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Shopping list for Vellum Parchment Solution

by on Jul.15, 2007, under Tradeskill

Vellum Parchment Solution

Shopping list for making Vellum Parchment Solution, which is the recommended skill up path for 175-203 research. Other skill up solutions require very similar components – only the numbers in the final combine for gems/metals, Vial of Pure Water and Gnomish Heat Source vary.

20 Solutions:
20 Platinum bars
60 Gold bars
132 Gnomish Heat Source
48 Water Flask
60 Empty Vial
20 Rock Salt
60 Saltpeter
40 Sulfur

returns 20 Empty Vials.

For 20 combines, subcombines:

20 Vial of Pure Water
20 Aqua Regia

20 Aqua Fortis
20 Vial of Muriatic Acid

40 Oil Vitriol

40 Vial Pure Water

First make 20 Fine Salt, 60 Vial of Pure Water, then 40 Oil of Vitriol.

Then 20 Aqua Fortis and 20 Vial of Muriatic Acid. Combine to make 20 Aqua Regia. Make the final combine, then sell any dirty empty vials.

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