouse. Notice that the Hole, Nurga, Droga, Timorous Deep and Qeynos Catacombs aren’t included. And that LOIO has the lowest ZEM of any zone listed. Zones that have a ZEM of over 100 are: Befallen, High Keep, Najena, Solusek’s Eye, Upper Guk, Crushbone, Unrest, Kaesora, Kurn’s Tower, Paludal Caverns, Warrens, and all PoP zones. Most city zones have a ZEM of 100; zones with a ZEM of 100 that aren’t cities are: Blackburrow, Runnyeye, Kedge Keep, Veksar and Ssraeshza Temple. This means that all starting cities have a close by ‘fast track’ zone for 10-20; zones suitable for 25+ from this list include High Keep, SolA and Runnyeye, with Kaesora for 35+, then Kedge and Veksar for 50+, and Ssra and PoP for higher up.

Befallen-160 ***
East Commons-75
East Freeport-75
East Karana-75
Gorge of King Xorbb-75
Gukta- Outpost of Marr-100
High Keep-150 ***
Highpass Hold-80/75?
Innothule Swamp-75
Kithikor Woods-75
Lake Rathe-75
Lavastorm Mountains-75
Lower Guk-80
Misty Thicket-75
Nagafen’s Lair-80
Najena-130/100? ***
Neriak- Commons-100
Neriak- Foreign Quarter-100
Neriak- Third Gate-100
North Freeport-100
North Karana-75
North Qeynos-75
North Ro-75
Oasis of Marr-75
Qeynos Catacombs-96
Qeynos Hills-75
Rathe Mountains-75
Runny Eye-100
Solusek’s Eye-130 ***
South Karana-75
South Qeynos-75
South Ro-75
Splitpaw Lair-90
Surefall Glade-100
Temple of Cazic Thule-85
Temple of Solusek Ro-75
The Feerrott-75
Upper Guk-150 ***
West Commonlands-75
West Freeport-75
West Karana-75

Butcherblock Mountains-75
Castle Mistmoore-90/75?
Crushbone-160 ***
Dagnor’s Cauldron-75
Greater Faydark-75
Kedge Keep-100/125?
Lesser Faydark-75
North Kaladim-125
Ocean of Tears-75
South Kaladim-125
Steamfront Mountains-75
The Estate of Unrest-130 ***

Burning Woods-75
Cabilis East-75
Cabilis West-75
City of Mist-85
Emerald Jungle-75
Field of Bone-75
Fironia Vie-75
Frontier Mountains-75
Kaesora-110/100? ***
Karnor’s Castle-85
Kurn’s Tower-150 ***
Lake of Ill Omen-60
Mines of Nurga-89
Skyfire Mountains-80
Swamp of No Hope-75
Temple of Droga-89
The Overthere-75
Timorous Deep-75
Trakanon’s Teeth-75
Warsliks Woods-75

Crypt of Nadox-85/75?
Dulak’s Harbor-85
Hate’s Fury-
The Gulf of Gunthak-85
Torgiran Mines-85

Acrylia Caverns-90
Akheva Ruins-85
Dawnshroud Peaks-75
Echo Caverns-80
Fungus Grove-75
Grieg’s End-90
Griming Forest-80
Hollowshade Moor-75
Katta Castellum-85
Marus Seru-75
Mons Letalis-75
Netherbian Lair-80
Paludal Caverns-160 ***
Sanctus Seru-85/75?
Scarlet Desert-75
Shadow Haven-100
Shadweaver’s Thicket-75
Shar Vhal-75
Ssraeshza Temple-100
Tenebrous Mountains-75
The Deep-85
The Grey-65
The Maiden’s Eye-75
Twilight Sea-75
Umbral Plains-90
Vex Thal-75

Eruds Crossing-75
Kerra Isle-90/100?
Stonebrunt Mountains-75
The Hole-100
The Warrens-150 ***
Toxxulia Forest-75

Plane of Air-75
Plane of Fear-75
Plane of Growth-75
Plane of Hate-75
Plane of Mischief-75

Bastion of Thunder-119
Halls of Honor a-111
Halls of Honor b-111
Plane of Air-119
Plane of Disease-199
Plane of Fire-119
Plane of Innovation-119
Plane of Justice-119
Plane of Knowledge-75
Plane of Nightmare-119
Plane of Storms-119
Plane of Tactics-119
Plane of Torment-
Plane of Tranquility-75
Plane of Valor-119
Plane of Water-119
Ruins of Lxanvom/Crypt of Decay-119
Tower of Solusek Ro-119

Cobalt Scar-75
Crystal Caverns-85
Dragon Necropolis-85/75?
Eastern Wastes-75
Great Divide-75
Iceclad Ocean-75
Icewell Keep-85
Kael Drakkel-85/75?
North Temple of Veeshan-
Siren’s Grotto-85
Sleeper’s Tomb-90
Temple of Veeshan-75
Tower of Frozen Shadow-85
Velketor’s Labyrinth-85
Wakening Lands-75
Western Wastes-80/85?

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