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Mage Project – Impact of gear

by on Sep.21, 2007, under Mage Project

I’ve been level 66 for a few weeks now, and getting on for 100 AAs. Most of that has been at the same camp, stormriders in Bastion of Thunder. This is the second time that I have spent a long period of time at the same level (the last was 55, I don’t really count 59), and this time, unlike the last, I have upgraded by gear. Prior to this point, I have been using Scout Madu quest gear, required level 45, from Goru’kar Mesa. This time, I have been going on public Time raids, with some success, as well as attempting to work through PoP flagging.

This means that I have upgraded face (Veil of Lost Hopes), ear, arms, legs, finger. There are several more useful slots to upgrade still, but it has had an impact on my hp/mana. I have also changed strategy a little to use some new clickies.

Before Time, I cast one Malosinia, sent in pet, on contact cast Maelstrom of Thunder, wait for it to complete, then Bolt of Jerikor, then back to Maelstrom, etc. Finish with Lava Orb or two Bolts in succession if appropriate, depending on mob hp. If I noticed that one was a healer, I might use Host of Elements at 50%. Casting bolt before maelstrom completes will reliably pull aggro onto me.

Now: click Veil, rest as before – but cast swarm pets when they refresh, more or less, and use the rod clicky (elemental legs) as it refreshes.

The net effect is interesting. I started with 1.3 – 1.4 AAs per lesson; 1.4 reliably if I was paying attention throughout and/or was lucky with stuns on heals. Now I can mostly get 1.7 AAs per lesson, with some unlucky or inattentive rounds at 1.5.

I am reasonably certain that the turkeybees are level 61, which means light blue at next level (I have 99% into 66), and a consequent halving of exp. I had been thinking of catching a rank of GoD pet AAs each level to 70, but now I feel it might be more effective to stick at 66 to finish them, and bank 30 to get the 67 AAs (some of which are very nice). Unless there’s a new good solo spot for me? WoS murkglders are mentioned, but might not be doable until 69, is the impression I get.


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