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Cleric AA path

by on Jan.08, 2008, under Spells & Abilities

I think that the basic general path for a cleric is well understood: get run speed 3, SCM 3, Divine Arbitration, Healing Gift 3 (required for CR), Celestial Regen/Renewal, then get Healing Adept 3, Radiant Cure 1, and MGB (if you raid). It’s after that it starts to get tricky.

I favour Spell Casting Reinforcement 3 and SCR Mastery, Mnemonic Retention, then some mix of the various missing Archetype AAs (CA/CS/CF/SCF/ND/MC), and the further ranks of HA/HG and CR, plus Planar Power/Innate Enlightenment.

I’d follow that with Gift of Mana, Spell Casting Subtlety, Run Speed 5, Healing Boon. Unfailing Divinity if you raid much, but that applies to MGB, which I put down earlier, too. The PoP levels of CA/CS to follow, and Divine Res, Bestow Divine Aura, Hammer AA, and so on.

For an evaluation of all cleric AAs, take a look at Niphreedil’s AA Guide.


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