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Brewing Master trophy ingredients list

by on Dec.30, 2006, under Tradeskill

All are purchased from the Brewer in Crescent Reach unless otherwise stated. See EQTraders for recipes, etc.

Air-infused Spring Water 1 (foraged DoN)
Barley 1
Berries 2 (foraged)
Bottle 6
Brandy 1 (Barkeep)
Cask 6
Champagne Magnum 1 (JC – enc gold, opal, bottle)
Cork 1 (Alchemist)
Cup of Sugar 4 (Cook)
Fishing Bait 1 (Merchants)
Fruit 2 (foraged)
Gnomish Spirits 1 (Barkeep)
GM Brewer’s Corker 1 (previously made)
Grapes 2
Infected Rat Livers 1
Kromrif Spit Vodka (Thurgadin)
Lemon 4 (Cook)
Malt 13
Melted Glacier Whisky 1 (Thurgadin)
Pixie Dust 1 (Gfay/Lfay)
Rat Ears 1 (Commonlands, Katha Firespinner)
Rice 1
Short Beer 12 (Barkeep)
Soda 2
Spider Legs 1 (drop)
Steaming Water 1 (foraged DoN)
Straggle Grass 1 (foraged Omens)
Vegetables 2 (foraged)
Water Flask 20
Wine Yeast 1
Yeast 4

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