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From an EQLive post by Crystilla (I have seen something very similar several times, this is just the one I chose to copy and edit).

There’s tons to do in the game depending on your goal.  Mind you a lot of this folks will say isn’t worth doing these days because there is ‘better’ out there today than you can get via this … but these are still things that could be done.

  • If you’re a tradeskiller, skills go to 300 in 7 different general areas (baking, brewing, tailoring, blacksmithing, fletching, pottery and jewelrycraft).  And then there are some racial/class abilities (tinkering for gnomes, alchemy for shaman, poisonmaking for rogues).
  • There are other abilities that you can raise, just for the heck of it (all your spell skills, melee skills, bind wound, 25 or so languages, throwing skill, begging, etc.)
  • There are lots of zones to visit, old world keys you can get to visit the early expansions’ “end zones or keyed zones” (The Hole, Charasis/Howling Stones, Sebilis, Veeshan’s Peek, Sleepers’ Tomb, Vex Thall – these last 3 require friends)

And here’s a small list of some of the ‘one’ worthwhile quests in game you can go back and do – or read up on the lore.

SOD (current expansion) – level 75+ primarily:

Very few zones are locked behind progression; almost every zone is accessible from day one – however the top group zone(s) are behind group progression locks.

  • Group progression through the expansion
  • List of dropped/camped/quested augments in game:  http://home.comcast.net/~mathadon/G…upGear_Aug.html
  • Augment reward for series of quests (Bayle’s Heraldic Crest)
  • Augment reward for series of quests (Blood of the Fallen)
  • Augment reward for higher group zone series of quests (Dark Soul Crystal)
  • Illusion mask-making almost all of Field of Scale movable in without aggro (Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar)
  • Overlying illusion mask for Field of Scale zone (Baron Yosig’s Skeleton)
  • Ogre familiar clicky (Rallosian Battle Figure)
  • Another zonewide quest (Timeshear – note valuable to some, not to others)
  • How to obtain Rank 1 and Rank 2 spells and type 3 augments with focii/effects (which are locked behind factioning or progressing through the expansion -which you get a good amount of by doing the above quests):  http://home.comcast.net/~mathadon/G…SoD/Spells.html
  • Mercenaries:  warrior or cleric mercs automated to do the job of those classes (to a certain extent, special abilities of each class are still solely with the class and not given to the mercs).  These help fill groups or help folks gain exp or work on quests when they can’t get a group.
  • Obtaining gear?  http://home.comcast.net/~mathadon/G…ildVisGear.html explains how the tiered sets work
  • What’s the top hp/mana on group gear?  Not sure on your class but here’s the top ranger BP (and yes group gear is still cursed with low AC):  AC: 145      STR: +35+3 DEX: +10 STA: +25+3 CHA: +15+3 WIS: +25+5 INT: +10+2 AGI: +35+5 ~~~~~  HP: +745 MANA: +715 ENDUR: +715    ~~~~~   SV FIRE: +35 SV DISEASE: +20 SV COLD: +27 SV MAGIC: +30 SV POISON: +22   ~~~~~    Shielding: +3% Spell Shield: +3% Avoidance: +2 Accuracy: +10 Stun Resist: +1% Strikethrough: +1% Attack: +25 HP Regen: +2 Mana Regeneration: +1 Damage Shield: +2 Clairvoyance: 6 Spell Dmg: 3 Dmg Shld Mit: 1 Heal Amount: 2


Crystallos access
The Search for the Ultimate Story (Meldrath Mansion Access)
Oil Cans

SoF TRADESKILL QUEST series of tasks (Eron’s Jewelry):
– #1: SoF Tradeskill Quest #1: Not So Simple Jewelry
– #2: SoF Tradeskill Quest #2: Clay Within the Beast
– #3: SoF Tradeskill Quest #3: Food for the Injured
– #4: SoF Tradeskill Quest #4: Scrap Oil
– #5: SoF Tradeskill Quest #5: Counting Shadows
– #6: SoF Tradeskill Quest #6: Blood for the Cure
– #7: SoF Tradeskill Quest #7: Steamy Revenge

Wanderlust stone charm upgrade

Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus aug
13) Illusion Bloodmoon orc quest
14) Blessed Celestine Faycite aug
15) Cursed Obsidian Faycite aug
16) Ak’Anon Strike Force V Black Badge
17) Daily tasks to earn items for vendor purchasable augs and items:  Fenden Helter

1)  Katta Portal Guide
2)  Samanna’s Progression Guide
3)  Solteris Access Guide
– #0 (prestep):  A City in Peril (Overview) (A City in Peril Overview)
– #1:  Knowledge for Power/Hide & Seek
– #1a:  A City in Peril
– #2:  Locating the Statue
– #2a:  A City in Peril
– #2b:  A City in Peril
– #3:  Snakes Hiding Something
– #4:  Counter-Attack!
– #5:  Confront Emperor Vaarisz
– #5a:  A City in Peril
– #6:  Where There’s a Will
– #7:  Slay the Serpent .  Locs for these are:
700, 410,240
-390, 140,410
-320, -20, 410
170, -420, 590
250, -550, 640
– #8:  Stop the Ritual
– #8a:  A City in Peril

3)  Pottery Quests (start of):
Parvus #1: The Serpent Slayer (gives you Dusty Pottery Piece or Dusty Pottery Splinter)
Parvus #2: Battling the Shissar (gives you Dusty Pottery Piece, Dusty Pottery Splinter, Smooth Urn Handle)
Parvus #3: Beheading the Snake (gives you ??)
Library Heist gives you Cracked Urn Handle
Storms of Magic (gives Dusty Pottery Chip)

4)  Final item of the “pottery” quest = Tsaph Katta’s Urn of Rejuvenation (soon to be 5 CHARGE before recharging)

5)  Sphinx Naming missions:
– #1:  Sivrn #1: Names of the Sphinx
– #2:  Sivrn #2: Atiiki Tongue Twisting
– #3:  Sivrn #3: Order Squared
– FINAL mission – Efreeti Death Visage (gets Spectre illusion click)

6)  Flora missions:
– #1:  Flora #1: Evidence of Unity
– #2:  Flora #2: Sea Serpents
– #3:  Flora #3: The Hydromancer

7)   Jonas Dagmire’s Skeletal Hand and here is another link with everything outlined including locs and hints Jonas Dagmire’s Skeletal Hand
8 )  Greater Corrupted Sunshards 10% slow for undead mob, 5 min reuse Clicky

1)  Single swarm pet quest
2)  Start of clickie circle type items
3)  Sunderock Springs item/augment quest
4)  Upgrade to Slipgear gem-start of Wanderlust (stacks with Wanderlust if you have Tradeskill Artisian charm)
5)  Link to 2 different charm slots (one for tradeskillers, one for questers) on cleric boards
– Ala’s link for the “turn in” one:  Charm of Lore
– Eqtraders’s link to the tradeskill charm:  Artisian Charm
6)  Caster/Priest 6mana regen, +20% dodge clicky
7)  Start of some other TSS tasks on Samanna’s message board
8 ) +700 hp clicky (does not stack with cleric hp buffs, but does stack with druid and shaman)
9)  Pacify drakkin clicky
10)  Start of quest for Steppes portal clicky
11) Mana Pres 6 50/50 augment, GM armor usable
12) Continuation of #11 – 1 charge sow potion
13) 30% to fire right click focus, lasts 15 min unmodified
14) 10 charge clicky with 5% added evasion
15) Series of quests with same NPC that warrant the following:
100% weight reduction bag
Stat food (not sure on actual stats)
1 charge potion with +50 to all resists
16)  Series of quests with same NPC that reward the following:
1 charge potion with 60% sow speed
8 slot 100% weight reduction bag
Stat drink (not sure on actual stats)
17)  50 hp/mana/end +3Mana regen, +15attack – takes 15 minutes
18 ) One reward is 35ac aug Mission is currently unsolved
19) One reward is 20ac aug
20) Goblin familiar with FR and DS
21)  Final Augment from the 3 “disc” series

1)  Samamma’s reference link to PoR
2)  Deathknell access
3)  Temple of Blood access
4)  Freeport arena charm
5)  Black Orb of the Scrykin
6)  Tinkering quest
7)  Cloak of the Spirit Hunter back evolving item
8)  Spirit mark armor
9)  Augment quest
10)  Coldain augment, 3 part MM
11) Start of group missions to gain access to Corruption of Ro event

1)  Skull of Den Lord Rakban
2)  Dreadspire access
3)  Demi-Plane access
4)  Evolving weapon
5)  Slipgear’s Gem charm aug
6)  Epic 2.5 “quest”

1)  Good side progression
2)  Evil side progression
3)  Class specific ‘quest’ item
4)  Crown of Deceit (wood elf illusion mask)
5)  Cultural Tradeskill Armor Information


1)  Breakdown in Communication (augment)
2)  14 Great Adventurers (range)
3)  Discord Samples quest (neck/waist piece)
4)  Search through for the tradeskill ones

1)  Aid Grimel earring
2)  Secret of the Planes
3)  Gate necklace

1)  War on the Giants (Coldain Ring #1-10)
2)  Coldain Blessed Prayer Shawl
3)  The Spirit of Garzicor
4)  Key to Sleeper’s Tomb
5)  The Lost Map
6)  Ancient Dragon Tome
7)  Key to Cobalt Scar
8 )  Link to All Sleepers Tomb quests
9)  Link to All Plane of Mischief’s quests
10)  Link to all Plane of Growth’s quests
11)  Leuz’s Task
12)  Link to all Skyshrine’s quests
13)  Link to all Kael’s quests
14)  Link to all Temple of Veeshan’s quests
15)  Link to all Thurgadin’s quests
16)  ALTERNATE access to Tower of Solusek Ro

1)  Adventurer’s Stone

1)  NEW Key to Veeshan’s Peak
2)  Inside VP Dragon quests
A Message from Xygoz
Assist Hoshkar
Assist Nexona
Assist Silverwing
Druushk’s Dilemma
Proof for Phara Dar
3)  Key to Charasis (Howling Stones)
4)  Spirit Wracked Cord
5)  Regal Band of Bathezid (+25 DS right click)
6)  Free the Drogan Slaves (broken)
7)  Free the Nurgan Slaves (broken)
8 )  The Firepots
9)  Key to Sebilis

Old World Planes:
1)  Plane of Fear Grandmaster Assassin’s Seal
2)  Plane of Hate Marsinger’s Quests
3)  Plane of Hate Rogue’s Master Sketch
4)  Link to all Plane of Sky quests

Multi-Continent Quests:
1)  Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere

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