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Crystallos Key Quest

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Vesiss @ pos 1861 pos 2276 Far mid West of map
Tonas @ pos 2199 neg 50 Middle of map near where FM roams
Jashy @ Pos 165 pos 374 South area – before Brownies
Aring @ neg 23 Pos 1813 SW alcove

I Clear Crystal Base – Decay, Life (Ill/Lifewater – Tonas); container is in Dragonscale Hills in NW, back of cave.
II Cloudy Crystal Base – Arcana, Thunder, Water (Currents/Thunderstrike/Arcana – Vesiss); container in Loping Plains (location -100.24, -2703.64, 334.74 in a minotaur cave, the second one going down the path
III Glowing Crystal Base – Fire, Icicles (Firecrest/Prismatic Icicles – Jashy); container in the Hills of Shade in the undead caves in the southwestern part of the zone, need ivu and invis to get through (cast permanent/fixed invis on yourself, then get a grouped cleric to cast the group ivu).
IV Light Blue Crystal Base – Mana, Rage, Sadness (Ragemire/Dancing Tears/Manastream – Aring); container in MMM
Master Crystal Base – combine 4 crystals

Currents = Shiftfang
Ill = Putidious
Lifewater = Lifewing
Thunderstrike = Thunderclaw
Arcana = Arcthorn
Firecrest = Fireeye
Prismatic Icicles = Shardcrasher
Ragemire = Ragewing
Dancing Tears = Tearscale
Manastream = Manaclaw

To pick up the glowing crystal base in Hills of Shade, you can use the double invis trick mentioned above. However, a level 70 goblin rogue shroud with hide and sneak both on will have no trouble reaching the container, which is in the Bimbalicus room that should be marked on your map (east side of crypt).

Need MMM key to complete this. http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=4344

Minotaur drops are easy in DSH. For the injured spy in FM, it’s best to use the Disrupt the Workshop quest. http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=4446 Enter SHIP, hail the spy at zone in to get your disguise (99 mins for me with SCR), then take the elevator up. In the door, turn right up a ramp. Go through a room to the circumference corridor: at top of ramp go left, take first door on right, through room to another ramp. Go to top of ramp, through room to corridor, then half way around to room on inside of corridor to next ramp. At top, go through the room to a short corridor to the outside. An injured spy is outside on big ledge with mobs, to the right (east of building).

Once you have the MMM key, you need to collect the light blue crystal base (container) in MMM. Zone in from Steam Factory, base is ground spawn in room at far end of corridor (which zags a bit). DA strongly recommended. http://everquest.allakhazam.com/spawns/beyondthebarrier-mansion.jpg

There is a trick, which is to use a kobold cleric shroud, level 70. All levels of this get DA; you should also take run speed 5, and get an hp buff and a supply of invis potions. Use the Steam Factory zone in close to the FM zone in (which isn’t marked on the standard maps), which brings you out closer to the MMM zone line, and be careful when zoning in to MMM. Most mobs will see invis. When you are ready, hit DA and run straight ahead – the passage kinks then kinks back, bringing you out in a room; the container is on the floor in the middle, closer to you than the centre, and slightly to your right. You should have just enough time to pick it up and take three hits – and die. Expedient Recovery Veteran AA helps a lot here, especially if you misjudge it and die more than once.

The next stage is to visit the NPC in the cave next to the Elite Supplier on the route to Crystallos, at the start of the canyon. You now have your key.

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