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Mage Project – What next?

by on Jun.15, 2008, under Mage Project

At a later point I will probably split this entry into several – one for general quests and items to collect, one for spell factions, another for AAs, and one for accessible gear (group and CoA raid level).

At some point soon, I need to work out priority for AAs. In brief, I intend to get them according to the following rule: self dps (FoM/DF), pet dps, pet defense, self defense, utility. Anything passive comes before anything active; if i have to click it, I won’t get full benefit from it.

However, I can also work on other things that I want to achieve; random list coming up:

epic 2.0 RSS drops (done)
Belfast quests for research/AAAA (done)
Runed Diamond (Steppes – Ancient Tomes)
Steppes drops for Artisan Charm
Saga Skins (Spear of Ro)
Skylance 3 (The Laboratory) for spell reward Iceflame Guard (done)
Jonas Dagmire aug (done)
Rathe’s Strength quest (Message to the Past, PoR)
Relic Shopkeeper’s Charm aug (Crossfire)
Katta faction for missing spell upgrades and possible gear (obsoleted by Crystallos key)
signets for alts (obsolete now)
Crystallos key (done)
Elder Longshadow and Korlach Leviathan (Skull of Den Lord Rakban)

DoN progression:

Sickness of the Spirit (done – completes tier 2 and Molten Orb spell)
Trial of Perseverance (done)
History of the Isle group mission (completes tier 3 – buff slot)
Tier 4 all events already completed – crits
Origins of the Curse (group)
The Curse of Ju’rek (24)
In the Shadows (Vishimtar) (completes tier 5 – detrimental resist)

I also need to review gear; cultural has the overall edge in stats from what’s available to me, but lacks focuses. Level 75 focuses should be available on Katta gear, although this is limited to Improved Damage (20% focus) – a degraded level 70 45% focus is significantly stronger at 76 (degrades to 32%). The second tier of TSS quest armor (vision-shrouded) sleeves has Sothgar’s Fury, a 30% focus at 75, which might make that an option (needs a translucent power source plus). Only 220-240 hp/mana. The power source comes from nameds in Valdeholm and Vergalid, the armwraps pattern from Chef Gudez or Midnight (Steppes), or Grock Mist Seer (Icefall). SoF Glossy Silk Sleeves have the fire focus, but it starts at 15%, and needs a core to upgrade it to a better focus. Defiant drops change this somewhat.


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