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Mage Project: Progressing at 70

by on Nov.19, 2007, under Mage Project

As I write this, my mage is 70, with about 10% to go to 71. Since the last instalment, just over a month ago, almost all my experience has been in groups. Most of that outside of groups hasn’t been strictly aimed at experience/hour, and none of has been earning AAs. I have all summoned items drop spells for 71 banked – focus items, armor, and mask (all bar weapons, in fact), as well as a good number of the rank II spells.

My main solo exp spot has been The Barren Coast, doing the two quests Shark Hunting and Shark Teeth. The sharks are at the north end of the coast, close to the teeth quest giver, and are all light blue (probably 59ish). This is important, because most sharks drop two teeth, and the quest only requires three. It is the main source of faction, and gives a significant proportion of the experience; I’d say that both quests together give a little less experience than the killing, which is unusual in Everquest (to get to much experience from a quest). At this point my faction level is somewhere in amiable, despite the large number of repeats of the quests I have done. This faction is needed for the following spells (as well as the Buccaneer armor): Annihilate the Unnatural 73, Beam of Molten Slag 72, Burnout VI 71, Iceflame Body 74, Rampaging Servant 75 (this last spell requires kindly faction) (total cost 1,000 doubloons). The better level of the armor he sells (Buccaneer’s Energeiac Silk) is roughly equivalent to Time drops, but with higher level (but weaker) focuses – total cost 2,225 doubloons.

A lot of the rest of the experience has been in either signet groups, or grouped in the new hot zones – mostly Halls of Honor, with I think one DoD mission added. Over that time I also completed all the new hot zone quests (from Aiden Silverwing), which means some experience deep in Velks, in Droga, and Nobles Causeway.

As for AAs, I need to backfill at some point. That might be at 71, or I might choose to level now that a lot of the “raid only” characters are being logged on for the start of Secrets of Faydwer. Top priority is to get the further rank of Gift of Mana that I still need (9 AAs), followed by Destructive Fury (6 + 9), pet heal upgrades (Replenish Companion 15), stat upgrades (Chaotic Potential 4×5) and defensives (a lot). At this point I am not even going to think about 71-75 AAs, apart from Gift of Radiant Mana, which I will get as soon as I am able.

Missing spells are:

68: Burning Aura ( DoD quest, Stoneroot Falls, starts Kelliad, A Rogues Trust)
69: Summon Molten Orb ( DoN tier 2, requires amiable)
Fickle Fire ( DoD, starts Corathus Creep, Model XG CVIII, The Lost Notebook)
70: Raging Servant ( DoD, starts Undershore, Jarzarrad the Prophet, Preemptive Strike)
Spear of Ro (Saga Skins – and various others, but skins is a progression task)
Iceflame Guard (PoR, starts Arcstone, Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born, Skylance: The Library)

The remaining 69/70 spells can be researched. Unfortuntately, trivials range 394 – 406, and use runic vellum x 5 and fine runic vellum x 5. Spell research to this level is a considerable pain; one good point is that combining spells probably gives faster skill ups than making the solutions and parchments; on the other hand, you have the high prices required to make a solution per spells you intend to make.


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