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Druids AAs 62+

by on Oct.14, 2007, under Spells & Abilities

I need to start to plan upgrades for my druid’s AAs. He’s 62, and has been for a while, and may well stay 62 for a while longer. Unless I decide to drag him along to Time (or CoA) raids, in which case he’ll get the necessary levelling.

Currently, he has some safe essentials: run speed 3, regen 3, SCM 3, then dire charm, exodus, and innate camo. Dire charm is really optional, but has been very useful for this particular character.

There’s a new post on The Druid’s Grove giving an AA guide. It’s done from a level 75 perspective, so not exactly what I am intending, but should be a decent outline. What I get from that is a recommendation for:


mnemonic retention (extra spell slot);
healing adept 4/healing gift 3;
SCS 3;
SCF 4;
Critical Affliction 4+ or Quick Damage;
(gift of mana – level 66);
radiant cure 1;
(call of the wild – level 70);
(spirit of the wood 1)


Quickened Damage;
Destructive Fury 3;
Secondary Forte;
Enhanced Root;
Master of the Past 1 (for ensnare/gate);
Quickened Curing (RC);
Nature’s Guardian;
Shared Camo.


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