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Mage Project – level 80 report

by on May.26, 2008, under Mage Project

26 May, 2008: level 80 (for a couple of days), 1179 AAs.

BoT (hot zone): SE tower, 1.5 AA/lesson (very roughly). Regrua camp on Redfeather Isle, The Barren Sea – 2.5 AA/lesson!!! Plus 8% AA for one quest hand-in. 13-16% level in a lesson (possibly a little better, this was exp gained in 1 hr without lesson, on only half the camp). Later: one lesson there at 76 is 16% level.

East of island also has a regrua camp of six on shore – plus more underwater, but pet won’t follow, so have to summon. But the respawn on these is much slower, only got 1.8 AA/lesson.

Regrua camp on NW corner of Redfeather averages 3.0 AA/lesson, but there is a +10%, typically, from the Regrua Armor quest hand in, which may take a few more minutes to fill out all the drops. I usually run it to collect all five drops, then have five more on corpses; then hand in, run back, kill to clear the corpses, loot and hand in again.

The lizards and snakes on Deadbone Reef can give 3.4, but there’s some competition for that camp, and the random respawn makes it unsafe.

Suncrest Ridge (goblin island) animals can give only 2.6 – these have higher hp than regrua, are more spread out, etc.

Pirates on Jardel’s Hook – only about 6-8% level/lesson at 77. Regrua remained 16%/lesson at 77.

At 78, regrua are now 10% of level per lesson.

78: Deadbone Reef beach – 12%/lesson. About 1/3 light blue.
79: regrua 8-10%/lesson; DBR about 10%. Split Paw about 10%.
80: Paw 8%/lesson

Split Paw isn’t bad at 80. I have yet to check it for AAs, but judging on level exp it works well. All light blue at 80 (but mephits may be green), short aggro range and only some nameds see invis (this was fixed when it was made a hot zone, before that it was very nasty indeed). I need to make a map of nameds for drops and the quest mobs. There are a lot of wanderers, and getting leaped on by four at once isn’t unusual if you fight in walk ways; this is mostly the case deeper in, the old zone in camp before the double doors is much friendlier. 25 min respawn. Only got 1.3 AA/lesson on an initial test; I think something went wrong there, and will have to recheck – this was the NW camp, around Rockbeast and fire named, which only has one or two wanderers. Using a cleric to heal the pet means that you can stand in one of the wanderer-heavy passages and chain CH/AHL; so long as the pet lives, the cleric gets no aggro, unlike healing players. This trick might give better exp.

Again at 80, regrua camp gave 3.0 AA/lesson, which is very gratifying to discover that AA rates did not drop.

Edit: Something has changed. A good run at the regrua camp gave me only 2.2 AA. This has been the case since a couple of days after I posted the above, so I suspect that TBS as a whole has been revised downwards.


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