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Mage Project: 71 and Experience Changes

by on Dec.18, 2007, under Mage Project

A lot has changed since my last post in this series. The release of Secrets of Faydwer added some new recipes for cheaply skilling up spell research, which makes the Omens and earlier spells for 69/70 more accessible to me. Rashere changed the formula for experience gains according to “con” colour, which has had a massive impact. In fact, I have definitely decided to stay at level 71 to gain AAs, whereas before these changes I was seriously considering leveling straight to 75 or 80 with only the addition of the updates to Gift of Magic. These changes totally invalidate my previous measures on experience gain over time: all spots will offer better experience than recorded apart from the courtyard in Bastion of Thunder (as mobs there were all dark blue, this will be unchanged).

New exp spot: the north end of Nobles’ Causeway. Before the exp changes, I was getting a consistent 1.3 AA/lesson. This ties for one of the lowest exp rates I could find anywhere at lower levels; and I was considering trying a few other suggested spots: murkgliders in Wall of Slaughter (not a hot spot now, and light blue after 70); zone in mobs in MPG (all dark blue); BoT earth wing (all light blue); and Split Paw – mostly dark blue, I think. Maybe later.

Post exp changes, the concept is that light blue exp is no longer 50% of dark blue at max and scaling down; instead, it should scale smoothly from the 100% boost of dark blue back down, with dark blue exp unchanged. My thought is that this will effectively alleviate the problem of AA experience while grouping with higher levels, as the light blue cut off is no longer so sharp.

The NC rate went initially from 1.3 to 2.3 AA/lesson. A few days later, it is now 2.1 AA/lesson, and I suspect this is because of “fine tuning” adjustments at SOE’s end rather than anything I am doing differently; however, my most recent lesson run at the same camp gave me 2.4 AAs, this time being careful of the order in which I killed mobs. The exact camp consistent of the roam area of Ridgerunner Drunt, all the dragorns along the way, and the murkglider stalkers in that area, including the place holder for an aggressive murkglider. My pet now has a Citadel of Anguish focus, making it yellow to my 71; no other significant changes. Along the way I have completed CoA flagging (collecting all 7 signets), and have come close to completing Magician epic 1.5; I still have the earth fight to go, which I hope to finish very soon.

Another spot that I have briefly evaluated is Splitpaw. KIlling just the elementals before the double doors,I can get a little over 2.0 AAs per hour (might be close to 2.2). For a non-hot zone, this is very good. The basic procedure is to chain cast the highest summoned nuke; I can’t get mana below about 80%, although most of the time I have malo/tash on me.

SoF also added a number of important AAs available at lower levels. I have Gift of Mana, Gift of Radiant Mana, the level 70 upgrade to Destructive Fury, and the new AAs for Spell Casting Reinforcement (available at 55!) and Permanent Invisibility (which is a really great AA, saving me a spell slot). On my immediate hit list is Companion of Necessity (level 59, I think, or maybe 61), and the next spell crit upgrades (Fury of Magic and Destructive Fury). After that I will review the DoD level 70 AAs, probably aiming at the pet upgrades (including heals), and possibly the research AAs (plus Salvage, of course). As my guild has hit most of the Dragons of Norrath progression raid targets very recently, I should be able to get the DoN tier 2 spell (Molten Orb, the Lava Orb upgrade) and AAs very soon.


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  • Mirthen

    Ok I am going to finish Duskwallow Marsh tonight and I was wondering if I could go to the Hinterlands next? I know that the Horde quest hub is for 45-50 level range but I think the Alliance one starts at 40, am I right? It would be great if someone could clear this up for me, been a while sense I leveled a new toon.

  • paul

    You’ve got to be pretty dumb to not realise that this is Everquest, and not WoW.

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