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Enchanter Plane of Time drops

by on Feb.06, 2008, under Equipment

The enchanter class drop from Time is:

Serpent of Vindication; Tallon Zek.
Clicky slow: Forlorn Deeds. Looks horrible, but nice effect. Note that the enchanter 1.0 epic is Staff of the Serpent, which is clicky haste, and substantially worse stats.

To evaluate gear for casters, you need to have a ranking for focus effects. This is harder to calculate for some classes than for others (mages: pet focus then fire focus – easy, etc). Enchanters principally need: detrimental spell haste, and extended detrimental spell duration, extended range, plus extended beneficial spell duration, roughly in that order.

Search Allakhazam (Premium only).

23% spell haste: Ethereal Silk Leggings, Quarm
23% detrimental spell haste: Cord of Potential, Vallon Zek
23% detrimental spell haste: Bracer of Timeless Rage, Inoruuk
25% detrimental extended: Romar’s Robe of Visions (Elemental, from Quarm or Cazic Thule)
20% detrimental duration extended: Pauldrons of Purity, Phase 3 bosses
25% extended range: Earring of Influxed Gravity, Quarm
25% extended range: Zealot’s Spiked Bracer, Cazic Thule
20% extended range: Wristguard of Keen Vision, Phase 1
20% extended range: Hoop of the Enlightened, Phase 2
25% beneficial extended: Pulsing Onyx Ring, Bert

By slot, “best” items:

Primary: Serpent of Vindication; Tallon Zek (Wand of Temporal Power, with 20% extended detrimental, from Vallon Zek, could be nice)
Secondary: Barrier of Freezing Winds, Innoruuk
Chest: Romar’s Robe of Visions (Elemental, from Quarm or Cazic Thule)
Legs: Romar’s Pantaloons of Visions (Elemental, clicky speed of vallon, drops in Phase 3, random named) or Ethereal Silk Leggings, Quarm
Arms: Protective Sleeves, Phase 3 random named
Wrist: Bracer of Timeless Rage, Innoruuk; Zealot’s Spiked Bracer, Cazic Thule
Feet: Sandals of Empowerment, Rallos Zek
Head: Circlet of Flowing Time, Tallon Zek
Hands: Gloves of the Unseen, Saryrn
Waist: Cord of Potential, Vallon Zek
Back: various, none “best” (Shroud of Eternity, Celestial Cloak, Cape of Endless Torment, Cloak of Ferocity, Cloak of the Falling Skies)
Shoulders: Pauldrons of Purity, Phase 3 bosses (but Shawl of Eternal Forces from Quarm with hp/mana regen is very nice)
Range: Spool of Woven Time, Quarm, but several options almost as good
Finger: Pulsing Onyx Ring, Bert; Ring of Thunderous Forces, Rallos Zek (others are close)
Ear: Earring of Influxed Gravity, Quarm; Hoop of the Enlightened, Phase 2
Neck: Talisman of the Elements, Quarm
Face: Veil of the Inferno, Bertoxxulous


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