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Time gear for druids

by on Jan.10, 2009, under Equipment

A level 65 druid can use gear from Time; although you can enter at 62 without a flag (or at level 1 if you use the Herald of Druzzil Ro in PoK), 65 is required to equip items. At this stage in the game, standard Defiant gear (Elaborate for 65), Trio jewellery and level 65 required SoF drops will cover most slots. So we are looking for the missing slots (waist, range, face, primary, secondary, neck, back and shoulders – but these are doubled in most cases from SoF), and any significant clickies for swapping into the main slots. Be aware that Time focuses are stronger than Defiant, although the level is limited – so main focuses can be worth getting (for a druid, healing and fire nuke), although at the recommended level for Elegant Defiant (70) the difference between a 30% Time focus and a 25% Defiant focus will be minor.

Fury of Solusek is a 30% boost to *all* DDs (Spool of Woven Time); Wrath of Ro is 35% to Fire DDs only.

Back: Cape of Endless Torment (35% fire focus) – TT
Ear: Earring of Celestial Energy (resist clicky) – Inny
Face: Veil of the Inferno (hp clicky) – Bert
Mask of Conceptual Energy (30% fire focus) – phase 1 bosses
Finger: Prismatic Ring of Resistance (ac/resists clicky)- Quarm
Band of Primordial Energy (ac clicky) – RZ
Legs: Kerasha’s Sylvan Leggings (Legacy of Bracken) – phase 3 bosses
Primary: Hammer of Hours TT
Range: Symbol of the Planemasters (weapon proc) – Saryrn
Orb of Clinging Death Swarming Death – TT
Wand of the Vortex annul magic – phase 2 bosses
Spool of Woven Time (30% DD focus) – Quarm
Secondary: Whorl of Unnatural Forces heal focus 30% – Quarm
Shoulders: Shawl of Eternal Forces (8 mana regen clicky) – Quarm
Waist: Belt of Tidal Energy hp regen – Cazic Thule

Don’t forget the PoP Ornate chest and legs – clicky Blessing of Replenishment and Savage Roots. Elemental leggings (Kerasha’s Sylvan Leggings) – clicky Legacy of Bracken.

Summary: Shawl of Eternal Forces, Whorl of Eternal Forces, Orb of Clinging Death and maybe Earring of Celestial Energy are the main points of interest. The heal focus is especially important as Defiant doesn’t have a heal focus.


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