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Fabled Mobs for Newbies

by on Mar.06, 2008, under Equipment

Taken from Fabled Mobs for Newbies, by Rawlden. This almost certainly isn’t complete; some mobs may never have been triggered during previous Fabled runs.

The basic principle of Fableds is simple: every year, for one month starting at EQ’s anniversary (16th March), all previous Fableds may spawn, as well as Fableds taken from the next expansion in line. So far (2008) up to Planes of Power has been covered. A Fabled is some notorious mob from the expansion, which at the time had highly desired loot; it is bumped up in level, given special powers, and the loot is improved. The original mob may spawn, or the Fabled version. Generally speaking, most fableds are more powerful than their level would suggest. If you are legitimately hunting in a zone, and see a fabled, it will be red, and it will kill you; so don’t bother. If you are lucky, someone high level may come along and kill it for bragging rights, leaving you the loot. Or not. Some zones should be entirely avoided for experience if they can spawn Fableds; others you can work around the problem.

The best Fabled loot is probably the Fabled Journeyman’s Boots from Fabled Drelzna in Najena, although Grachnist’s Earring is nice (insta-clickie), and the few augments are nice as well, although most are slot 7 only (this isn’t likely to be a problem for a newbie). For a low level melee, the Fabled Frozen Long Sword is the best accessible weapon; and the Fabled Gore Covered Horn is probably the best piercer. I’m going to post the available Fabled mobs, and their drop, in level ranges up to 65. Anything above that is either new, or won’t be accessible to newbies, one way of another. If you have the support required to get higher level Fableds, then take a look at things like the Fabled Ring of the Shissar (groupable at 70-75), and the drops from the BoT wing bosses, which should all be groupable (at 80).

The Fabled Fippy Darkpaw 4 Fabled Fippy’s Paw North Qeynos
The Fabled Snow Bunny 10 Fabled Snow Bunny Hat Eastern Wastes
The Fabled Mooto 11 Fabled Cloth Cap Misty Thicket
The Fabled Corflunk 15 Fabled Darkforge Gauntlets Butcherblock Mountains
The Fabled Rahotep 16 Fabled Scepter of Rahotep Northern Desert of Ro
The Fabled Thaumaturgist 20 Fabled Dagger of Marnek Befallen
The Fabled Zarchoomi 20 Fabled Darkforge Gauntlets Butcherblock Mountains
The Fabled Webclaw Murkwave 25 Fabled Water Crystal Staff Lake Rathetear
The Fabled Emperor Crush 25 Fabled Screaming Mace Crushbone
The Fabled Bargynn 25 Fabled Burynai Digmaster’s Claw Kurn's Tower
The Fabled Kizdean Gix 25 Fabled Thex Mallet Commonlands
The Fabled Najena 28 Fabled Flowing Black Robe Najena
The Fabled Pyzjn 30 Fabled Glowing Black Stone Qeynos Hills
The Fabled Grenix Mucktail 30 Fabled Polished Granite Tomahawk Highpass Hold
The Fabled Lockjaw 30 Fabled Glowing Wooden Crook Southern Desert of Ro
The Fabled Ambassador Dvinn 30 Fabled Dragoon Dirk Crushbone
The Fabled Ugrak da Raider 30 Fabled Dark Rust Bracer Timorous Deep
The Fabled Stonegrinder 30 Fabled Stone Thunder Frontier Mountains
The Fabled Yelloweyes 30 Fabled Yelloweyes Collar Paludal Caverns
The Fabled Barnacle Bones 30 Fabled Barnacle-covered Pauldrons Dagnor’s Cauldron
The Fabled Bonedigger 30 Fabled Golden Pendant Frontier Mountains
The Fabled Ch’ktok 30 Fabled Ch’ktok Breastplate Paludal Caverns
The Fabled Chief Goonda 34 Fabled Batskull Earring West Karana
The Fabled King Xorbb 35 Fabled Slime Crystal Staff Beholders Maze (Gorge of King Xorbb)
The Fabled Undead Barkeep 35 Fabled Thick Leather Apron Unrest
The Fabled Undead Knight of Unrest 35 Fabled Bloodstained Mantle Unrest
The Fabled Iksar Bandit Lord 35 Fabled Bracer of Scavenging Warsliks Wood
The Fabled Trog King 35 Fabled Soiled Breechclout Netherbian Lair
The Fabled Reishicyben 35 Fabled Ancient Sensate Cloak Paludal Caverns
The Fabled Ghowlik 35 Fabled Elder Wolf Hide Hollowshade Moor
The Fabled Warpaw Dankpelt 35 ?? Hollowshade Moor
The Fabled Evil Eye (Beholders Maze) 38 Fabled Polished Bone Bracelet Beholders Maze (Gorge of King Xorbb)

Fableds 40-49

The Fabled Grizzleknot 40 Fabled Treant Staff South Karana
The Fabled King Thex`Ka IV 40 Fabled White Wolf-hide Cloak Permafrost Keep
The Fabled Goblin Preacher 40 Fabled Runed Circlet Permafrost Keep
The Fabled Oowomp 40 Fabled Sheer Bone Mask Timorous Deep
The Fabled Soothsayer Dregzak 40 Fabled Earring of Essence Frontier Mountains
The Fabled Ry`Gorr Herbalist 40 Fabled Blackened Crystalline Robe Crystal Caverns
The Fabled Swarm Leader 40 Fabled Netherbian Chitin Netherbian Lair
The Fabled Grum No Eyes 40 Fabled Fang Shaped Stone Earring Hollowshade Moors
The Fabled Needlite Queen 40 Fabled Needlite Stinger Echo Caverns
The Fabled Grachnist The Destroyer 42 Fabled Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring Warsliks Wood
The Fabled Karg IceBear 45 Fabled Gigantic Zweihander Everfrost Peaks
The Fabled Froglok Shin Lord 45 Fabled Ghoulbane Upper Guk
The Fabled CWG Model EXG 45 Fabled Charred Guardian Shield Solusek's Eye (Solusek A)
The Fabled Garanel Rucksif 45 Fabled Dwarven Work Boots Unrest
The Fabled Reclusive Ghoul Magus 45 Fabled Dusty Bloodstained Gloves Unrest
The Fabled Bloodgill Marauder 45 Fabled Piece of a Medallion Lake of Ill Omen
The Fabled Foreman Smason 45 Fabled Frozen Long Sword Crystal Caverns
The Fabled Captain Ulmog 45 Fabled Captain Ulmogs Brooch Eastern Wastes
The Fabled Priest Majes Medory 45 Fabled Beer Stained Coldain Tunic Tower of Frozen Shadow
The Fabled Narmak Berekka 45 Fabled Sheild of Shadows Tower of Frozen Shadow
The Fabled Head Usher 45 Fabled Crystallized Shadow Belt Tower of Frozen Shadow
The Fabled Zorglim the Dead 45 Fabled Crystallized Shadow Tunic Tower of Frozen Shadow
The Fabled Gleeknot Gnitrat 45 Fabled Mystical Headshrinker’s Skullcap Hollowshade Moor
The Fabled Gorehorn 45 Fabled Gore Covered Horn Hollowshade Moor
The Fabled Queen Kvaknak 45 Fabled Eye of Kvaknak Marus Seru
The Fabled Hydro 45 Fabled Belt of Growth Twlight Sea

Fableds 50-59

The Fabled Ancient Cyclops 50 Fabled Ring of the Ancients Southern Desert of Ro
The Fabled Terrorantula 50 Fabled Gargantuan Tarantula Leg Southern Desert of Ro
The Fabled Quillmane 50 Fabled Pegasus Feather Cloak South Karana
The Fabled Gabbie Mardoddle 50 Fabled Molten Cloak Solusek's Eye (Solusek A)
The Fabled Bilge Farfathom 50 Fabled Pearl Kedge Totem Dagnor's Cauldron
The Fabled Cloaked Dhampyre 50 Fabled Hooded Black Cloak Castle Mistmoore
The Fabled Chancellor of Di`Zok 50 Fabled Jade Chokidai Prod Lake of Ill Omen
The Fabled Lord Gorelik 50 Fabled Mithril Staff Lake of Ill Omen
The Fabled Rotting Skeleton 50 Fabled Face-piece of a Medallion Dreadlands
The Fabled Entalon 50 Fabled Mithril Amulet Burning Woods
The Fabled Chief RokGus 50 Fabled Idol of the Thorned Frontier Mountains
The Fabled Froglok Hunter 50 Fabled Medallion of the Nathsar Trakanon's Teeth
The Fabled Froglok Forager 50 Fabled Medallion of the Kunzar Trakanon's Teeth
The Fabled Black Scar 50 Fabled Opal Bracelet Skyfire Mountains
The Fabled Life Leech 50 Fabled Chipped Velium Amulet Crystal Caverns
The Fabled Foreman Rixact 50 Fabled Foreman’s Skull Cap Crystal Caverns
The Fabled Firbrand 50 Fabled Gauntlets of the Black Eastern Wastes
The Fabled Shardtooth 50 Fabled Crystalline Eye Great Divide
The Fabled Maggot Infested Flesh 50 Fabled Fingerbone Necklace Tower of Frozen Shadow
The Fabled Sambata Tribal Keeper 50 Fabled Spore Covered Cloak Dawnshroud Peaks
The Fabled Gnarlick 50 Fabled Cloak of the Blind Wolf Hollowshade Moor
The Fabled Ancient Zelniak 50 Fabled Ancient Fossil (aug) Marus Seru
The Fabled Ranvik Darkwaters 50 Fabled Ring of Darkness Twilight Sea
The Fabled Warlord Skarlon 53 Fabled Razing Sword of Skarlon Nagafen's Lair (Solusek B)
The Fabled Rapticor 53 Fabled Tigeraptor Hide Wakening Land
The Fabled GrimFeather 55 Fabled Crafted Vambraces North Karana
The Fabled Proon 55 Fabled Lambent Vambraces East Karana
The Fabled Coloth Meadowgreen 55 Fabled Runed Oak Bow South Karana
The Fabled Drelzna 55 Fabled Journeyman’s Boots Najena
The Fabled Maid Issis 55 Fabled Nightsshade Wreath Castle Mistmoore
The Fabled Gorgul Paclock 55 Fabled Forest Loop Burning Woods
The Fabled Eldak Howlingbear 55 Fabled Ring of Eldak Frontier Mountains
The Fabled Xalgoz 55 Fabled Blade of Xalgoz Kaesora
The Fabled Overseer Malam 55 Fabled Intricate Sleeves of the Slayer Mines of Nurga
The Fabled Taskmaster Huflam 55 Fabled Darkened Blood Spike Mines of Nurga
The Fabled Blackguard Thabis 55 Fabled Frightening Cloak Mines of Nurga
The Fabled Overseer Pruckib 55 Fabled Small Iron Shackle Key Mines of Nurga
The Fabled Froglok Ostiary 55 Fabled Arbitor’s Combine Greatsword Old Sebilis
The Fabled Queen Dracnia 55 Fabled Crystalline Robes Crystal Caverns
The Fabled Chief Ry`Gorr 55 – 59 Fabled Ry’Gorr Battle Mail Eastern Wastes
The Fabled Gorul Longshanks 55 Fabled Runebranded Stone Buckler Great Divide
The Fabled Icetooth 55 Fabled Icetooth’s Claws Great Divide
The Fabled Shardwurm Matriarch 55 Fabled Bracer of Scale Great Divide
The Fabled Blizzent 55 Fabled Blizzent’s Fang Great Divide
The Fabled Cara Omica 55 Fabled Embalmers Skinning Knife Tower of Frozen Shadow
The Fabled Incoherent Spirit 55 Fabled Abram’s Axe of the Stoic Tower of Frozen Shadow
The Fabled Age Old Rockhopper 55 Fabled Navi’s Stone Bracer Dawnshroud Peaks
The Fabled Highpriest Giplish 55 Fabled Ring of the Tribal Priest Grimling Forest
The Fabled Spymaster Gephes 55 Fabled Yoke of the Minion Grimling Forest
The Fabled Warlord Gok Thok 55 Fabled Backpack Shadeweaver's Thicket
The Fabled Warlord Shik Thras 55 Fabled Backpack Shadeweaver's Thicket
The Fabled Corrupter Ahgra 55 Fabled Shrunken Grimling Skull Earring Grimling Forest
The Fabled Fiery Thought Leech 55 Fabled Fire Idol (aug) Mons Letalis
The Fabled Kraen Flameweaver 55 Fabled Hooligan’s mask Scarlet Desert

Fableds 60-64

The Fabled Ancient Darkwing Bat 60 Fabled Mark of Melody (aug) Tenebrous Mountains
The Fabled Crystal Eyes 60 Fabled Crystal Spider Eyes Velketor’s Labyrinth
The Fabled Crystal Fang 60 Fabled Crystal Chitin Shield Velketor’s Labyrinth
The Fabled Death Beetle 60 Fabled Black Chitin Leggings Nagafen’s Lair
The Fabled Evil Eye 60 Fabled Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye Lower Guk
The Fabled Froglok Noble 60 Fabled White Gold Necklace Lower Guk
The Fabled Ghoul Assassin 60 Fabled Serrated Bone Dirk Lower Guk
The Fabled Grand Vizier Poolakacha`tei 60 Fabled Holgresh Grand Vizier Beads Wakening Lands
The Fabled Gullerback 60 Fabled Tattered Mantle Burning Woods
The Fabled Hangnail 60 Fabled Elder Spiritist’s Gauntlets Karnor’s Castle
The Fabled Kaggy Krup 60 Fabled Glowing Kunzar Amulet Swamp of No Hope
The Fabled Lord Ghiosk 60 Fabled Throneblade of the Ykesha City of Mist
The Fabled Mortificator Syythrak 60 Fabled Syythrak Hide Vest
The Fabled Neh’Ashiir 60 Fabled Dread Shield of the Slayer City of Mist
The Fabled Oracle of Ry’Gorr 60 Fabled Cloak of the Ry’Gorr Oracles Eastern Wastes
The Fabled Pained Soul 60 Fabled Pained Piece of a Medallion Trakanon’s Teeth
The Fabled Shardwurm Broodmother 60 Fabled Wurm Meat (aug) Great Divide
The Fabled Skeletal Berserker 60 Fabled Band of Eternal Flame Karnor’s Castle
The Fabled Skyshadow 60 Fabled Skyshadow Wing Cloak Tenebrous Mountains
The Fabled Stormfeather 60 Fabled Eyepatch of Plunder Iceclad Ocean
The Fabled Tserrina Syl’Tor 60 Fabled Tserrina’s Robe Tower of Frozen Shadow
The Fabled Ulump Pujluk 60 Fabled Rune of Conjunction Swamp of No Hope
The Fabled Yvolcarn 60 Fabled Crest of the Drixie Cobalt Scar
The Fabled Heirophant Grazan 60 Fabled Clattering Bone Necklace The Grey

Fableds 65

The Fabled Ancient Rockhopper 65 Fabled Rockhopper Spirit Fetish (aug) Mons Letalis
The Fabled Arch Duke Iatol 65 Fabled Jaundiced Bone Bracer Old Sebilis
The Fabled Azureake 65 Fabled Chrysolite (aug) Cobalt Scar
The Fabled Baron Yosig 65 Fabled Journeyman's Walking Stick Old Sebilis
The Fabled Crypt Caretaker 65 Fabled Obulus Mantle Old Sebilis
The Fabled Crypt Devourer 65 Fabled Obtenebrate Short Sword Howling Stones (Charasis)
The Fabled Crypt Excavator 65 Fabled Helot Skull Helm Howling Stones (Charasis)
The Fabled Crypt Feaster 65 Fabled Steel Hilted Flint Dagger Howling Stones (Charasis)
The Fabled Crypt Keeper 65 Fabled Siren Scale Robe Howling Stones (Charasis)
The Fabled Crypt Spectre 65 Fabled Sash of the Dragonborn Howling Stones (Charasis)
The Fabled Crypt Wurm 65 Fabled Obtenebrate Short Sword Howling Stones (Charasis)
The Fabled Emissary Oomgado 65 Fabled Boots of Shadow Walking The Tenebrous Mountains
The Fabled Fellspine 65 Fabled Fellspine's Tail Siren's Grotto
The Fabled Frenzied Ghoul 65 Fabled Flowing Black Silk Sash Lower Guk
The Fabled Froglok King 65 Fabled Mithril Two-Handed Sword Lower Guk
The Fabled Froglok Pickler 65 Fabled Zealot's Incarnadine Sword Old Sebilis
The Fabled Frostgiant Overseer 65 Fabled Helm of the Tracker The Wakening Land
The Fabled Ghoul Cavalier 65 Fabled Dark Reaver Lower Guk
The Fabled Ghoul Executioner 65 Fabled Executioner's Axe Lower Guk
The Fabled Ghoul Lord 65 Fabled Short Sword of the Ykesha Lower Guk
The Fabled Glucose 65 Fabled Incandescent Bracer Icewell Keep
The Fabled Harbringer Freglor 65 Fabled Knuckle Dusters Old Sebilis
The Fabled Jynhadar 65 Fabled Firefall Guardian Robe Shadeweaver's Thicket
The Fabled Kobold Champion 65 Fabled Shield of the Slain Unicorn Nagafen's Lair (Solusek B)
The Fabled Kobold Noble 65 Fabled Staff of Writhing Nagafen's Lair (Solusek B)
The Fabled Lady Gelistial 65 Fabled Gelistials Horn The Wakening Land
The Fabled Lord Rak`Ashiir 65 Fabled Rigid Steel Breastplate City of Mist
The Fabled Magus Rokyl 65 Fabled Rokyls Channelling Crystal Nagafen's Lair (Solusek B)
The Fabled Mortiferous Protector 65 Fabled Elder Spiritist's Boots Howling Stones (Charasis)
The Fabled Priest Delar 65 Fabled Gloves of Earthcrafting The Wakening Land
The Fabled Skeletal Captain
65 Fabled Tolan's Darwood Gauntlets Karnor's Castle
The Fabled Solusek Kobold King 65 Fabled Runed Mithril Bracer Nagafen's Lair (Solusek B)
The Fabled Spire Lord 65 Fabled Crown of Torment Mons Letalis
The Fabled Tuchako 65 Fabled Tarmok Hunting Spear Fungus Grove
The Fabled Undertow 65 Fabled Squallsurge Shawl Kedge Keep

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